Microsoft Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo June 20

The upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system is big news right now with many people waiting for release news on the new platform, aka Apollo. Back in April we told how Windows 8 Apollo was now in internal testing, reinforcing rumors of a launch for the new OS later this year. However, news today suggests that Windows 8 could actually release as early as June 20, earlier than many had anticipated.

As well as news of Windows Phone 8 we’ve also been starting to hear details lately about some of the upcoming devices that may run on the new OS, such as from Nokia and Acer. However according to industry sources most branded smartphone manufacturers will wait to see how Windows Phone 8 is received before pressing ahead, after Windows Phone 7.5 proved to be less popular than expected.

These latest details come from a DigiTimes report, which also quotes the June 20 release date. However for now we’d warn against treating this as confirmation of a release for Windows Phone 8, as DigiTimes have a somewhat mixed record of accuracy on upcoming product developments. DigiTimes also states that for now, Microsoft will place its focus on Windows 8 and the tablets that will run it as it’s hoped that success here will spur people on to use the Windows Phone 8 smartphone platform.

The same ‘industry sources’ also said that the first manufacturers likely to release Windows Phone 8 smartphones will be Acer, Asustek, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Nokia and Samsung Electronics. We’re not quite sure how to greet the news of a possible June 20 release for Windows Phone 8. On the face of it we think it’s unlikely as we would have thought we’d have had more leaks on it by now. However, anything is possible so at the moment it’s a case of wait-and-see.

We shall, of course, bring you further news about Windows Phone 8 and its launch as soon as we hear more. We’d like your comments about Windows Phone 8. Do you think a swathe of devices running the next update to the OS can make the platform more popular or maybe you think Windows Phone devices will never truly catch on?


6 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo June 20”

  1. JamesSB says:

    Windows Phone has already cught on. the Nokia Lumia 900 was the second best seller on AT&T for the month of May, second month in a row. The Samsung note was only on the list for one month and only in third place.

    1. Wizzer10 says:

      Windows Phone 7 does, just some carriers and smartphone manufacturers choose not to support it and therefore block it on the handsets.

  2. Limeberg_1929 says:

    windows 8 will be the next because its made in the USA,think and create jobs here not elsewhere

  3. Ps6618 says:

    I think Windows phone 7.5 is very nice and from what ive read and seen of windows 8 i am ready to make the change from Android to Windows.  I love the look of windows phone platform and the simplicity of it.  I hope some more very nice looking handsets comparable to the Nokia Lumia 900 come out with the Windows Phone 8 on them with some screens around 4.7 with HD, dual core  and lots of memory.  I really believe it can and will take off if Microsoft can persevere.  My 17 y/o son who was a big Android fan changed to Windows because he loved the Noika Lumia 900 & now he loves the Windows OS. 

  4. Ps6618 says:

    another note, i feel so many people who were waiting with great anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to come out & were expecting great things in design & 12mp cam, were VERY disappointed and may be looking at other things like a nice looking Nokia handset with some more improvements with the Windows Phone 8.  I believe over time people get bored with their phones, i have with Android, and we want to try something fresh and different in a phone that we’re proud to carry, not that same old simple common phone with the metal rim around it.  Ive read women and kids mostly go for the iphone, i suggest advertising a sharp handset with WP8 being used by women and younger kids.