Breaking contracts to be iPhone owner

With so many smartphones available on the market, the decision of which to choose always comes down to personal preference. Android commands a wide range of high-end phones that offer everything that you could possibly need in a handheld device. On the other side, Apple although only really sporting one iPhone generation at a time, relies more on its fan base to sell the brand.

For those that are already deep within Apple territory, breaking away from the Cali Company is almost impossible. I myself follow the Apple brand and find that with my iMac, MacBook Air, Apple TV and my kids with their iPod’s, the iPhone 4S really was the only option.

We must obviously not forget the influx of BlackBerry devices and that coming of age of the Windows Phone as an option. Whilst as we said Android offers such an adverse choice, everyone’s idea of style can be catered for, and there’s no doubt that Android is the biggest player in the smartphone world.

But is the draw to Apple too much for some to bear? Although the iPhone 4S isn’t instantly distinguishable from its previous generation, the simplicity and ease of use seems to be able to net more followers. What we are trying to work out is if you have been part of the Android/BlackBerry/Windows crowd, have you been tempted to turn to Apple, or have you actually broken free from your contract early to follow the iPhone mark?

Let us know where you stand with this? At the end we can then look at our comments and give you a general consensus!


3 thoughts on “Breaking contracts to be iPhone owner”

  1. Stefan E says:

    Would like to try out an iPhone before committing to a contract. I currently have a Galaxy S2, and previously a HTC Desire HD. Niether were just right for me.

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