iPhone 5 could outsell Samsung Galaxy S3

Anybody following developments for the Apple iPhone 5 will know by now that an event on September 12 is where we expect to see it officially announced. The phone has been hugely hyped and is already set to be a massive seller, the same as just about every new Apple product. There are suggestions though that this could be the device that shatters all previous records so it looks as though the iPhone 5 could outsell the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) when it finally hits the shelves.

Earlier today we gave details of the latest US smartphone platform market share figures and Android was still leading by quite some way although Apple’s market share growth was slightly higher than that of Google’s Android. As far as manufacturers of handsets are concerned, Samsung came out top with around a quarter of mobile subscribers owning a Samsung device as opposed to just over 16% who owned an Apple iPhone. However we told how these figures could change sharply following the recent Apple win over Samsung in patent litigation.

As Apple is now seeking to ban some Samsung devices from sale, including the Galaxy S3, many experts seem to think that Apple will gain extra sales of its iPhone this time around as people become wary of possible complications over purchasing a Samsung device. However previously we have also noted that there could be a backlash against Apple and sales of its iPhone from those who think Samsung have been treated unfairly. Which way this goes remains to be seen but it is another indicator that the new iPhone could sell in higher numbers than ever before. We’ve also spoken many times here at Phones Review about the general expectations that the next iPhone will be a huge product upgrade, one of the biggest ever, and that’s something else that suggests even higher sales than a usual iPhone launch.

Now well-known Apple analyst Gene Munster, who recently spoke of his belief that the iPhone 5 would be the biggest consumer electronic device upgrade in history, has come up with some predictions of sales for the iPhone 5. Current rumors suggest a possible iPhone 5 release on September 21 and despite the fact that this means it will only be available for ten days during the September quarter, Munster still expects records to be smashed. He predicts that between 6 and 10 million iPhone 5’s could be shifted in the first week on sale as long as demand can be met, according to an Apple Insider article. Current market forecast consensus puts sales of the iPhone at between 22 and 23 million for the whole of the September quarter but Munster’s prediction would mean that even with the iPhone 5 arriving towards the end of September, sales of around 28 million units could be achieved.

Are sales of up to 10 million new iPhone’s in one week really possible though? It seems unlikely for many of us that any product could sell in such numbers but a factor in Apple’s favor is speculation that pre-orders will be taken from the time of the big reveal on September 12. It’s also likely that the iPhone 5 will see a simultaneous release in the U.S. and some other regions while the Galaxy S3 took some months after its initial launch to arrive stateside. Another pointer towards the possibility of such huge sales is that in the U.S. the next iPhone should be available on all of the major carriers, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint (although we don’t yet know about T-Mobile) as well as some regional carriers, according to iDownload Blog.

Such is the growing animosity between Samsung and Apple (with Samsung prepared to strike back if Apple launches a 4G LTE iPhone) that Apple will be going all out to achieve those 10 million unit sales within a week. Samsung achieved 9 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S3 worldwide and later figures showed that in the first 55 days of availability the company shipped 10 million handsets and that a total of around 50 million Samsung smartphones of all kinds sold in the June quarter.

It has also been reported very recently that in August the Galaxy S3 went past the Apple iPhone 4S as the top selling smartphone in the U.S, although this was a ‘guesstimation.’ If official figures turn out to verify this then Apple will really want to snatch back its place at the top of the ladder and so maybe with a gigantic push those sales of 10 million units in one week can be achieved. Especially if as hoped, Apple does come up with something really groundbreaking and a completely revamped design for the new iPhone.

We’re really interested to hear your opinions about possible sales of the iPhone 5. Do you think the iPhone 5 will be the biggest-selling smartphone so far? Do you imagine that sales will be boosted or damaged by the ongoing Apple and Samsung hostilities? Let us know with your comments.


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  1. Nigel says:

    I have a 3GS. Can’t wait to get rid of it. It will be a iphone5 or a note, I haven’t decided yet. So what’s the greatest innovation iphone5 will have? They moved the ear jack, smaller port 0.5 measly inches higher 0.0 inches wider, supposed same processor as iPad 3, only 1GB ram, honestly, who cares. I’m not liking what I see in the iPhone corner right now. 🙁

    1. Nigel says:

      That’s right. I have an open mind. I won’t decide till after sept 12. Maybe all the stuff speculated on the iPhone out there is a decoy so the real thing will be a great surprise. But if it’s all been accurate leaks on the iPhone the note 2 gets my business.

    1. Nigel says:

      Hmm, know what? That apple slowly releases small improvements year after year forcing people who are in a contract to sell their phone and pay through the nose for the latest model? No thx, my 3GS was fine for three years now I’m not so quick to jump through apples hoops and accept what they have made 3 yrs later. impress me apple, and not by just moving a headphone jack, etc

  2. hardware wise i-phone has lagged behind android for some years now. software wise android has cought up, and its free envoirment makes it a better choise. but who know maybe apple change the trend but if history is ti be repeated they will just use cheaper hardware and make more profit as there are enough apple fan boys who wouldnt care i-phone isnt the best anymore. s2 was last years best mobile, this years might end up being another samsung again.

  3. Tommy Boy says:

    Any respect I had for Apple was lost after the Samsung litigation fiasco. They lose Jobs and this is the best they can do to compete? Try to kill the competition instead of out-innovate them? Pathetic. I will never again purchase an Apple product. They can bite me.

  4. I think and hope Apple does well and sells alot. We need to support our american companies. But I couldn’t wait and bought a Galaxy s3 in July. Needed an upgrade badly. And I am not disappointed. Love this amazing device. Unbelievable quality phone on all fronts.

    1. jes says:

      Don’t feel bad for that. Apple, an American based company offshores production. Meanwhile, Samsung is about to break ground on a $3.6 billion upgrade to expand the capacity in their plant in Austin, TX. Jobs for construction workers and probably more production workers. At least their success is creating much needed jobs in America.

  5. bill_h says:

    Iphone is a big seller in the US always and this is not a shocker. AT&T was always the biggest carrier and Iphone 4S was the leader last holiday season for this carrier alone compared to any Android offerings that were up for sale. But now others including Sprint and Verizon finally jump on the wagon too.

    In terms of fine, Samsung will pay if they can’t have the court decision appealed that is for sure. And if the same judge is hearing the appeal, they have little to no chance of winning before the final gavel his hit.

    Its highly doubtful any ban will be permanent and most of these cases take so long to process in court, when Apple files its first complaint the new Android phone model of the line is already on the market.

    Apple managed to ban some Motorola phones earlier this year which had been released in 2011 and we’re already getting new models released. The profit loss is simply not staggering from a ban as it was Motorola’s own inability to innnovate which drove consumers away to Samsung. And just look at the HTC One X/S ban that Apple tried to pull off in the US earlier this summer. It lasted all of 2 weeks. HTC made the appropriate changes so the ban could be lifted. Samsung is doing the same by removing universal search for some US Galaxy S III models this past July with an Over the AIr update to comply with whatever orders are dictated in these legal cases.

  6. I think a lot of folk (myself included) are now so disgusted with Apple’s bullying tactics that we have decided, on principle, not to buy the new iPhone – or any other Apple product – ever again.

    1. Nigel says:

      You may have a good point that affects some peoples way of thinking but for me I believe there was some just cause for suing Samsung. It’s not like they are innocent. Companies were usually announcing we are releasing the next “iPhone killer” all the time. Samsungs original S phone was so much like the iPhone it was not even funny. Samsung also copied other companies like Nokia and Sony too.

      For me, it’s apples innovation. It’s horrible for todays standards. Three yrs ago they were great but today It’s so far behind samsung couldn’t keep just copying them anymore, they had to pass them.

      Apple got so used to people trying to keep up to them, I think they got soft and figured if they slowed down the companies copying them would have to slow down too but it didn’t happen. They came up with better, faster, bigger, longer lasting phones than apple. I heard it said before that apple never invented chocolate or cake or even chocolate cake (or even anything for that matter) BUT they did come up with one heck of a good recipe for their own version of chocolate cake and people have been trying to catch up to the best chocolate cake out there and it appears to me that Samsung may have done this for my tastes

    2. kingkong says:

      Peter. Although I am not an apple fan-boy, I totally support Apple in its law suit against Samsung. The samsung galaxy (1) user-interface was a clear rip-off from the iphone.
      Imagine you working day and night coming up with an innovative product, and your neighbor next door just copy your design and start eating up your market share. Will you sit back and say “Let us go back and innovate!!” . of-course not. Coming up with an innovative product and UI like that of iphone for the first time is a though thing to do, and takes years of effort.
      For mere observers like us we think more on emotional level, but yah think about people who invested time and money is making things happen and then seeing their effort blatantly copied.

        1. Loading... says:

          Apple lost the case in every other country, Why you ask?
          Well just think about it. It’s mostly because the fact that Apple is a USA based company. Hence it would really make sense if we supported our own, its mostly politics. I really doubt Samsung would have won even if they had a strong case because Apple is a fortune 500 company and that would have a huge impact on the US economy if they suffered a loss.

  7. mick says:

    What is it with people and I phones, people I know with I phones are not going to upgrade 1, due to the change of connectors,2 they dont see it as value for money, they are only keeping the phones they have because they have bought so many apps, A couple of them have bought tablets with android operating systems and are quite astonished, they actually wish they had discovered android operating system sooner. so no if people wake up it wont be as big a success as other launches, but the snobbery factor always plays a part.!!!

  8. abhishek owns s3 says:

    What’s the use of hardware like iphones which once dropped is finished.
    Apple is very expensive. And I get nothing in it. Moreover all apps are paid in apple app store like whatsapp and angry birds space.
    Thumbs up for Samsung.

  9. Kevin Parton says:

    I’m sure it will outsell the Galaxy S3, most Apple products do based on the fact that Apple only release one product at a time, whereas Samsung have an entire range of products spanning many different price ranges. A fairer comparison would be to compare the anticipated sales of the iPhone 5 with the sales of all of the current Samsung handsets. Within the Apple Ecosystem, there is only one choice if you want a new/current model of handset and if Apple followed Samsung and released cheaper, smaller versions of the iPhone 5 alongside it I’m sure you would find that a proportion of the people who would have bought a top end iPhone 5 would opt for a cheaper version, therefore spreading the sales figures, therefore this review is nonsense.

  10. how about the add-on accessories? sd card expansion, external usb flash
    drives, card reader, external hard disk drive, usb/or bluetooth mouse
    and keyboard connectivity, tv-out/hdmi, game console controller that
    flawlwssly? samsung s3 can do all that at the same time. iphone5 is
    just a smart phone, samsung s3 is a super compact computer..

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