iPhone 5 LTE UK, O2 and Vodafone miss the boat

Full Apple iPhone 5 details are finally out and we’ve been bringing readers plenty of information and news about the latest iPhone iteration. One of the longest-standing expectations for the iPhone 5 was that of 4G LTE connectivity and sure enough the new iPhone was unveiled LTE-equipped. If you’re in the U.K. you may be wondering which carriers will be offering the iPhone 5 with LTE rather than the iPhone 5 without LTE support and we now know that both O2 and Vodafone are to miss the LTE boat.

Although all of the major carriers in the UK will be offering the iPhone 5 we told yesterday how only EE (Everything Everywhere) has understandably been boasting that it will have exclusivity of the new iPhone 5 with LTE in the UK. We also told how O2 and Vodafone had not yet mentioned 4G LTE support for the iPhone 5 but would definitely be offering the phone.

We now know that although EE will have exclusivity of the iPhone 5 with working LTE at first, Three will also support the LTE iPhone at some point in the future following Ofcom permission to use that purchased spectrum. However, according to Engadget, sourced from Apple UK, in a forthcoming Ofcom spectrum auction there are plans to sell the 800MHZ and 2.6GHZ frequencies (Band 20 and 7 respectively). None of the iPhone 5 models use these frequencies meaning that Vodafone and O2 will lose out on the iPhone 5 with LTE connectivity.

It is possible that Apple may yet come up with another iPhone 5 variant that does support additional networks but for now at least it’s a case of don’t hold your breath. You may also be interested in our recent article regarding worldwide compatibility for the LTE iPhone 5 and you can check out all of our many iPhone 5 articles at this link. Also we’ll remind you that pre-orders for the iPhone 5 begin today.

While we wait for the iPhone 5 to hit the shelves on September 21 we’d be interested to hear your views on the new iPhone. If you’re in the UK would you think of swapping carrier to get your hands on an LTE-working iPhone once the network is ready? Maybe you’re not too worried about LTE support but you just want to get your hands on any iPhone 5? Send your comments to let us know.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 5 LTE UK, O2 and Vodafone miss the boat”

  1. Scorcio11 says:

    Now all the networks offer unlimited minutes etc. why wouldn’t you move to EE if you’re in a launch city? Voda/O2/3 are all going to be way behind as none can use one of their existing frequencies and will have to build that network. Orang and T-mobile customers can just upgrade at launch and just switch to EE4G whenever it is released. I know which network will be getting my signature

  2. steonkeys says:

    I live in the North East, probably won’t see 4G speeds up here for another year or so, so is there any point in me moving to another carrier when I’ve been with 02 for about 15 years? I know I can port my number across but still don’t know. Almost every I’m at I’ve got access to WiFi don’t use much data on the mobile network.

  3. Graham says:

    As a 4S user, I see no reason to change to an iPhone 5 unless LTE is serving most of the country. It’s like buying a Ferrari and living on Guernsey – it was not made to work at 30mph!! Come on UK- you’re behaving like a third-world Luddite!L

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