Possible iPhone 5 shortages may be tipping point for Apple

When Apple first released the iPhone back in 2007 the company changed the smartphone market forever, and soon had it pretty much to themselves as at the time only really had RIM’s BlackBerry platform to compete against. Fast forward to now and the competition is a lot tougher and possible iPhone 5 shortages may be the tipping point for Apple with its dominance of the smartphone market.

According to an article on AppleInsider, The Wall Street Journal is claiming that LCD maker Sharp Corp has yet to start mass producing displays for the next version of the iPhone, which has raised concerns of a component shortage ahead of the handsets anticipated launch.

The company had previously stated that it would begin shipping displays to Apple by the end of this month, but it is thought these have been delayed due to some difficulties in the manufacturing process according to sources.

It is said to be unclear when the company will begin shipping displays to Apple, and Sharp is thought to be one of three suppliers for the display of the iPhone 5. While it can’t be known for sure if there will be any shortages of the iPhone 5 when it is first released, a lack of numbers may become a serious problem for the company given the competition that will be available to consumers.

Bitter rival Samsung has already launched the Galaxy S3 around the world, and only two days ago officially launched the Galaxy Note 2. The new device has seen some nice improvements from the already popular original model, and the Galaxy S3 continues to sell well.

Many of our readers have said they will be choosing between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the coming months, and if there are any delays getting stock of the new iPhone out to consumers may see more picking the new Note.

Some have criticized Apple over the last version of the iPhone, as it was basically a slightly revamped model from the previous year’s offering. Apple has possibly become a victim of its own success by previously releasing handsets that were innovative and different, but now rival Samsung are winning all the plaudits.

This year you would have thought Apple would have something special up its sleeves considering the increased competition, but as we have already told you an iPhone featuring 4G LTE connectivity may see the company being sued by Samsung. Until Apple officially announce the next iPhone we will continue to see leaks of components that are allegedly from the device, along with so called sources suggesting what features it will have.

The iPhone 5 could well be the most important release for the company in many years if it wants to stay ahead of its rivals, but in some peoples eye’s it has already fallen behind. Do you think the iPhone 5 will be something special?


7 thoughts on “Possible iPhone 5 shortages may be tipping point for Apple”

  1. techtock says:

    If ANY of the reports from Sharp are true I would be surprised. Apple suppliers don’t generally run rampant making statements like that. Regardless, it’s just a takeaway statement that will build more urgency to buy the product. Better hurry and get one, there won’t be many available… great sales strategy actually. Should be a banner quarter.

  2. Francis Badu says:

    Arrogant apple, they should know that
    technology is fast improving and if you are not efficient to survive the
    competition you don’t blame your incompetence on your competitors for steeling
    your intellectual property. The greedy will always be the last. As customers we
    want choices and producers should produce to meet our choices. It is because of
    this Samsung is increasingly increasing the modularisation of their products. Samsung
    do this by filling the loopholes in other products. Was apple producing cell
    phone at all? Does that mean when they started producing cell phones Nokia and
    Motorola should have sued apple for infringing on their intellectual property?
    This is greed at the highest other and I blame the judge for this judgement in favour
    of apple. All of us know that Sony was the company that started producing mp3
    players. Other companies including apple started producing MP3 players with
    brand names and now Sony is dislodged in MP3 production. Now everybody go for iPod.
    To me Apple cannot catch up with Samsung
    because their actions seek to stiffen innovation and deny customers with broad
    choices. Customers are with Samsung and we demand quality and user friendly products.

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