iPhone 5 problems, intensification causes concern

When the iPhone faithful purchase a new iPhone they have come to expect perfection from the Apple camp; however when it comes to the latest iOS smartphone, it appears many are not happy with the iPhone 5 due to the device experiencing numerous problems, although not all iPhone 5 owners are experiencing these issues.

According to an article over on Arstechnica, some iPhone 5 users are not too pleased with iOS 6 Maps, whilst there have also been reports concerning WiFi, along with several complaints that the aluminum casing on the iPhone 5 scuffs and scratches quite easily.

There are also reports of light leakage around the edges of the new iOS smartphone, and there is also a problem with Siri apparently becoming somewhat confused when asked about the weather in certain US cities. Furthermore, apparently Apple is stopping the 2GB of free storage that was offered to MobileMe subscribers, which could possibly make it difficult for some users to backup their device to the cloud.

The problems with WiFi appears to be a slow connection when connecting to WPA2 protected WiFi, although some users are saying turning off LTE seems to alleviate the problem, and apparently Apple Care is aware of this issue and is working on it.

As for the scratching and scuffing, according to AllThingsD, it appears that the aluminum on the iPhone 5 is not as resistant as the stainless steel on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, with reports of scratches, blemishes and nicks widely reported.

When it comes to light leakage, the word is the LED backlight is leaking through a tiny crack in the edge of the iPhone 5 where the front panel fits into the aluminum casing, although apparently only visible under dark or low light conditions.

There is also a report that the iPhone 5 camera is also experiencing a purple haze issue, Crave reports that users are reporting an unsightly purple halo showing when photos and snapped with the new iOS handset when pointing towards bright light sources.

Apparently one user contacted Apple support and was informed this purple haze problem was widespread, whilst another user made a video of the issue, which you can check out for yourself below.

We’d like to ask our iPhone 5 owning readers out there if they are experiencing any of these problems, or perhaps you are experiencing some other issue with the device, if so we’d like to know about it, and also what country you are in and which network you are on, so feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


32 thoughts on “iPhone 5 problems, intensification causes concern”

  1. I have the iPhone 4S and I recently downloaded the iOS 6 software and I’m very disapointed many simple thing that worked before don’t now. making most of the reasons I liked this phone irrelevant. Maps can’t find my house anymore apparently my house doesn’t exist in the ios 6 world. Making location based reminders useless and Siri doesn’t understand anything anymore everything was fine with the last software they better fix this quick. Or I will loose my faith in apple.

  2. I received my iPhone 5 (in white – on vodafone uk) last week. The only problem I have had is the ridiculously slow wifi connection. My 3gs seems superfast compared to my iPhone 5. The maps app isnt great but to be fair, thats not something I would need to use on a regular basis and can probably live with – for now.

  3. Adam says:

    Just realized that the pink hue is caused by the sapphire crystal lens. I say this because I remember one of the tests to prove that ones watch is sapphire crystal is to look at it from a angle and look for pink.

  4. Gary says:

    Well I was disappointed with the ios 6 updated with various things not working I have just upgraded to the Samsung s3 just had enough of apples attitude to customers :(((

  5. B boy says:

    Bought the iPhone 5 on launch day, I opened the box and found my phone scratched on the side and little blue dots! Took it to apple they said it was some sort of chemical burn!!!! Got my refund back!!

  6. Unhappy iphone user. says:

    I have an iphone 4s and would love to upgrade to 5 but just cant afford the exspencive line rental at £45 p/m. Now that the iphone 5 has so many problems like the map app not working and siri not understanding a thing you say, im glad i didnt join the rush a get one. How can apple justify the monthly cost when the phone doesnt perform in a correct manner?

  7. chrissiecross says:

    got the iphone 5 4 days ago-had the iphone 4 before. My 5 is making a clunky noise…like something is loose inside. Based on other phone batteries I would imagine its about that weight-but not sure whet the iphone battery is like. I have also noticed poor quality of video and photos, when compared directly with the 4. All in all I am not 100% impressed.I am hoping to get a replacement….maybe better luck next time.While I was in the vodafone shop I was looking at the samsung phones, and wondering if I should have chosen differently..:(

  8. Pravesh says:

    I recently got my iphone 5 and to be honest i dont find any problem with it. I am very happy and unlike others, my wifi is very fast, clear sound, siri is doing great with my foreign accent, facetime is smooth. Yes the only thing I bought for extra protection is a nice casing and it is now my blue eyed boy with its saphire lens.

  9. John says:

    Upgraded my iPhone 4S and my iPad to the new 6.0 software. The iPhone and ipad worked almost flawlessly up until down loading the new software. Now both devices are experiencing a multitude of issues including slow or non connectivity to wi fi ,freezing screens , extremely slow functions, deminished battery life and best of all total loss of voicemail capability that AT&T says is an apple issue. Clearly absurd.

  10. Ali says:

    Using iPhone5 since launch, it had died few times, had to reset it make it work again, I am not sure what that problem is, would complain if it happens again…

  11. Tkmills says:

    I work abroad and use both my iPad and iPhone to keep in touch with family. Both have stopped working properly since ios6 was down loaded so now I am looking at massive phone bills to be able to speak to my wife. Apple you have really messed up this time.

  12. Joppsy says:

    I have updated my iphone4 and ipad2 to iOS 6 and are having no issues podcasts moving is a bit annoying but I’m getting used to it now waiting for my 64gb iPhone 5

  13. 8v8tr says:

    My iPhone 5 continues to disconnect and forget my wifi networks all the time. Extremely frustrating when doing business critical tasks. Battery life is crap.

  14. Alex8520 says:

    I got my iPhone 5 on Thursday on Orange in UK, and it has no issues at all. It is a lot better than the HTC Sensation I used to have. It really is a great phone (apart from the map issues – which doesn’t bother me very much!)

  15. Rocket says:

    Ive had my IPhone 5 64g repalaced once by Apple and once by Orange, 3rd IPhone 5 in 9 days, wifi issues (wifi address icon ticked as accepted, but no signal bars), battery going flat very Quick, locking out, apps inoprative, throwing me to main screen from app.
    ive tried all known recommendations to rectify issue.
    iphone 32g with version 6 upgrade works perfect alongside of 5
    come on Apple lets gets this issue sorted out

  16. Zohaib says:

    I got the Iphone 5 , tries it out and it started to turn off, went back too carphone and they gave me a new one, that one worked fine but then starting causing wi-fi problems and the camera was crap compared to the 4s, so i went back and chose the galaxy s3, and i can tell u its soo much better literally, i was a complete iphone fan but the 5 spoiled it and i think i now prefer samsung galaxy s3

  17. colin p says:

    had my iphone 5 since launch and now it is doing what the iphone 4s did!!! its MUTING OUTGOING CALLS ! you make a call hear nothing then you see the timer start if you press speaker phone you can then start talking but not before!!! you think that apple would have sorted this out by now. i’m taking it back to get another!!!!!!! another 70 mile round trip to my nearest apple store…

  18. Fishfinder says:

    Yep, got my ip5 up and running yesterday and am having issues with wifi. Very very slow, if it works at all, and have now resorted to switching wifi off and going with 3G which seems superfastuntil I can get a replacement handset later this week when I visit the apple store to vent my frustration.

  19. stevew says:

    does anyone have problems with their iphone5 using it with Bose quietcomfort 3 headphones. i get a mobile signal noise in the headphones when there is a weak mobile signal. does anyone else suffer this problem.

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