iPhone 5 desire changes could mean limited supplies

Anybody who’s interested in Apple products, and also plenty who say they’re not, will know that the iPhone 5 looks to be coming very soon with an event on September 12 expected to be the big reveal. As usual speculation and rumors before the unveiling are mounting daily and as well as recent talk about possible component delays leading to stock shortages another factor has arisen that makes us wonder if in fact the iPhone 5 will be very hard to get your hands on once it arrives. The factor concerned is public desire and it seems this is changing.

An actual release date for the iPhone 5 has been rumored as being September 21 but please remember that this is still not confirmed. However just yesterday we told of reports that Sharp, one of Apple’s suppliers of iPhone 5 parts, has not yet begun mass production of the displays, leading to concerns of shortages. Now it seems that consumer demand for the next iPhone will be even higher than in previous years and this, combined with component shortages could mean limited numbers of the iPhone 5 being available. Everyone knows that as every iPhone is released, demand is so high that stocks soon run out and Apple battles to keep up with consumer requirements. However, this time around it looks as though the situation could be heightened.

An article on ComputerWorld brings to our attention a survey by Changewave showing that demand for the iPhone 5 will be massive. Previously we told how analysts have already predicted that the iPhone 5 launch could be one of the biggest consumer electronics upgrades ever and now it appears that plenty of potential customers are hoping this is accurate. The survey compares demand for the iPhone 4S before its release last year to demand for the iPhone 5 this year and found that in October 2011 10% said they were ‘very likely’ to purchase the iPhone 4S and this year 14% said in June that they were ‘very likely’ to buy the iPhone 5.

As well as this, last year 11.5% said they were ‘somewhat likely’ to buy the iPhone 4S and this time around that statistic has risen to 17%. Last year 71.5% said they were ‘unlikely’ to buy the iPhone 4S and this year for the iPhone 5 that figure has fallen to 59%, that’s quite a drop. The recent Apple victory against Samsung in patent litigation and the fact that Apple is now trying to ban the sale of certain Samsung smartphones could lead to some customers being deterred from purchasing a Samsung Android device and this could mean even higher sales of the next iPhone this time around. Of course many Android fans would also argue that anti-Apple sentiment arising from what has been perceived by some to be ‘Android bashing’, could mean that some people may be just as equally deterred from Apple products. However it’s important to remember that the survey asking purchasers about iPhone 5 desire took place before that recent U.S. court victory for Apple.

There certainly doesn’t seem to be any chance that the iPhone 5 won’t be another smash hit for Apple and trends show that first weekend sales of new iPhones have risen from one million for the iPhone 3 to over one million for the iPhone 3GS, up to 1.7 million for the iPhone 4 and over a whopping 4 million for the iPhone 4S. Consumer desire for the iPhone 5 is likely to be higher than ever before and even higher than many analysts and experts anticipated. Indeed Changewave said in July that iPhone 5 demand looks likely to be “strikingly higher” than for earlier iPhones.

Recent reports of component shortages then comes at the worst possible time for Apple who will want to take its current momentum to divide the platform war even further while it can. If indeed there are shipping delays and customer desire for the iPhone 5 is as high as predicted then there could be a lot of disappointment ahead for fans eager to get their hands on the new phone as soon as possible. We have a feeling the next few weeks in the smartphone world will be intriguing and of course we’ll be following all the developments and passing on news to our readers.

In the meantime we love to receive your comments, as we’re always interested to hear what you have to say. Are you one of those waiting for the iPhone 5 and are you expecting this to be a huge product upgrade? If shortages become apparent amid huge consumer demand would you be disillusioned? Perhaps if this happened you’d consider an Android phone instead? Let us know your thoughts on the iPhone 5.


11 thoughts on “iPhone 5 desire changes could mean limited supplies”

  1. Stanfrisco says:

    Like many I’ve been eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 release, BUT I must say that considering the catch-up progress of its competition, Apple had better get it right. Both Google & Microsoft have interesting alternatives on the horizon, too.

  2. Mrwavibor says:

    I have my 10 months old iPhone 4s 64gb so I can wait a bit in case of any delays and alternative is not even remotely an option, no phone can compare to a new iPhone.

  3. ianmalik says:

    No, I’m not one of those waiting for the iPhone 5 – I am waiting for the Galaxy Note II which I will purchase because it will be bigger and better; and also because of Apple’s negative trade practices of trying to create a monopoly by unfairly eliminating it’s competition.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, I to will wait for the Note II and sell my IPhone 4
      plus accessories, docks Dab player etc. I cant stand the way Apple works, trying
      to monopolise the market with below belt selfish ways, plus if all the rumours
      and pictures of the IPhone 5 are true, I think its crap! useless screen
      size/shape stupid place for the headphone connector at the bottom, and thanks to
      Apple I have wasted over £350 in the past 8 months buying Docks and
      accessories that will now be useless if the 5 has a 9-pin connector! Thanks!!!

      I’ve been stupid enough to fall into apples handcuffs but I’m breaking
      free! Bye Bye Apple, you wont rule me anymore!!

    2. makeyourownchoice says:

      Good for you. Enjoy your purchase. As an iphone user, I’ll stick with Apple. See, what I did there? I empathised with your choice of smartphone, even though it is different from mine. Such a shame most android users you seem to find on these forums can’t do the same. Hmmm I wonder why that is….?

  4. nexus user says:

    Cannot understant why people buying iPhones there is so old technology on board very slow procesor absolutely boring design and useless gadgets like siri poor quality camera – 8 meg should be amazing but is not
    Verdict – do not wanna buy iPhone 5 even for 200 quid not worth

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