US Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price indication

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) was finally unveiled at IFA in Berlin last week and has been very well received by those in the know and potential customers. Alas, as with the Galaxy S3 smartphone the Galaxy Note 2 will release in Europe, Asia and the Middle East first and the only release time so far for the U.S. is a vague ‘later this year.’ However if you’re one of the many people waiting for the Galaxy Note 2 then we have some US price indications for this much-awaited Android handset.

The Galaxy Note 2 is set to be a massive hit for Samsung, especially on the back of the success story of the original Galaxy Note and of course the Galaxy S3, which has been a phenomenal seller. However we recently told how a very big fly in the ointment has come about with Apple adding the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note to the list of products it claims infringes its intellectual copyright. Many of you will already have heard of the recent Apple court victory over Samsung and how Apple is not seeking to ban some Samsung products and we can only hope that this new court case doesn’t also include the Note 2 when it is launched although of course as it includes the original Note it could well come under fire too. There’s also a possibility of course that Apple could try to stop the Galaxy Note 2 being released at all.

Assuming that this doesn’t happen the Galaxy Note 2 should sell in big numbers. So far no official prices have been released for the new phone stateside although we recently told of European price leaks. However it now seems that that US price details are leaking out although there is still no confirmation on which of the major US carriers will sell the Galaxy Note 2. Pop Herald reports being told that the unlocked Galaxy Note 2 will sell for between $800 and $900, which sounds pretty hefty although of course subsidized prices will be much lower. The price of a Galaxy Note 2 on the standard two-year contract is set to be between $199 and $249.

This sounds pretty reasonable for a device that has a lot to offer for those who like a phone with a large display. As a brief reminder of the main specs and features we can tell you that the Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6GHz Exynos quad-core processor, massive 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM and 16, 32 or 64GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD. There’s also an 8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capture capability, 1.9-megapixel front-facing shooter, Bluetooth 4.0 and a sizeable 3100mAh battery. It will be available in Marble White or Titanium Gray.

We’d like to hear your thoughts if you’re in the US and waiting for the Galaxy Note 2. Do you feel the above pricing is reasonable, if accurate? Maybe you feel the unlocked Galaxy Note 2 price is too steep in particular? Also how do you feel that once again, US consumers who want to get their hands on the latest big Samsung device will have to wait longer than those in other regions? Let us know by sending your comments.


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  1. whoami says:

    The price for an upgrade is more than fair for those who have the knowledge of tech specs and also the fact that it is on a mobile device. The technology and hardware aspect of the note 2 is easily pleasing to those who want bigger, faster, and better readability that smaller phones don’t have to offer. For example, I’d prefer having a very high end 18 inch Alienware laptop vs an Apple Macbook pro which only has a good security interface offering, while Alienware has an ultimate hardware system that is supreme in comparison to Macs. The price for an Alienware high end laptop trumps a high end Macbook Pro anyday.

  2. Jinn says:

    It’s easy. Just boycott ALL Apple products like iPhones, iPads, etc until Apple stop holding innovative companies like Samsung and Google random through senseless litigation and deprive American consumers of their rights to latest technology and value fir money.

    1. sana says:

      u must be out of ur mind to call samsung an innovative company, for God’s sake people, Apple has every right to defends its rights. how would you feel if people started stealing ur property? u people are just a bunch of judgmental idiots who think they have the answer to every question. get ur heads out of ur asses for once.

      1. Brent says:

        Apple stole just about EVERY patent Motorola has owned for over 30 years. If it has to do with mobile communications, Motorola owns the patent. Apple stole too.

  3. Jinn says:

    Stop holding other companies ransom.

    Instead, do the work and come up with something more innovative and offer even more value for money for the American consumers.

    Until then, Apple Should just get out of the way of consumers and let consumers decide for themselves which is the best product for their hard earned money.

  4. Jinn says:

    Blocking The Note 2 from the American market is simply a slap in the face of the good people.

    The American People Have Constitutional Rights And The Freedom To Choose What Is Best For Each And Everyone Of US!

    Stop the Bullying Now!

    1. sana says:

      and apple has the constitutional right to defend what belongs to it, and secondly those judges have better understanding of copyright laws than you morons do, so just stop for a moment and let educated people decide things in an educated manner. idiots

      1. tibbs1cat says:

        What about almost
        every other manufacture that makes phones/tablets that also look almost
        identical to Apples and use the same technology? are Apple suing
        them?……….No, and why? because they aren’t a threat, unlike Samsung who
        are Apples single biggest!

    2. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

      What freedom? No one has any freedom. Freedom of speech? LOL. Still dreaming eh, it’s time to wake up. You don’t have any freedoms, they’re illusions. The media has you fooled too. You believe Samsung is some sick little puppy getting kicked around by Apple?

      Think again. They’re both suing each other, maybe you forgot all about Samsung suing Apple. You Samsung fan boys really can’t take it that Apple won a law suit. Deal with it.

          1. tech one says:

            I dont have any cold hard facts that you have no life. But i have a bunch of cold hard facts that what you spew are not facts. Face it reread your post or have someone read your posts. Most of your information is incorrect.

        1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

          Oh, I guess that’s the same way Samsung won their case in SK ) HOME OF SAMSUNG. So why are you still bitching? You think you understand technology, that’s rich coming from someone who gets suckered by Apple’s marketing into buying almost every device they make LOL.

          Apple didn’t simply win because they case was on their playground. Of course that played it’s part. They also brought something we call evidence to the table. You might want to look into that.

          1. tech one says:

            Get your f*cking facts straight instead of talking out of your ass. In south korea, apple and samsung were both found infringing.

          2. tech one says:

            Suckered?? I work in the cell phone industry and i can afford to use many devices. I have owned personally over 5000 cell phones.

          3. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            You must be the clumsiest douche there is. Do you break a phone everyday? Or you actually expect me to believe all the crap you just said. For someone who works in the cell phone industry, you really don’t know what’s going on. I think you’ve been in your cave for too long.

            Time to get with the 21st century.

          4. tech one says:

            5000 is a low estimate. This year alone over 10,000 cell phones have passed through my company. Yes i must be a clumsy douche so much so that T-mobile as offered me a job at their corporate headquarters in Seattle. So much so that my client include Nintendo USA, Microsoft , Vulcan Capital to name a few. I own 3 companies so I guess I have few big caves to hang out in.

          5. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Yeah I own all those companies. You work for me. Really, if you’re going to lie, at least make it believable. This is just sad. I’m outta here, you need to stop lying kid.

          6. tech one says:

            Oh and about breaking phones everyday. If you consider jailbreaking iphones as breaking them, Then yes i do!! Until apple releases and incremental update to try to lock the phone back to AT&T.

          7. Andy Taylor says:

            Samsung also won in the UK… home of… wait, neither company, you jackass. I keep coming across your responses and can only conclude that you’re a complete and utter idiot. Good day to you.

          8. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Fantastic! Another troll comes out of it’s cave to comment. Don’t jump to conclusions imbecile, the UK case is for from over. As is many other law suits. So don’t just jump into a conversation and spew crap out your ass. It’s unsightly, why don’t you take a nap Samsung bigot. Good day to you too jackass.

      1. Divin says:

        Yes, Apple won a law suit. In a legal system based on a constitution. A constitution which guarantees certain rights, such as: Freedom of Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, the Right against unreasonable search and seizure, etc.
        These rights apply to all citizens of the United States indiscriminately.

        You do not understand how Law works.

        1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

          Lol good for you. Since you seem to think you have any feeedom. You are sheep, the government the sheep masters. Keep living in a fantasy world believing “citizens” have any rights. Enjoy your ignorant dreams.

    3. tibbs1cat says:

      Apple gives you your
      Constitutional Rights! look in there T&C’s I’m sure its in there

      you have the right to only buy
      our products,

      you have the right for us to
      chain you to us,

      you have the right for us to give
      you a product that is compatible with nothing other than Apple,

      you have the right for us to
      stamp the Apple logo on your head

      you have the right for us try and
      eliminate the competition with pathetic lawsuits because we are being overtaken
      by better products

      you have the right for us to
      dictate what you can and cant do with our

      Im an iPhone user for over 2 years, im
      dumping apple because I hate their Morals and the devious way they work, nice
      phone but I feel there is better out there now,

      and to all android users, take it from
      me, the grass isn’t always greener on the iOS side!

  5. Sarah says:

    $800 yes but $900 is pushing it. I hope it’s on more than one carrier because I’m not putting up with AT&T and their lousy service. I’d rather buy a phone outright but it’s insane that US consumers have to wait so long. I’m actually looking at other phones – especially ones I can resell for a higher price – in case Samsung screws around and waits six months or more. I’m personally fed up with everyone else getting access first to the latest and greatest. This consumer may just buy a phone on the internet instead of waiting for it to hit the store. A six month wait is just ridiculous. I need a new phone now, not six months later. Mine turns off and on at random times and just doesn’t hold a charge like it used to. I want a phone I can actually get work done on – but it looks like Samsung is more interested in pushing me toward another company. I saw an HTC phone I may like…

    1. Chris says:

      Now you know how the rest of the world feels about Apple. They release everything in the USA first and then a month later other countries (not all of them too) get it.

      It’s also might have to do with the recent Patient war between Apple and Samsung.

      1. Sarah says:

        Patents in general are a mess! I want to file for two but it’s something in the neighborhood of $15,000 per patent minimum. Don’t even get me started on patent trolls! However, I’m not a fan of Apple. They do make a beautiful product but my needs differ from what they offer. I need a phone with more than looks that breaks when you sneeze wrong. I agree about the patent wars – they are absurd. These lawsuits stifle invention and innovation.

  6. It will be no more than about $820USD for an unlocked Galaxy note 2 when it releases in the US. I’ve seen pre-order prices to be about $730USD and if it goes up it will not be to $900USD, would barely get mass sales if so. Even though, I knew this from the start. I budgeted for the device to be between 800-900USD and I was on target.

  7. Ben says:

    Apple just bring out the same thing year after year, then with magical advertising say its the most amazing iPhone yet. Imagine If Mercedes sued all the other car companies for making something that to this day it hold the patient for. Sounds like a boring world. Also apple copied androids pull down notification menu (good), is everyone kicking and screening about that? Don’t get me wrong I like iPhone’s, i have one now, but I’m bored with it. New phone – plug into iTunes – old phone, sounds dumb to me…

  8. Bong says:

    As long the note 2 coming to the united state it will be a fair price for our galaxy note user. And patiently waiting for it release hopefully be really soon?

  9. smartazzb says:

    Apple charges so much for their products, not for the specs but for the design!They had no choice but to sue since in this low glogal ecoinomy, most people are thinking practically! Even if the Note 2 is banned in the States, I will be buying an unlocked version from Europe and putting it on an T-mobile plan! Apple could not ban Samsung overseas though they tried…lol. I will gladly break my Sprint contract for this phone!

  10. Chris says:

    Lets see iPhone 4S Cost $850 no contract Note II $900 so $50 more
    iPhone 4S 512Mb Ram vs Note II 4X more with 2GB
    iPhone 4S A5 Chip 1GHz vs Note II 1.6GHz
    iPhone 4S 3.5in 960:640 pixels vs Note II 5.5in 1280:780 screen (WTF)

    I could go on but for $50 more then an iPhone 4S with 64Gb I would say that this phone is AMAZING! Yes I would like it to be cheaper but it gets me more then my iPhone ever could!

    1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

      Good for you, pretty sure they don’t give a crap. Everyone is acting like Samsung got bullied or something. But no one said anything when Apple got sued in SK (Samsung’s playground) which of course Samsung won, even though the courts found out that both companies infringed on each others pattern.

  11. Felicia says:

    I think t-mobile about to loose alot of customers now the information we was get at first they said t-mobile was come out with Galaxy Note 2 now t-mobile not get it i am very mad i been with t-mobile 2004 i save my. change upgrade just for that phone i just about change my service they say only at&t the only carrier is have the phone now

  12. DiabeticPlaya says:

    I think that Apple products are over rated. Apple is afraid of Samsung. Apple is no longer the big boy on campus. As for the Note 2, the price for this awesome device is very much accurate. Samsung has brought to us something that is beyond a smartphone. I personally have had a Droid 2 since 2012 and have been waiting for a device like this to come out. Here it is almost 2013 and now Samsung has brought forth a reason to upgrade.

    I cant wait until the Note 2 gets to the US. As for Apple, they need to quit all this court stuff. They are upset that Samsung has out done them. So instead of going back and try to bring out the next best thing, they wanna run to mommy like someone stole their PB&J. Apple stop tatal telling just to get Samsung off the playground. Take your beating like a man and inventbsomething else.

    Enough said………. Samsung all day!

    1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

      LOL. Apple isn’t the one copying Samsung. You Samsung fan boys need to read the facts before running your mouth. No doubt this is THE device to get this year. But talking like Apple is the root of all evil is incorrect. If you remember, Samsung sued Apple in SK, and the court found that both Samsung and Apple infringed on each others patterns, yet they sided with Samsung for the most part, after all it is Samsung’s playground.

      Apple takes Samsung to their playground and wins the law suit, suddenly they’re the bad guy. People are behaving like Samsung is little guy being bullied here. That is simply not true. Apple is tired of being walked on, they invent technologies or take a technology that’s already there and make it much much better, suddenly everyone wants a piece of it.

      Without Android, Samsung is nothing. If Google were to bring Android in house, all these phone makers would be in deep water, while Apple will just keep on sailing. Apple changed the game in 2007. They motivate these other companies whether people want to admit it or not. Take Retina display, before it came out, all these companies were still dishing out lousy 480×800 displays. When they could have been making better displays, they didn’t bother to, until Apple brought out Retina display. Now they’ve switched to 1280×720/800.

      You will also realise that companies like Sony have begun to copy Apple by making short videos for their mobile devices, like Apple has been doing with each product release. No I’m not an Apple fan boy, in fact I prefer Android, but it irritates me when people make it look like Apple is a bully. If they didn’t make great products, have an amazing App Store (the best there is) people would not be too interested in them.

      Just saying …

      1. tech one says:

        Apple use to be a great company. They are bullying, They are trying to stop better products from releasing into the market. I have an iphone 3g 3gs 4 ipad 1 2 nexus7 galaxy s s2 note. They arent innovating anymore and their product cycle turnaround is 2 years! lol. Have you tried jelly bean?? Its years ahead of ios 5 or even 6. My current phone is a galaxy note with a custom jelly bean os, I couldnt go back to my iphone even if i try. Its like going back into the past. Apple isn’t innovating, yes they were the leader and brought out “retina display” but thats like saying tvs manufactures are only going to bring out 480p tvs. Also if android wasn’t around. Samsung would have invested heavier in its own OS. The Apps store is like a jail store. They are trying to lock you into their ecosystem. Do you think apple could put a sd card slot in their phones? why don’t they ?
        So they can charge you an extra $100 for 8gb or ram! When you can buy a 32gb microsd for 20 bucks. Also the price they are asking for retina display is outrageous. These retina displays are made by samsung and lg. Both tech design leaders

      2. tech one says:

        Also to quote you “they invent technologies or take a technology that’s already there and
        make it much much better, suddenly everyone wants a piece of it.” Isn’t that what samsung is doing taking tech thats already there and making it better? Apple doesn’t really invent anything. They take others inventions and make it easier to use. Unless if you want to say that apple invented a rectangular phone with soft corners because you know the human hand loves to hold sharp corners. Or invent touching a touchscreen icon to open the app,

        1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

          No, if Samsung did that, they wouldn’t be in deep water right now. What they did is take what Apple has done and plaster their TouchWiz name on it. That’s why they’re getting their butt kicked in court.

          You should do some research before running your mouth.

          1. tech one says:

            Martin get your facts straight. Worldwide Apple has been loosing all their cases except in Apple city. My research includes being in the cell phone industry for over 7 years. Also I know you know nothing about android because if you used android you would know its nothing like ios.

          2. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Oh my, so you’re trying to tell me that you know me better than I do? Now that’s pretty scary. You’ve been in the mobile industry for a mere 7 years and you seriously have not learnt much have you … hmm pity.

            I never said Android is anything like iOS. I think there’s a clear difference between TouchWiz UI and Android, don’t you? You need to read, reread, understand and then respond.

          3. tech one says:

            You need to stop tell your brain to stop believing in incorrect information. Like Apple is the market leader. Last i checked Samsung is the Market Leader

          4. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            I guess the last time you checked must have been in the 1500 hundreds. Zzz, you clearly have nothing more to add to this conversation. Go recharge your brain, I’m done with you troll.

  13. Akilo says:

    It is a false propaganda by Apple that Samsung stole its designs. Actually the opposite is true. Apple stole more from Samsung, like the 3g technology. Apple has a lot of cash. It wants to use this cash to eliminate competition using the court system rather than on the market. I owned both iphone and samsung phones. I understand why apple is frustrated. Samsung builds way superior products.

    1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

      Yet for some strange reason, Apple is the market leader. Hmmm, strange that one company with ONE PHONE can take over so quickly. Maybe it’s because Apple was bold enough to change the game, take steps the others weren’t willing to take. You make it sound like Samsung is all that. LOL! I suppose you would know what Apple stole from Samsung because you’ve read the court files right? Please share with us O’ great one.

      Pretty sure Apple won fair and square in this law suit. Google should take Android away from these phone makers, then we’ll see if they’re all that without an OS. While Apple will still be dominating the market. 🙂

      1. Debbie Parker says:

        Actually Samsung would do very well without android. After all they make just about every other electronic appliance that the world cant seem to do without. Not to mention they’re dabbling in windows os now. What about Apple? Take away their ios and they’re history.

        1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

          Surely you’re kidding me. How do you take away an OS made by Apple? Erm maybe you’re missing the point. THEY MADE IT! Samsung didn’t make Android, that’s the point I’m trying to make. Even if you did take away iOS, you’re forgetting all the other things Apple makes too.

          Point is, Android is the only competition for iOS. You really believe people will jump on the Windows OS bandwagon if Android wasn’t there? LOL.

          1. ryan1998 says:

            I believe they would. Where else to go? Apple? Not an option for many people. Oh and also, Samsung didn’t be bold? Galaxy note is gigantic. Galaxy s3 is feature packed. Galaxy note 10.1 is great for artists. Now, let’s compare to the iPhone’s DOWNFALLS. Tiny, closed in os, relitively unchanged interface, bad email app, no widgets, no live updating app icons, horrible multitasking, unintuitive lockscreen passcode options. Must I go on? On the other hand compare that to Samsung. Galaxy s3 advantages: Larger and easier to see, no lag camera, slimmer, lighter, customizable, etc. Samsung wins. Apple loses.

          2. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Tiny, closed os, relatively unchanged, and yet one of the (if not) the best selling smart phone in the world. Why fix it, if it ain’t broken? Galaxy S3 is feature packed, well sure it is. But without Apple changing the game and motivating all these companies, it would certainly take a few more years before you would see such phones.

            All your “apple faults” are down to personal opinion. Have you any idea how many steps it takes to really close an application on Android? It only takes a double click of the home button and closing it on iOS.

            iOS was made for everyone. Not just tech savy people. Including those with disabilities. iOS has the most accessibility options of any mobile device. You really want to talk about customizations?

            I’ve themed an Android phone before, it took me over an hour. Manually changing each icon etc. A jailbroken iPhone takes less than 10 minutes to download a theme and turn it on. And boy do they look amazing. No mobile OS has a themes community, nor amazing themes like iOS, period.

            Open source has its downfalls, as does closed. You think people with one hand will be able to handle a Galaxy S3? No I don’t think so. So it’s larger screen has it’s downfalls too. It’s not as simple as “Samsung wins, Apple loses” you might like to think.

          3. tech one says:

            LOL i had a iphone app made and it was rejected by apple. You know what the app was .. to have an icon on you ios homescreen to turn bluetooth on and off. To close an app in android you hit the home or back buttton LOL. Also i have a galaxy note and i use it with one hand all the time.

          4. tech one says:

            Do you understand that if the iphone 5 has lte (which samsung owns the patent rights to) and has the iphone banned, Apple will tank? Iphones make about 70 percent of apples profits.

          5. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Meh, LTE isn’t all that. Apple has done well without it. If they choose to add LTE, and Sammy takes action, Apple will fight back. Afterall the only place with LTE is the USA. You’re forgetting than the iPhone is sold in over 100 countries.

          6. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Oh I’m sorry, I forgot that countries across the world have 4G speeds. Strange, I can’t find it here in the UK. Care to explain? If you didn’t know idiot, we have HSDPA. So the one with thier facts wrong is you. Go do some research kid.

          7. tech one says:

            There is LTE in europe. and LTE is the defacto standard across thw world. UK has been one of the slowest to roll it out in europe. HSDPA is 3g +. Your argument is like saying i like dial up speed better then cable internet speed. Maybe thats why you have a backwards mentality

          8. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Did you really read my comment or did you just reply. I said 4G, does it look like we have 4G speeds? No! Now get lost troll.

          9. My Mine says:

            @google-4a4d5eb8ff86591d87fb17a61b241838:disqus & @MartinDLawliet:disqus : I think, 4G / LTE / 3G / HSDPA / or what the name, it’s just network band of telecommunication technology which growing up and moving in high frequency. And this topic, is pure talking about device which support network band of telecommunication technology. So go back to the topic

            @tech one : Let Martin say about his iPhone and the “Apple”. Because Samsung have “Grape” flavour, “Orange” flavour, “Cherry” flavour, and many more… (:D Hahahahaha…

          10. My Mine says:

            And the Galaxy series is sold in over 101 countries in the world, and more…and more…and more… (:D

          11. My Mine says:

            Hahahaha… (:D
            “Samsung didn’t make Android”, Yeah, that’s right sir. But you have to know, Samsung knowing what they have to do, to keep exist, to be a world class competitor.
            The keys is “Innovation and Collaboration”.

            From Samsung Lovers – Indonesia… (:D
            Galaxy = Yes
            iPhone = No

      2. tech one says:

        They were first. Well not really LG prada was, But it was a natural thing that would occurred. At that time windows mobile 5 had almost all of the smart phone market share. I used almost every version of wm phone. What frustrated me about those phones was how shitty touch screen responded. Apple knew this and fixed this well known problem. It was going to happen anyways from another manufacture.

        1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

          Now I wonder why Microsoft couldn’t fix it. Oh maybe it was because they didn’t bother to, knowing that people like you will still flock to their products. 🙂

          1. tech one says:

            Flock to products? It was one of the only options to have web browsing on a phone at that time

          2. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Oh yeah, but wait. I’m pretty sure Symbian has a web browser too. Hmm, maybe that’s in another time. Did you do research like I told you? Be a good kid and get.

          3. tech one says:

            I said one of the only not only. Learn to read and stop spitting out incorrect facts. To burst your bubble ios is unix operating system

  14. MusicIsMyLife says:

    I’ve been an Apple user for many years. I own an Mac computer because of it’s ability to do what I need it to do in the music and graphic’s world as this is what I do for a living and the PC doesn’t work as well for me in these categories. When Apple came out with the iPhone I quickly switched from my Blackberry to the new iPhone. Having had one since the first generation and now the 4S, I’ve been very happy with it and was planning on upgrading to the 5 when it came out. THEN I saw the Galaxy Note and loved the size of the screen. I started researching it and found the Note 2 was soon to be released. I have to say, I will be switching to the Note 2 as soon as it is released in the U.S. (I wish it wasn’t still uncertain to be released here but either way, I’ll get one). Apple has great products but I have to say that the bigger screen and the Note’s capabilities have won me over. I try to stay out of the politics of everything going on between Apple and Samsung. To me, both are great companies with outstanding technology.

  15. I love the Galaxy S but it’s screen is too small for this old timer. I can see the Note II being the solution for me as well as the Tab 10.1, Ver 2. I’m up for contract renewal in February but if I wanted this phone NOW, I’d have to fly to Europe to get one. Everything I have watched on this phone/phablet makes me want it more and more and I’ve watched some of those videos more than twice. I want and I want before Christmas … maybe in the old stocking eh?

  16. An says:

    I really dislike apple for trying to run a monopoly. The Samsung phones are a completely different operating system and I think that it’s ridiculous that they won the court case against Samsung. I hope that the note 2 comes to sprint so that I will never buy an iPhone.

  17. Ray says:

    I assume the reason why the US release date is later than in Europe, etc., is because there are so many bureaucracy involved to get the product to the US consumers. May be that is a good thing in terms of making sure the product is safe, etc., for the U.S. consumers but, it does puts the USA back in terms of new technology. Also, because of companies like Apple, etc here in USA are afraid of the open market economy or competition. What’s good for these big corporations (like Apple) is not always in the best interest of the general consumers.

  18. jch says:

    Being from the older generation I am used to our telephone company providing telephones and paying for the service. Oh how things have changed. The younger generation is paying through the nose for everything, and their gotta have it attitude is fueling the fire!

  19. Franck says:

    I’m with sprint with the evo 4g, no doubt that if sprint doesn’t offer it, I’m leaving sprint for whomever will carry the NOTE 2 first, too good to pass…..

  20. 602me says:

    the price listed on this site is way too low. The original note will be price dropped (cirrently $199) and the note 2 will likely be $249 and $299 WITH contract.

  21. kobiweis says:

    sounds a little too much since the galaxy s3 will stay Samsung best seller and flagship device. I think that if Samsung wants to make a real change in the cellular world and take a bite out of Apple’s market share, they can give the note an appealing price tag and it will bring people to realize that size is power with the right tools given. Apple is aiming to an average and modest screen size for the common user but people today are more then willing to give big devices a chance if they get more functionality (for fun and business) out of their device.

  22. Rico says:

    I work for Apple but long before I worked there I purchased the original iPhone for my wife, then a few months later I purchased the iPhone 3G for myself and finally I purchased two iPhone 4’s for my wife and myself. I think most, if not all of us can agree that Apple did revolutionize the smartphone world with the release of the first iPhone back in 2007. The build quality and workmanship of the iPhone is indeed spectacular in every way. That said a few months ago I left the Apple ecosystem and I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S III. I needed a change and I wanted the larger screen and the ability to customize the UI with different launchers and such. I am very happy with the S III and it’s been a blast to tinker with it. I’m a total “tech-geek” and the Android OS offers me so many things that I can’t get with iOS. Both platforms are great and they each have a very loyal fan-base. At some point I may go back to the iPhone but it probably won’t happen until I see a complete redesign of the handset. Personally I think the iPhone could use a facelift. The iPhone 5 is a refined, elegant handset but I’m looking for something radically different in the future. I understand that parties on both sides can be very, well let’s just say, passionate about their devices, which is fine. I just don’t see the need to bash each other over the head repeatedly as this doesn’t accomplish anything. I actually like both platforms, I’ve just decided to hang-out with the Android folks for the next couple of years. Of course if I get a free iPhone 5 from Apple then I’ll use it as well. I’m Switzerland!

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