iOS 5.1 polishing with new address feature

Since the release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 5.1 last week we’ve been bringing you different snippets of news about it. Today we can tell you about an extra bit of polish for iOS 5.1 with the addition of a new address feature in Safari.

We’ve already talked about the new simplified camera access and whether iOS 5.1 has improved battery life or not and the latest addition spotted is rather subtle but a nice touch for Safari. With iOS 5.1 when you open a new Safari page, instead of the address bar being blank you’ll now see ‘go to this address.’ To begin typing the URL for the required site simply tap on ‘go to this address’ and away you go.

This new feature was brought to our attention by iDownloadBlog who also point out that if you now open a new page in Safari your bookmark list does not automatically show any more. These may be minor changes but they do enhance the Safari experience on your iPhone or iPad. All this of course is presuming you’ve managed to download iOS 5.1 in the first place and we certainly know that plenty of people have been having problems with that from a previous post.

You may also find this article interesting which points out various problems with iOS 5.1 that users have reported including weak 4G, dropped service and more. We’d like to hear what you think about the new ‘go to this address’ feature though and we’d also like to hear what other minor, but neat changes you’ve discovered using iOS 5.1 so let us have your comments.

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