Jelly Bean update for HTC One X still missing in action

We’ve been attempting to keep readers informed about the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean rollout for various devices. When the latest operating system was released with the Google Nexus 7 tablet back in July, HTC was one of the first manufacturers to issue news about which of its devices would receive the update. Many have since been waiting for the popular HTC One X to receive the update but Jelly Bean is still missing in action and we now hear that it may not be available until December.

HTC officially stated that 4.1 Jelly Bean would come to its HTC One X, One S and One XL but gave no specific dates for when the update would arrive. However you might be forgiven for thinking that the flagship HTC One X would receive an update sooner rather than later and yet owners are still waiting for Jelly Bean. News that Jelly Bean for the One X may not arrive until the end of this year comes from Android Authority who report how a Twitter user has just posted details of a successor to the One X, the HTC One X+. This same source also told how Jelly Bean for the One X will not come until “the end of December.”

Obviously this is unconfirmed news but it is pointed out that the same Twitter source has previously given reliable information about HTC products so it certainly could be credible. If this is accurate then we imagine there will be a lot of disappointed HTC One X users out there who may have thought the update was just around the corner. As Auto-oMobile points out, previously HTC issued info for the 4.0 ICS update for its handsets and missed some of its deadlines. You’d think then that the company would be working extra hard on giving customers news on Jelly Bean for the HTC One X and sticking to a timeframe.

Major manufacturer Samsung has already announced that Jelly Bean is coming to its Galaxy S3 flagship smartphone very soon. Following the leaked builds that have been turning up, earlier today we told how in fact the official update for the S3 looks set to roll out as early as this week. Samsung has also given a schedule for other device updates so the fact that HTC has issued no further news is likely to frustrate some HTC One X users. It’s interesting to note that the upcoming HTC One X+ that was just leaked and seems to be only a minor upgrade to the One X, is touted as running 4.1 Jelly Bean. Let’s hope that HTC doesn’t feel that Jelly Bean for the HTC One X is not a major priority because of this.

As we wait for further news on this we’d welcome your thoughts regarding the HTC One X and its update to 4.1 Jelly Bean. Are you hoping to receive the upgrade shortly? If it’s confirmed that it will not be here until the end of the year would you find this frustrating? Maybe you would just like HTC to pass on some sort of definite news? Let us know with your comments.


33 thoughts on “Jelly Bean update for HTC One X still missing in action”

  1. SC says:

    This is my first android phone and I am happy with the current version of ICS which my One X is running. However, I do feel that HTC should try and ‘keep up’ with Samsung and that many owners will be annoyed. I have had the handset for about a month now and the choice between the One X and the S3 was a hard one. I am still sure that I made the right choice, but HTC are undoubtedly loosing business because of this kind of delay. I just hope that when it does arrive, it isn’t too ‘buggy’ as this will really annoy people.

  2. Jesus says:

    Who care there a long waiting list for Jelly Bean, only devices that got it is the Nexus and Nexus 7? Sure Samsung is close but I will believe when I see it! Root your phone why wait? Rooting and customizations is what Android is all about, I will never wait from my Carrier to hand me down an update XDA people!!

  3. thegms says:

    They would rather loose the brand loyalty and brand image, no one is even going to buy their sets in future if ppl made up their mind that the after sales service of htc sucks, in my personal opinion the update is more critical than so called one x+ or one x super.

  4. SL says:

    HTC should focus on current handsets rather than bringing out a new One X+. where it will have limited market and again lose focus on its current flagship phone, as had been in the past.

    HTC Sense was once a much desired feature, with current Android versions, I much prefer to choose my home launcher, (Presently Apex on my HTC1X). HTC Sense has lost focus because Android versions 4 and above are well designed. What HTC needs is a good home launcher preinstalled as HTC Sense for advanced as well as novice users with a reset link in case a novice users messes up the home application. And a few other productivity apps. That is it.

    Bringing new phones quickly keeps the market pace but on the broader scale loses focus.

  5. the1casey says:

    If HTC decides that updating the One X to Jelly Bean is not that important because they’re releasing a new phone, I just won’t buy HTC again. If that’s how they do business, I’ll do business with a different company next time.

  6. rb says:

    If they take too long with upgrading too jelly bean this will be my last HTC purchase. Already tired of the spontaneous reboots and wifi battery drain. Waiting that long for a JB-update will be the last drop….

  7. hbk says:

    Waiting…waiting…and waiting some more. HTC is an awesome manufacturer….but…they need to geton their grind if they even want to dream about beating Samsung. battery issue needs to be addressed still.

  8. Oosakachan says:

    HTC is just a big fat liar!
    Back then I bought an HTC Tytn 2 (Kaiser) in Taiwan, and in the beginning I was happy with it until I realized that compared to other smartphones, it was slow/laggy as hell.It turned out that HTC has missed to create the necessary drivers for its graphics card. Lots of people who bought the device prayed to HTC for the patch, but it just hasn’t been delivered. They said, the device is already out and they don’t wanna support it anymore. After a while slowly everybody gave up the hope (and turned to Android Froyo as a savior). After that I promised to myself that I will never ever buy an HTC phone again (despite that nowadays they seem okay).A sad story, but a educational one. Do NOT believe what HTC says/promises! A liar company who can spend 300 million dollars on piece of software (Beats), but doesn’t support its devices and above all its OWN costumers, doesn’t deserve to be trusted.

  9. LC says:

    HTC should satisfied current customers instead focus on new products, I know you have withdrawal from compete in certain market in Asia, but in order to compete with Samsung, you should maintain your current customer and build trust from there and not just ignore those who have bought your One X products. If HTC One X+ have latest Jelly Bean updated, why should not the One X version as well? This is my first HTC device and probably will be the last one as HTC have not take initiative to build up your brand and innovate your product. No matter how you build your brand, word of mouth is the strongest and most effective way to build or even kill your brand. Disappointed with you….

  10. Gareth says:

    Very happy with my One-X, having used a Sammy S3 as my work device I wouldn’t change! Already returned a Galaxy as the issues were too many (kept stopping services) and found the interface/keyboard not up to HTC standards.
    Wouldn’t go to a worse model just for the sake of a slightly delayed upgrade….

  11. HTC Drew says:

    Running AOKP Jellybean 4.1 on the One X now with the optimised Nova Launcher. Took me an hour of reading to be safe, 5 mins to unlock and 10 mins to flash. Runs JB amazingly! Stop waiting for months for updates that will be buggy as hell and full of bloatware,do a little research and enjoy the latest Google goodness today !!

  12. Znjck says:

    Oh man, Samsung does eeeevvvveryything like Apple for PR. THEY SAY A LOT OF SIHT, they aren’t ready at all! I can bet right now htc will announce Jelly for OneX owners like myself, on Sept 19th launch of OneX+. way sooner than Samsung. and their products are far better designed and thoughtout than samsung, samsung is greedy, htc is ballsy with design and has a much clearer intention.

  13. jagz says:

    If HTC does not update one X soon, I would not buy a HTC, iPhone updates are available the day they are out. Why not HTC and others be that aggressive to provide latest updates to all their customers…
    I think this is one of the factors people are worried to get out from iPhone….

    1. Chris Neale says:

      “Why not HTC”
      They can’t just release Jelly Bean the day it’s released on a Google device. As HTC, Samsung etc. all have their own custom UI to make work with that release. If you didn’t want a custom UI and wanted an ASOP UI then buy a Nexus and you’ll get updates sooner. Then you have carriers to consider too (unless you bought your phone sim-free). Conversely all iPhones are compatible so they can release simultaneously.

  14. Viperbite says:

    HTC needs to pull its finger out, esspecially if it wants to keep its current customer base, as a HTC customer myself i will no longer purchase any product again if they carnt keep us informed on software release dates. Surely HTC should release Jelly Bean for the One X at the same time as Samaung do for the S3 ? Thats if it wants to be a competitive phone brand. Think they need to realise how important software updates are, and not just concentrate on producing new hardware.

  15. HTC one X help us to improve says:

    How to solve overheating and battery drain issues in HTC one X… I’m so disappointed 🙁 This will become my last HTC product…HTC are really showing same as China product………..Next time I’m going back to Samsung…

  16. Gareth says:

    I have been with HTC since the Desire and have now got the one X, my wife chose the S3 at the same time. I still thought One X was the right one for me, but now i hear Im not getting an update any time soon gets me thinking about other devices.
    Im just glad that the option root is there and install the new OS regardless.
    But am i brave enough?

  17. I am very interested in seeing JB on my HTC One X but I am happy to wait a little for bug free software. I still wouldn’t switch to a Samsung as the hardware is no where near as good as the HTC. It never was and I don’t think it ever will. I love my HTC.

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