iPad 4 is ridiculous, Apple treading dangerous grounds

At the Apple event yesterday we were all waiting to hear news on the iPad mini, which duly arrived. However we were certainly not expecting to hear about the iPad 4, which was also announced. This one took everyone by surprise with Apple simply calling it the iPad 4th generation, a follow on from its ‘new iPad’ (iPad 3) that arrived earlier this year. This has caused mass consternation among the experts and public alike, so much so that we’re wondering if the arrival of an iPad 4 now is just plain ridiculous and whether Apple could be treading on dangerous ground.

To many of us it seems just plain odd that Apple would bring out another new iPad so shortly after the third generation iPad. The iPad 3, or as Apple called it, the ‘new iPad,’ only arrived in March this year and although we had heard rumors of a minor refresh to the iPad third-generation that could be announced at the event, we definitely were not expecting Apple to tout this as a fourth-generation iPad as we did not expect an iPad 4 until next spring. The difference between the iPad 3 and 4 is really more of a specs bump and so we’re wondering why Apple has decided to call it the fourth generation, implying an altogether new device.

The changes between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 fit more with a refresh. For instance the iPad 4 has the new Lightning connector that featured on the iPhone 5 and comes with an A6X processor claiming to offer double the processor and graphics performance of the A5X used in the iPad 3. There’s also a bump to a 720p FaceTime camera, dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and new image signal processor. However it looks the same as the iPad 3 and apart from these things there’s little difference between the third and fourth generation iPad and Apple is even maintaining the current prices of the iPad 3, with the same pricing structure for the iPad 4. While some potential iPad customers may be pleased to get a spec update in time for purchasing one, others are already expressing their unhappiness with the iPad 4 following on so soon.

Many people who have purchased the iPad 3 on release have expressed major dissatisfaction at the fact that a new iPad has turned up only 7 months later and it’s even worse for those who bought one more recently. It seems that at least one Apple store has accepted there might be some who are disappointed by this as earlier today we told how a store in San Francisco is willing to freely upgrade iPad 3s purchased within the last 30 days to an iPad 4. However, it’s not yet clear whether this is a blanket customer policy or whether this will only occur in certain stores.

Either way we think the offer would have gone down better if it applied to purchases within the last three months rather than just one and some comments to our post about this show that some people are certainly displeased and feel let down. From a consumer perspective we’d say that most people who buy an Apple mobile product expect a new version to come along around a year later as has traditionally been the case with the iPhone and has occurred with every new iPad. Thus people think they will have the latest ‘best thing’ for at least a year if they purchase it early enough.

It’s also confusing when you take a look at Apple’s online site as under iPad, we now see listings for the iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad with Retina display where details of the fourth-generation specs are available even though the iPad 3 also had a Retina Display. There’s no individual mention of iPad third-generation or fourth-generation so that the iPad 3 appears to have been swept under the carpet and the two have morphed into one. In a way you could look at this in a positive way and if you’re about to buy one then be grateful that you will have one with higher specs but we think Apple would have been better off announcing this as just a minor update and sticking with the iPad 3 or ‘new iPad’ name, and then calling a new model next year the fourth-generation iPad.

Bringing out an iPad 4 now also seems to us to be setting a dangerous precedent as potential customers may be more wary of rushing out to buy the latest version when it launches, just in case Apple has something to top it a few months later and from reading about this today it seems that plenty of usually loyal Apple customers feel they have been ripped off. Apple needs to be careful that it doesn’t alienate its customers by attempting this sort of strategy too often or its once-faithful fan base may start looking elsewhere. No doubt Apple decided that bringing out a fourth-generation iPad in time for the holiday season meant it could cash in on this lucrative time of year but we would have imagined that there was plenty of scope for that in the iPad mini and that could now be in danger of being overshadowed by this controversy.

We’d really like to know where our readers stand on this. Are you just pleased that if you buy the latest iPad it will now have better specs than one brought earlier in the year, after all it’s not as if the price has gone up? Maybe you’re one of the many iPad 3 owners who feels let down and frustrated as you would not have purchased one if you had realized a later edition was on the way so soon? Do you think Apple should think again with its marketing strategy? Let us know with your comments.


188 thoughts on “iPad 4 is ridiculous, Apple treading dangerous grounds”

  1. dudesmith says:

    Totally agree…I updated from ipad 2 to the ‘new’ ipad for retina display…and then apple comes up with another one that’s has a faster chip, better graphics performance…come on man, not fair, NOT fair.

  2. Judah Smith says:

    It doesn’t make your own iPad 1FPS slower, or one app less compatible. Your pleasure from your device is hopefully absolute i.e. dependent on your enjoyment of it and not relative, i.e. dependent on the imagined joy of others who might have a newer one? Let’s not make technological progress a negative eh? Enjoy your iPad. It would have been unimaginable just 100 months ago.

    1. Cybertron says:

      I I agree with you on ‘not taking the advancement of technology negatively’. but I’d like to make a couple of points of my own here.

      Apple charges you an arm and a leg for their latest device when you go out to buy it. but you buy it justifying the hefty price tag by thinking oh its the top innovation for quit sometime n take pride on owning that top technology. but then after a couple of months you realize that Apple in fact already was on the verge of building a much better technology(they gave a processor called A5x for the iPad 3 n a couple of months later they send iPhone 5 with an A6 which was already almost perfected at the time). what you feel when u find that out is that Apple just don’t care about giving you the latest technology but only about making as much money as they can from the almost ‘gonna be out dated really very soon’ items. that’s very unethical. what they should have done is, take a couple of more weeks to finish off the top tech and give it to you. (A6 on the iPad 3) and then improve it till the next year and give you the new tech next year (A7 on iPad 4), instead of bring u an A6x in the middle of the year n make money off that n then bring out A7 to make money from that too.

      or else, Apple should follow Samsung. I don’t see any Galaxy S 3 owner complains about their device being obsolete by the release of Galaxy Note 2 or the Galaxy Tab 2. that is because, when Samsung bring out a device, they pack everything to the very best level they can possibly pack in to the device so their customers enjoy the devices. and then they stop trying to rip off money from their customers n put the money they earned to improve the technology for the next whole year and then bring out another device with the very best of everything they’ve managed to perfect during that year!

      what’s sad is that Apple used to be like that and not anymore…..

  3. Steviepj says:

    You are so sad to think because you love Apple, Apple loves you. Wake up guys, it’s all about the money. They want to increase the number of devices with the new connector in the market place, to placate the manufacturers & retailers they screwed by changing from the old standard connector.

    1. RLst says:

      You’re trying to justify your lack of wealth and success by coming up with the old pathetic “evil rich corrupt capitalist corporations that won’t share any of their riches with you” excuse… oh boo hoo hoo.

      1. Jordan Shannon says:

        The only crying done will be Apple’s downfall, when ignorant people like you realize they’ve been buying the same products for “generations”.

  4. wasbikebloke says:

    We’ve been ripped by Apple. I love my ‘new IPad’ except that its now not new only a few months after I bought it. If they new it was due for a refresh why release the third version – obviously just to ring every penny from the public. Very nasty behaviour!

  5. B Chubb says:

    Hacked off that I loyally order on day 1 the ‘new iPad’ and yet my pleasure at owning the latest version only lasts 7 months as I’m told my iPad is now 2x slower than this new version and that the 3rd gen is baking fazed out? I’m feeling less loyal. Where’s my swap? I would gladly pay a little extra to swap mr apple? Can we complain on mass?

  6. Phil says:

    I’ve not had my iPad 3 for very long, so I’m pretty displeased with this news. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t cost a bomb.

    Pretty cheap tactics if I’m honest, my other half wanted an iPad rather than sharing mine; interestingly enough we unanimously agreed not to buy either an ipad 3, or the new one. I’m handing her my ipad and buy a Nexus 10 when it arrives.

    1. Mannedmodule says:

      Hold it, nexus11 is on its way! Lol. And after that nexus,12,13…
      Seriously when you buy a product, consider the satisfaction YOU will get out of it, not the product that your neighbors, the Joneses, have.

      1. kavi says:

        Dont buy anything unless ipad 35, stupid. Nexus is new and wont be updated untill next year. Unlike apple which needs only money. Apples innovation got dried, they will face criticism if they launch this same product next year. So they launched this but poor apple fan boys dont even think that. Brain washed isheep.

      2. mp1cass0 says:

        With all due respect, mannedmodule, as you are a highly educated person who is “smart” (as you toted), I wonder why you have difficulties in understanding the point Phil was making. Bought an item less than 3/4 years ago, paid a pretty hefty fee for it, and because his other half wanted a pad, he is being a thoughtful individual to give ipad to her and buying a Nexus, furthermore following on what they agreed (no more iPad). Not following the connection you stated with “consider the satisfaction YOU will get out of it, not the product that your neighbors, the Joneses, have.” He is frustrated with Apple so moving on…so he HAS considered the satisfaction he will get out of it versus the Nexus 10, and the Nexus 10 has one.

  7. Herbie says:

    I cant wait for ipad 5 to come out, im having sleepless nights
    I hope it will also cook my breaky,and do my washing.No i think
    ill wait for ipad Infinity,ill then be sure to always have the latest

    1. Judah Smith says:

      OK, I won’t tell you anything. I’ll just point an laugh at the silly folks who got a spanking new iPad and don’t take the time to enjoy it because someones got something better. No need to wind you up – you’re doing a marvelous job all by your self. I’d recommend you take a Kalms, but you’d only get annoyed someone else had a better sedative.

    2. RLst says:

      JEEZ!!! Nerds and geeks are so total freaking whiny naive morons!

      EXACTLY!!! If you were informed of an upcoming new product, then customers will hold back, which causes all kinds of financial and cash-flow problems for ANY business because no one will buy anything until they know what’s being released next. And then by then they might decide not to get anything or buy something else.
      Screws up the accounting, the books, the financial forecasts, the budgets… should we order more parts or not? Should we make more widgets or not? Should we roster more people on or not? etc.

      Why don’t you try running a multimillion OR even multibillion dollar company first before you make your dumb childish remarks.

  8. Kriaze says:

    I’ve only had the iPad 3 for a few months and am a bit gutted that this has happened. If I want to sell this iPad now for an upgrade I’ll lose money hand over fist as the pricing is the same for the 4th gen as it is for this 3rd gen.

    1. bboycrew says:

      what happened to buy a device and use it till it no longer gets ios updates is your ipad suddenly gonna stop working now will you no longer be able to buy and download apps in other words why not use and enjoy a device for more than a year i only bought a new ipad when my ipad 1 could no longer gets ios updates how do people afford a new ipad every year new stuff comes out all the time thats life use what you buy and enjoy it till it no longer can do the tasks you need it to do

  9. Jcb says:

    Ridiculous. Bought the “new” just five days ago. Should’ve been wary when it didn’t have a number after the name…”new” until it ain’t

  10. Nova says:

    Makes pretty good sense when you think about it. Ensures that all devices will now have the new plug in just in time for their busiest season. I think we need to wait and see if October is the new time they begin to announce new generations in the future before we decide they are setting a dangerous precedent. Makes more sense being that again it is right before their busiest season.

    1. ronf57 says:

      while buying a product and it being replaced by a new version is annoying, it is the product life cyle we all know. Leo Laporte (of TWIT fame) has said for years “the guarenteed way to know apple will release a new product is Leo just bought one.”
      I remember he bought an expensive MAC PRO multi-quad core cpu OSX Server and (probably because some apple folkes listen to his shows) recieved a email from apple his order was held up a week because “apple was going to upgrade hime to the soon to be released newer system, if he wanted it”

      Apple got more positive marketing promotion from that than they could have gotten in loads of magazine ads, and for free.

  11. Ryan Buechel says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen so many grown men and women cry at the same time! Who cares!?!? The differences between iPad 3 and 4 are microscopic! Chill out folks. Apple probably did this to convert all of their devices to the lightning charger. Put the two iPads side by side and I guarantee you could never tell the difference between the two except for the charging port. So if you’re willing to pay extra to upgrade or you’re willing to boycott Apple over an extremely minor upgrade, then that’s your hangup. Get over it! I know it probably sucks to not have the latest Apple product, but believe me, you’ll live.

    1. A Human says:

      A6x has twice the CPU n GPU performances as claimed by Apple. same difference between iPad 2 and 3. I bet your microscope is also an Apple made because we humans don’t understand your scales. I use Galaxy S3 because it was actually designed for humans like myself. 🙂

      1. Jennifer Collins says:

        i applaud your name dropping of the s3. breakdown: we say up to to excite “humans aka dummies who have no right to complain about specs they dont even foogin understand” name one persons macbook pro that lasts 10hours of use….ill wait. “up to” means u can make it happen. doesnt mean all day everyday performance

        1. Jennifer Collins says:

          is that really the best EVERYBODY can do…. “its expensive” have you not checked phone prices before..androids cost just as much…if not more. i dont remember anyone crying when nokia was pushing 900$ phones. they didnt even have apps you got spiderman lol and we all should know not to look at things out of our $$$ range.. do you see me crying in front of a porsche dealership…”911 WHY U NO CHEAP LIKE FOCUS”

          1. ronf57 says:

            i want one of those cheap porsches. where can i get one jennifer?
            did you see a black friday ad somewhere? LOL

  12. Lydell Fabin says:

    Suddenly your powerful ipad3 is just too slow. Instead of 1 billionth of a second now its half a billionth of a second. Upgrade is mandatory lol.

  13. John Andrews says:

    I’m unhappy as someone who bought the iPad 3 on launch day. Now I definitely won’t be upgrading to this latest iPad 4, whereas I may well have if this launched in May.

  14. Bobity says:

    It’s just a midlife update to bring commonality with the lightening connector hence why ipad3 no longer exists, I still believe there will be an ‘all new’ iPad come March, the competition is hotting up & so Apple has to adapt….. I have an ipad3 which does everything I require, I will wait unil March to see if its worth upgrading….

  15. robby says:

    Don’t believe that Apples gives a damn about you or any other user. They are there to make more money and will sell you down the river. They are over rated and over priced and will keep on upgrading in order to keep taking your hard eanred cash. Find something your happy with and live with it. It’s a bit like buying a new cae and a year later going for the new model. The seller offers you peanuts for part ex and fleeces you. Run it inot the ground and avoid the depreciation costs and hit the supplier in the pocket where it hurts.

  16. Dajonline says:

    What a bunch of cry babies. Apple decides to bump some specs and everyone Has gone bonkers, it is a bit faster and has a new connector which I seem to recall just recently got a lot of complaints because accessories no longer worked. What about all the people who chose to buy an iP4s knowing that the iP5 was coming soon. And as for Android good luck with those timely OS upgrades you have been promised by the OEM’s.

    1. Cybertron says:

      to be quit honest if u have been reading, Android 4.2 brings a very effective efficient method so that users will receive updates as soon as Google releases it without having to depend on OEMs or the carriers. which would mean that if you wish to have an Android device, you get lightning fast OTA updates just like if you have an Apple mobile device. and on top of that, you will have the option to apply your favorite OEM UI on top.

      1. Jennifer Collins says:

        and just exactly how were updates performed before? my evo 3d,s2 and nexus all got ota…so what point did you attempt to make? and ROFL!!! google doesnt release them or you wait for months. or they decide to terminate your phone from the upgrade list(lol u need a new phone be sure to come back and rant about google not loving you)… we havent been talking about ios 6 for more than a year either….just saying

  17. Anzi11 says:

    It is a pain that Apple have just unveiled a new iPad merely 7 months after the 3rd gen. However, it is Apple. They want the money and thats the way they’ve always been. I wonder if there will even be a March announcement next year….

  18. Rakesh says:

    It’s a shame they haven’t introduced “panorama” option on the latest ipad4 which is available in iphone-5.

    Guess they will provide this option in ipad5 as an upgrade in few months….

  19. Jess says:

    The upside of this is that the second hand market will be flooded with cheap Ipads 1,2 and 3 as everyone would want to trade up for the 4. Just remember Apple is a large
    company and will keep on churning out new models as and when it pleases them.
    Its a fair bet that they are working on Ipad 5 as i write this.So u may want to wait till
    the 5 comes out.

  20. RCorsi says:

    I bought the New iPad when it came out and I am going to keep it! Without an higher definition screen it does not impress me to have it work faster. It is very fast now. I hope it is a flop and the, Apple, realize that they need to take care of their base and not worry about the competition as they already have them beat. NOT REAL HAPPY!!!

    1. JellyBeans! says:

      Android did give u an extremely cheap yet very good option for you with the release of Nexus 7 and an army of Android tablets lead by the galaxy tab 2 followed by a whole bunch of little 7 inch less than $200 tablets gonna attack the market really soon. 😛

    2. Ajnxp says:

      The Nexus 10 is THE Best tablet around. No doubt about it. And it has the Best Screen Resolution (2560*1600) which is way higher than IPAD 4. Also it has Android 4.2 Jellybean which is the latest Android Version Till Date. Also, the PPI is 300 which is the best for a 10″ Tablet. So Nexus 10 is the way to go.

          1. Okay says:

            First of all, they’re not “trash copy tablets.”
            Second, the difference is that Android tablets are made by different manufacturers with different features, specs, etc.

          2. RLst says:

            What was before the iPad? Nothing, only crap tablet pcs that ran windows. I had the iconic TC1100. Extremely slow, battery lasted 2 hours at most, no support, few and rare accessories that were expensive as hell, barely any tailored software.
            After the iPad came out, it was clearly a huge hit and and so all the brainless rivals copied the idea. If they were truly innovative, they would’ve came out with the “iPad” first. In big business, intellectual property is everything and worth way more than actual physical property.
            And I’m well aware that the droid tablets are made by different manufacturers… they’re doing to Apple what Microsoft did to their Macs some 20 years ago. History repeats itself. It’s pathetic.

          3. Mirko says:

            No one cared about any tablet before Apple made one. If the first iPad was made by Microsoft, Blackberry or NOKIA, the whole world would have laughed at them. Apple can try to make “new” products and market them, and it will be always successful due to its luxury brand power and brainwashing marketing. On the 20 years ago Mac thing, Jobs got the UI idea from PARC (his own words: good artist copy, best artists steal) but Apple was not able to developed the software…it asked Microsoft, which developed something similar for itself at a quarter of the price…is it that pathetic? Any company would have done the same. That is business. Did Apple learn from that? No, they asked Samsung to provide hardware for the iPhone and Samsung came out with something similar but at a cheaper price…Samsung then went their own way over that, since now they produce a full patented top device called Note 2 which they did not copy from anyone and at the time of writing no one has matched it yet.

          4. Karl says:

            I’m an Apple fan since 1983 though the first Apple product l bought was iPhone4 back in 24th May 2011. Slightly more than a year after that l bought my first Android in May 31th 2012, a Samsung Galaxy S3. I’m very pleased with the device though I’m admit that iPhone still good looking like any signature Apple’s creation, a cool design.

            After embraced Android environment l never gift a damn at Apple’s. Last two days, l get Samsung latest product: Note 2 not long after five months of rather satisfactory experience with Android’s. The only issue with my S3 in software stability issue. The rest is none! Only area that Apple still has upper hand over Android is ease of use but how far we can trade the other features for that marginal advantage?

            I don’t mind about the time of introduction is so close or not, which is matter in Apple since Applenistas expecting a year for their beloved yet loyal product get replacement BUT the manner or to be exact THEIR PERCEIVED BUSINESS MODEL.

            Let understand this: Apple is secretive vs Google is open. When l bought my S3 l already informed about new Note 2 will share some cues but with better processor and slightly bigger. I’ll never buy an iPhone or iPad unless these product sport similar Android’s features. I ready to give a try even with US$100+- premium as long as l don’t miss everything found in the Samsung Note. Yes, I’m expecting Apple revamp the size, a Market-like Apple Store or Android iPhone or iAndroid. Is my dream is too much for Apple to fulfil? I can’t see how history repeating again. Then, Apple Macintosh now iPhone, after being the industry darling being complacent is not an excuse for world most respected technology brand. 2013 is black day for Apple except for iMac & Mac desktop, MacBook, iPod. iMSorry

          5. stogy says:

            Your experience is the exact opposite of mine. After two different Android devices, I can’t wait to get back to Apple. I am completely fed up with stuff not working, poor design and above all, the stupid operating system. My 4-year old iphone 3G works better than what I have now. You complain about secretive: And at least I can run Kindle on Apples. Kindle won’t allow any choice about 3rd party book reading software. I’m done!

          6. Hell says:

            “History repeats itself. It’s pathetic.” Sticking up for Apple while saying those words? Besides, at least non-Apple brands are showing some very fast growth. If this Nexus 10 has the specs which are being reported, it will be very interesting to see how potential customers respond, and even the die-hard Apple fans who just likes the fact that “It works” apparently. Which makes no sense (Call signal, purple haze camera, updates making old models useless…). I love the iPads, they really do beat other tablets just by the smoothness and screen res on it, but this Nexus is set to smash that I think, and it may be the tablet I’ve been waiting for!

          7. Mannedmodule says:

            You’re ignorant. Apple fans love apple products because of the seamlessly satisfying user experience across the ecosystem, not just one device. They are not stupid, as you think. I am an engineer, with an mba, and over 20 years experience in an s&p500 coy, so hardly stupid. But i love the apple ecosystem! I use itunes, iphone, appletv, ipad. They work smoothly together even if an individual devic may have a better alternative with a desperate competitor. But it is the overall integration and user experience, stupid! So stop wasting your time comparing devices, compare the end-to-end platform integration and user experience. Some people complain that iphone or ipad or ipod touch do not have hdmi ports, for example. But with appletv who needs hdmi? Once i walk into my lounge with my ipad or iphone a movie seamlessly streams from that to my widescreen hd tv, no cables, no mess, no fuss. That’s just an example. For those that do need a cable, they can try other products .. and user experience!
            Now regarding ipad3 update, there is nothing wrong with refreshing devices, even quarterly, as long as it does not impact user experience for the wider community. I have iphone4, which is over two years old and has served me well. I have not needed to upgrade till now. But i have ordered my iphone5, as there is sufficient progress since iphone4 to warrant an update for me. It does not matter if apple has had 5 versions in between! So apple should go on updating devices. It is altimately for the benefit of customers. So when i do heed to upgrade there is a rel improvement to make it worthwhile. So before calling people isheep, just because you do not understand their motivation, think again. I love the apple ecosystem and user experience. I have tried a friends android phone and ipad nd fir me the experience was not as seamless. Apple is for high-end users who have a taste for using high technology and willing to pay a preium for it

          8. kavi says:

            Ha ha ha, u just used ur engineering and mba to hold urself higher, right? It even makes u ugly! U know what others qualifications are on the opposite side? Pathetic. And about quality product and paying premium part, its ok ipad is premium product, but its not a complete product. There are so many things are lacking in it. I’m not saying android tablets are the complete product. App ecosystem needs more improvememnt, but android jelly bean is the sleekest os if u know what i mean, its developed in every way unlike ios6’s 200 new features. Its counts almost 180things that are in androids for years as new. I hope i can better than you, bcoz i also an engineering degree and a mba like and also hold ipad3 and galaxy note2 and nexus 7 unlike u. Sounds good right.
            Note: dont use ur qualifications to make u brilliant. It doesnt suit u, bcoz u re not. Every one here is knowledgeable except. I mean everyone ios or android, everyone except you.

          9. mj says:

            No using his career makes him look like he knows what he’s talking about.
            After stating that using his engineering and mba makes him look ugly, you use it too. Lol.
            ‘U r the 1 who looks ugly’ How the hell do you have any sort of degree with writing like that? Not only is your spelling appalling you can’t put a sentence together. “I hope i can better than you, bcoz i also an engineering degree and a mba like and also hold ipad3 and galaxy note2 and nexus 7 unlike u. Sounds good right.” No it really doesn’t sound good at all.

          10. mp1cass0 says:

            “don’t use ur qualifications to make u brilliant”. Could not agree more. When someone states they are a 20-year engineer with an MBA, holding down a position with a S&P 500 company, I would expect no grammatical errors or spelling. Though errors or few, when one offers a higher status due to education, their mistakes are considered more noteworthy.

            With regards to Apple vs. Android, it comes down to a preference. Me, I have to keep messing with my phones, theming, trying out different voltages, etc. I do not watch much TV so the flexibility between my phone and tablet works well enough. My wife on the otherhand – complacent. Wants something that looks 1/2 way decent and PROBABLY likes her iPhone because I am not willing to learn one more thing with regards to theming.

            Lastly, I have tried the iPhone, twice. Never made it for more than 7 days. Hate iTunes – should not have to go to my computer every time I want to add/remove songs from my library. I find moving audio/video/pictures much easier on my Android, even when using an app such as iFunBox. I am 6’1, 240 lbs, and have big hands so I found the 3.5″ screen trickier to use than the bigger Android phones I have had. Last phone, an Inspire 4G, was fairly decently sized at 4.3″ but now that I have the SIII, I am in HEAVEN due to it’s size (almost waited for the Note 2 but as I carry my phone in my pocket, MIGHT have been a little big). In my opinion, the layout on Apple seems to extremely restrictive, even after Jailbreaking and adding various apps from Cydia. I have 7 icons in my Android dock, having a total of 11 apps available due to folders.

            With regards to who’s phone is faster…again, for me, it comes down to what features make me the happiest. If Blackberry came out with a phone that SMOKED iPhone/Android, there is NO WAY IN HELL I am going back! Hated the layout/design. For Apple, I dislike the phone’s layout (all settings are in one location…why not put them in the app, for instance?) along with the HORRENDOUS restrictions they put enforce. Right now now, I cannot purchase the iPhone 5 off-contract from the Apple store (upgrade for wife), as Apple does not allow it. If I purchase from AT&T, they charge me a $36 fee, even if I do not sign up then. 4 months early for my 2-year upgrade and the ONLY phone they will not let me get at the 2-year price IS the iPhone 5, supposedly due to some contractual agreement. So $549, 2-year contract, or $749, upgrade later when I want, if I want, no obligations.

          11. Bea says:

            You certainly didn’t use your “qualifications” to sound brilliant. “bcoz i also an engineering degree and a mba.” Do you have a spell checker? You insult the poster saying “I mean everyone ios or android, everyone except you.” You should add yourself to that statement.
            I thought that the poster made his point adequately without insulting anyone. Each person will choose which device, and ecosystem they prefer. Insulting them and saying all that anyone should use is the Android OS, is not going to get you anywhere, or change anyone’s mind.

          12. Derren McQuaid says:

            Even though I see your point, I disagree. I find the apple ecosystem . boring and ugly. I find android just so much smoother and faster. Not to mention the specs. iPhone 5 is pathetic compared to one x or the galaxy s 3

          13. Mike says:

            The iPhone 5 is the fastest performing smartphone. Just because the GHz or core count isn’t the highest doesn’t mean a thing. The A6 is a dual core 1.2-1.4GHz but out performs every other phone at the moment. Don’t believe me? Google “fastest smartphone”
            On paper the specs look better. But that’s it. They look better. But they’re really not. Engineering your own software to work with your own custom hardware and engineering your hardware for your software is much more beneficial to just throwing higher end hardware in a phone.

            Buying a phone based on higher specs is pretty pointless. Unless the software is tailored to that hardware, you’re not going to see a tangible difference in real world use.Android is not tailored to run on specific hardware.

            The apple ecosystem means the intergration between devices. Not the UI. I agree, the UI is boring and ugly (I like Windows 8 UI). But the ecosystem is very straightforward and functional. I love the fact I can play a game on my iPad, and pick up where I left off on my iPhone. I can easily play games and display applications on my TV without a cable attached to the device. And requires very little set up or input.

          14. Jleoz says:

            Ok, lets get this straight. Apple has an AppleTV while Google has Nexus Q, both stream wirelessly and can stream your information. Nexus 4 is built with Google and therefore is “tailored” to work well. The ecosystem on Andriod is much better as you have correctly stated and no, Apple iPhones aren’t the fastest anymore (Look at Nexus 4).

          15. Bea says:

            The Nexus 4 is plastic, has no removable battery, no expandable memory, and no LTE, also they have a problem with their photo app. They put their newest OS into an inferior device.

          16. Ernie says:

            Yeah that may be so but, you have to buy another device in order to stream where as in android i can beam it to any dlna capable tv.

          17. Darknut says:

            ehm, more like the only reason tablets ever became a hit, was because of Apples marketing, and their brainless, as you put it consumer base. Nobody else has the reach of Apple, but they still make better products. They dont have the global influence of Apple, but they have the innovation and new features other than Apples money making policies with tight standards and forced buys..

            Not saying its a bad tablet, I think the iPad is the best tablet out NOW, but just like the iPhone has become overcome by android phones a year ago, and forced Apple to play catch up (which, besides on the hardware front, they are doing a bad job of so far) Apple tablets will become 2nd fiddle to the new Android tablets in the next year or so. Apple will keep putting out new iterations of their iOS, which will be accessible like always, but extremely lacking in comparison to Android. Apple is going downhill, they dont have the best product anymore like they used to with the iPhone and iPad in their infancy, Apples mobile and tablet markets will suffer greatly from here on out..

            I have to admit though their Mac OS is still superior to Windows.

            As a side note: I have never owned an Apple product myself, due to their marketing and business model. (I have however used them enough to know my way around them)

          18. RLst says:

            God you guys are spastics. But I understand, you’re geeks and nerds and hardly surface out of your cave to see the real world.

            You rationalise Apple’s success by saying that they have some kinda hypnotic marketing and that their customer base are iSheep etc… NO, The reason they are successful is because their products are excellent, have superb build quality and just freaking work, not too mention they look great! (except for the new line of iPods… what the hell were they thinking?). This site is full of nerds and geeks, but why don’t you actually go out and survey NORMAL housewives, kids, teens, business people, seniors, and how about HOT CHICKS with big boobs that would NEVER in their entire lifetime ever visit this site cause they all have lives? I’ve surveyed a few hot chicks, they don’t even know how to use half the damn functions on their iPhones and especially if they have Androids. They just bought it because either its cheap or they heard some idiot told them it was better, probably a friend of a friend of a nerd of whom she’s definitely not sleeping with 😀

            Besides, they’re advertising is the same as everyone’s else, actually less, they hardly spend anything on advertising. Just a few posters, billboards and TV commercials… some of them stupid in fact. They hardly affiliate with anyone else like all the other weak desperate competitors that need help eg. Samsung had to hook up with the Australian open tennis tournament here a few months ago so they can get in more time to advertise their stupid copy products.

            Whereas, Apple has word of mouth marketing, which is probably the best marketing strategy out there THAT CAN’T BE FAKED as the marketing is “embedded within the soul” of the product itself if you will, in other words, the product is awesome. If a trusted friend says something is good, you believe them for sure. And then of course, you go and use it and it blows you out of the water. Also since it can’t be faked, it is a true indication of how good a company or product truly is.

            Can Apple come out with a phone or tablet with a ridiculously sized screen made out of plastic, with 10 ports, 10 buttons, and million complicated functions of which most are useless and complicated to the AVERAGE user and ridiculous over-specs that hardly get utilise hence wasting precious and rare Earth resources? OF COURSE THEY CAN, but thats WAY WAY TOO EASY.

            One of the core concepts and philosophies of Apple is zen and simplicity. If you can eliminate all distractions, you can do much much more. This concept is agreed upon by all great thinkers and successful men and women. To do achieve more, you must eliminate more. Barely anyone here understand these concepts because they aren’t successful themselves and especially don’t own or run multimillion or billion dollar businesses. You can be damn sure as hell that Google, Samsung, Microsoft and all the rest do, cause they’re cloning and photocopying every single move Apple’s doing, from the idea of having retail shops, Siri, UI… they just add in enough of a twist to hopefully avoid lawsuit.

            I ain’t successful myself YET, but I sure as hell will be in the near future. Either that or I might as well jump off a bridge ’cause what’s the point of not living your one and only life to the fullest?

          19. Andy D says:

            That will be the trash tablets that supply the parts that make the iPad iPhone etc etc etc.

        1. RLst says:

          Look who’s talking, like you have tried out every tablet that has come out on the market? I freaking doubt it. Besides, an Android tablet is pretty much the same everywhere else. Slow, over-complicated for MOST users… not nerds and geeks with no life like yourself, ridiculous interface. Just stupid.

    1. kavi says:

      Apple have nothing to innovate, they just produce catch-up products and name diff. Wonder how apple fanboys said blah blah about the name being only ‘ipad’ last time. Now they are on a circle, ipad4? Next time when u held a seperate event for a not so improved same product, they will have to face criticism for that, so apple marketing geniuses introduced the same product in a new name, still sheeps will buy it.

      1. Try, “Apple has” not “Apple have”, Fanboys is a derogatory term as I am sure you meant it to be. Try “the same product with a new name,” not “the same product IN a new name.” Also try sheep, not “sheeps.” Android users are a cult that think that everyone in the world should use ANDROID ONLY! That’s not going to happen, but they won’t stop the bullying tripe they post on an article about Apple products. Saying “competition is good” and there will be a “lack of innovation” if Samsung looses a lawsuit is doublespeak.
        That being said, no I don’t think there is anything wrong with the upgrade to the iPad, 4th generation. Apple upgrades features of many of their products over time, not on a schedule. If it bothered me I would sell my iPad, third generation and buy the newest one.

  21. Sam says:

    Come on guys, it’s only a small upgrade. They had to have their new connector on the ipad before Christmas so they decided it would sound weird to change the ipad and still call it ipad 3 so they had to give it a small spec upgrade to make it a new model. Just ignore it and enjoy your ipad which is what I’m doing!

  22. Corkey Lloyd says:

    Just think now the iPad 4S will come next year so if you have the ipad 3 just wait for the iPad 4s to come next year thats all Apple is just making money off all ya’ll dumb ass people who love apple products then by next Christmas you will see the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2 or 1S

    1. Jennifer Collins says:

      you need to leave. the s is on phones not pads tart tart. and again..you keep current with every new dell thats released every few weeks right….PEOPLE WAKE UP..THIS IS A BUSINESS..NOBODY AT APPLE IS COMING TO YOUR KIDS BDAY PARTY…YOU BOUGHT IT…IT WORKS..CASE CLOSED. show us how mad you really are and buy from another brand so you can really see who gives a damn.. have fun at the dell/alienware/compaq/vaio/asus/acer store
      just hop in your car run down to samsung and tell them your camera is fuzzy and watch them race to get you a new one from the back…..the funny thing is by the time all this happens..the s4 will be out with R-beam….lol SERIOUSLY WHO NEVER HEARD OF BUMP? half your s3 features where on cidia in the 3g days..ppl are pitiful

      1. Chris Matthews says:

        I used to have a Motorola Cliq XT. A Generation ONE Android phone! And guess how many apps I could still get using it? Apple is crap. Try outsourcing their competition by realeasing the newest tech they can, as fast a they can. I’ll take WP7 and Android over CRApple everyday of the week.

  23. Corkey Lloyd says:

    Now you got the ipad mini at 329.00 why is the price so much more than the other tablets what is so special about it it should have the A6 chip or at lease the A5X chip like the iphone and still no sd card slot wow this is great LOL i just love Apple

  24. Corkey Lloyd says:

    Just thinking why should i buy a Mac book pro with no cd drive when i can buy the macbook air with no cd drive what if i need to make a copy of some file to give to some one i need to buy a drive now that sucks i like all in one but theres more what if i want a all in one desk top not going to happen the new desk tops have no cd or dvd drive as well WTF is going on with Apple thin is in and rewrite is out and now charge you the same price for less

  25. Rosie says:

    Notebook/Desktop PC models change every 12 weeks (4 model changes per year). With rapid technology now days you have to now expect a change every 7-8 months or more. Its unrealistic to think otherwise. In for penny in for a pound, Apple customers will not likely switch to Android or go buy a windows slate. I own one of everything and avoid such issues. Desktop PC, Mac Pro, Win notebook, Mac book, Android tablet, Ipad, Android phone, Linux laptop, Linux Desktop.I’m not committed to one brad or another so i’m free to choose or quit a brand at any time.

    1. Mannedmodule says:

      By owning devices from different platforms, you could be missing out on the integrated user experience. The price you pay for idevices, for example, is not simply for the devices, but includes your licence to use the highly satisfying apple ecosystem. So the idevices are not just devices, they are iportals.
      With windows 8, msoft could be about to give apple a run for their money, because msoft has the means to create its own seamless ecosystem across a critical mass of users. Think of xbox (play apple’s itunes card), ms office, millions of software and developers, and of course Windows itself!

  26. IReallyDislikeApple says:

    ahh if only Apple took a step back from sueing the competitors(who are actually better than them) and thought about the customers……

    1. RLst says:

      They obviously outright copied from them so the suing is justified. How f*cking delusional can all of you get?
      Before iPhone, nothing. After iPhone, clones everywhere.
      Before iPad, just crappy EXPENSIVE AS HELL Windows Tablet PC junk that didn’t make sense and had no apps or software for it. I had the TC1100, it was junk so I know. After iPad’s huge success, clone city galore.
      Remember freaking android version bumblebee or some crap? Isn’t it a funny coincident that it came out AFTER the release of iPad and also it couldn’t run the normal apps made for Android phones? It took them a whole year or so before they could run both apps.
      This all the cloners do: Copy/clone verbatim, then modified it/”add” in enough junk and gimmick features just to pathetically try and escape lawsuit, Apple sue’s them cause its obvious they didn’t have any original ideas of their own, but because of the communist court system that takes 20 years to serve a sentence Apple ends up getting screwed anyway, and because the majority of people on this planet including the judge and jury are low/middle class and hence think that Apple is evil because they’re only for rich, snobby upper class people thanks to media, Apple gets screwed again anyway.
      Anyone that takes Apple side is instantly labeled a iSheep or Fanboy on here.
      Also, the people that actually use Apple products, like very busy business men and women, technology impaired people like grandmas and grandpas, mums and dad, hot chicks with big tits, artists, people with style and sense of taste, don’t have time to hang around these heavily Android biased nerd, geeks and lonely wankers that can’t get a girlfriend infested sites, so you NEVER get their opinion on here anyways.
      Of course… of course…

  27. Andy Roid says:

    Apple just announced a $5 billion quarter 4 profit – they don’t give a rats about those who scream “I just bought an iPad 3 you *must* upgrade it for me”. There is still no Flash support and as for Bluetooth? well that may as well not be there – it’s useless with anything other than another Apple device. Apple thrives because a fool and his money are easily parted.

  28. Tikniffin says:

    Had my ipad 3 for 4 days before the announcement; it went back today for a refund. I was annoyed, but relieved Apple accepted it back with a free courier service. Whilst many ipad owners are angry, we should spare a thought for the hard working, poorly paid Chinese factory employees who will maybe never afford an ipad of any generation.

    1. Jennifer Collins says:

      you mean the factory workers who are probably living better than most americans.. you believe everything on the internet? i bet you think strippers really like you too..

  29. Doug Samsel says:

    Well, I bought my iPad 3 close to when it came out and I still love it. I usually buy every other generation. There was a tinge of regret not waiting, but that’s always true with tech.

    To me it makes sense on Apple’s end, not primarily because they’re greedy, but because of Lightning. Moving all products (except the original iPod) to the same connector makes sense from a cost efficiency stand point. Plus the sale of all those new connectors, plus it helps all their 3rd party partners to make money. Apple will always do what’s best for business. We need to remember to enjoy what we have rather than want what we don’t.

  30. 121 joe says:

    Changing to android is not a solution for this problem because Google is doing exactly the same thing to nexus 7 early adopters . I bought a 16 GB 2 months ago just to see it being replaced by the 32 GB for the same price . So , do not expect better treatment if you decide to change to android . The only thing that matters for this companies is making more money . It is sad to see the good image of the apple brand created by Steve Jobs being thrown to the bin . The biggest achievement of apple was to own and deserve people’s trust . It seems that all the core values that made apple such a successful company have been changed by the new administration .. Really sad

    1. Jennifer Collins says:

      let them run to android *grabs popcorn*..your complaining about apple devices and your going android? lmfao..suicide count just quadrupled..”what is a task killer?” “why is this wheel ALWAYS spinning” why does my battery last 3 hours”
      when is the update coming…will i get it even? what do you mean i have to buy a new 45$ battery….oh this has win on it either way

  31. Cat_Liz says:

    how ridiculous about apple this time? i bought two ipad3 around end of Sept for my family, and bought one for me on 3rd of Oct in apple store when i was on holiday in HK, i called apple store in the UK this morning to ask the updated policy, they told me I should call HK apple store to discuss! Does apple not provide international servies? If i want to update to ipad4, they mean i need to buy the flight ticket back to HK?

    Won’t buy any apple products any more!!

    1. Jennifer Collins says:

      jesus christ i found another one… “the device’s warranty must be honored in country of O R I G I N…this has been apple policy for years sir

  32. Patrick says:

    Bought my iPad 3 64gb on 30 August absolutely gutted. I looked at iPhone 5 and thought it was a rip off. Apple’s arrogance is breathtaking. Last Apple product I buy 🙁

  33. Gen says:

    We don’t really have to do upgrades all the time. I’m fine with my ipad2 and my iPhone 4S. This would last me some time. As much as we hate apple for pricing and upgrades we still want to have apple products.funny but true.

  34. MacGuy says:

    Did none of the VERY vocal complainers pay any attention BEFORE the iPad 3 release? ALL of the rumor sites back in Jan and Feb 2012 predicted that the “real” iPad upgrade would come in October — that the iPad 3 upgrade was mostly about the Retina display. Many of the media blogs like this one mirrored that info at the time, in what was apparently now a very distant and forgotten era.
    No matter when you buy, time marches on. Don’t cry that new devices come out — they will and should. Instead, be happy that you bought something great when you got it. If new versions quit coming out, you’d be even more disappointed.
    Grow up, and quit whining!

    1. Jennifer Collins says:

      of course they didn’t…none of these people are into tech..they see /hear other ppl talk about it and want in. now out of ALL the ppl upset..who knows the a6x’s exact processor speed? exactly which of your apps will suffer the most? Facebook?angry birds?…fruit ninja?(GOD NO!)…its funny.. this is honestly the first time i can recognize the sheeple..its saddening..im going windows 8…SIKE! lol

  35. Julian White says:

    I think apple should also come out with a iPhone that has
    A 4.5 inch screen n they should also allow widgets on there
    Software that iphones use if they did that android would be

  36. Jennifer Collins says:

    lmao! loyalty? are you people serious? does audi send you a thank you note and a free tank of gas every now and then? what keynote ever started with “omg i missed you all so much afterparty at my place!”…its a tech company….C.O.M.P.A.N.Y.. would you pop pimples on tim cooks ass? why does everybody want to act like they are so tech savvy but get mad when tech happens? nothing but “dreamers” online..they dont love us waaaaaaaah. YOU bought an iPad 3.. you didnt need it but you bought it.. your fb page will load 000.03 seconds slower..omg your gonna miss the spider on ericas bread..the humanity!

  37. RLst says:

    What a bunch of whiners.

    This kinda thing happens all the time… you buy X and it goes on sale the next day. Tough luck. If you’re irritated about this then that’s your problem. Go see a shrink. You expect the world to bend to your will? Stop living in la la fairyland and get a life already.

    And what about all the people that haven’t yet bought one but were planning to? They’re probably happy as hell.

    Besides, some Apple stores are giving you a refund if your bought it within 30 days just for all you whiny sulkers out there.

  38. jack donaghy says:

    I bought an iPad and couldn’t find the full size USB port or hdmi or micro sd card slot and then I realised I had to poor with iTunes now that is really something to complain about.

    1. iDontcomply says:

      That’s by design … less options, means more reliance on Apple, which of course helps $$$ too.

      You will love new lightning connection … soon Apple will control all connections… more profit for Apple!!

  39. Pj says:

    Think this is really poor from Apple. No consideration for existing customers and no trade-in policy for people who purchased at launch of ipad3! Thought Apple would be better than this

  40. Bakpappa says:

    And in what way does the new announcement make the iPad bought a month ago less usable? Maybe it is just a good thing for iPhone5 owners they can get a iPad with the same connector? Or would it have been better if Apple had called it just “iPad 3 lightning”? What difference would that make?

  41. dz11 says:

    What they should have done is upgraded just the lightning connector and released it with the same name. The old version should then be phased out.

  42. RAnjeth says:

    People mut read about the rumours…people want the iPad !new can now go for the fourth..the third will be replaced by the fourth…not like third gen reduced in price….for those who bought the third gen just few days before release not knowing what is gaonna be release d they can replace it….but mostly who bought the third gen after a long time would be people who slowly save up for the cost and then buy it…….not the very rich ones…..apple has to do something to them…..they will replace it ….

  43. Barry195 says:

    Purchased the new ipad oops ipad3 in June. No complaint had they waited till the spring to introduce the ipad4. Very unhappy with Apple. I could care less about the new connector but a new processor an improved Wi Fi are nice upgrades. Price is another concern, better tablet at the same price. Apple has devalued the price of my iPad because of this and then took it off of their website.

  44. Peter says:

    I have had my iPad 3 for about 5 months and I am disappointed that Apple appear to released this new iPad without fanfair hoping it would be overlooked by current owners of iPad 3. Apple should have at least offered current owners of iPad 3 the opportunity to purchase an iPad 4 at a reduced price.

  45. Rofl_ing says:

    its amazing how many people let themselves be talked into joining such hypes! readily spending hard-earned cash on supposedly HOT items.
    Even if they only launch new products every year, that’s still way too fast.
    Some companies and Apple included really make it a business strategy to bring out new models with only a few added specs over previous versions, only because they know the people that join in these hypes will not be able to restrain themselves from buying the newer model with maybe +10% upgrades but at 100% price; their profit is their one and only goal.
    i’m sure they even purposely delay additional features, just to be able to release X models, each with a few upgrades instead of 1 model with ALL upgrades.
    and to top it all, Apple’s prices are ridiculously high. the development of a fully new device could warrant such a price, but a slight improvement over an existing device only takes a fraction of the development costs, but customers are expected to pay the full price nonetheless so their profits are even doubled!
    I’ve seen this developing over these past years with Ipod, then Iphone, Ipad and now Ipad mini will surely follow the same trend in the coming years.
    Apple is aware of this fact that some people let themselves be led this way by hypes and they abuse it for their profit.
    As a final advice, just buy what you need when you need it, dont join in hypes!


  47. Done with apple says:

    I bought the new iPad (3) on July 21st and another for my son for Xmas on 10th October. Whilst I was away on holiday the following week I read about the iPad mini being introduced and was horrified to read about iPad 4 . On my return from holiday I revisited the Solihull touchwood store where I bought them from and after something close to a stand up argument in the middle of the mall with one of the store managers secured a swap to the 4 . This was my first venture into Apple world . Not a very pleasant experience ,with the staff hiding behind “company policy” and the company not informing employees or the public regarding their product upgrades. I will be staying with my blackberry needless to say when it comes to my phone. Apple has very quickly lost me as a future client .

  48. Lol@Apple says:

    Suckers will buy ANYTHING Apple sells, period.
    Apple is already selling a flimsy piece of plastic for $79.99 (iPad covers), are consumers f*cking blind? A tablet COVER for almost a hundred bucks? Wtf? Hell some tablets only cost like $100.
    I’m willing to be my entire house somewhere down the road, ie in a few years, Apple will rebrand the EXACT SAME THING and attempt to sell it a few months later. “Ladies and gents, here is our NEW iPhone 9. With a brand new packaging box, brand new name, and brand new color, we know you’ll simply love this new version of the iPhone 9.” <— Apple morons will line up outside the stores to buy crap like this despite having already bought an iPhone 9 a month ago.

  49. TomDee says:

    Purpose of such a move by Apple is probably to saturate tablet market – critical fight is about new customers, customer retainment is taken care of by ecosystem lock in.

    Apple feels a pressure as competition intensifies but does not have anything new ready, so what they do is a specs bump – regardless of how significant the speed improvement, it still is a trivial thing to do – and call it a new generation. Since introduction of “the new iPad” millions and millions of tabletless people have warmed up for an idea of buying a tablet and Apple does not want them to end up locking themselves up in another ecosystem, for good most probably.

    Dissatisfaction of current iPad owners is a minor issue for Apple since they have those folks already caged in their ecosystem.

  50. anton00234 says:

    Apple made their comeback from bankruptcy after the 80’s by marketing to the non IT Savvy.

    With Ads like I’m a Mac and your a PC they set the tone for “its cool to have the latest tech but its uncool to talk specs”, what they have done here is promote ignorance, give Apple your money and they will make sure you have the latest tech and you wont need to learn or understand what specs are.This is how they are able to sell $200 worth of H/W for $600, they have dumbed their customers down to the point they will blindly put their faith that Apple will give them value for money. Fashion is a huge part of it too, just like people who buy a Porsche aren’t buying the best bang for buck they are paying for the name, to be able to tell others they own one.

    Anyone with half a brain can hold any Android phone up and compare the home screen with an iPhone and see the Android is years ahead in design and function. The Apple is looking dated and it’s just a matter of time before the non IT savvy Apple customers become IT savvy enough to make the switch to Android.

    The thing that worries me is Google’s reasoning for not putting in an SD Card, “they didn’t want to make it confusing”. This is like saying we want to win over Apple customers and in order to do that we have to keep it basic. Competitors feel they have to dumb down their products to compete with Apple. Apple is actually killing the IT Industry with their patented Eco-system, if other manufactures think the secret to success is creating your own user friendly Eco-system like Apple have then you will no longer have to decide if your a PC or a Mac person you will have to decide if your a Mac, Dell, HP, Acer, or IBM user. We all lose if that happens.

  51. shirley says:

    Can’t believe the new iPad is out so soon, I just bought mine 3 months ago, this is terribly disappointing. Even though the new iPad hasnt dropped the price but it will mean I will have to pay for it again to have the new version, it is not like Apple will take back my old one and trade in. Very unhappy with this, have doubt on their future service.

  52. This is the first time ever i am not upgrading iPad, from iPad 1,2 and 3 i upgraded.
    I am totally done with apple and very angry on this release.
    This makes me go to nexus 7 and 10! i’ve moved 🙂 tablets, now hopefully phone. when they release the iPhone 6 3 months after with a better something blah blah loll

  53. Al says:

    I bought an ipad 40 days defore the presentation of the 4th gen, ofcourse no way i can exchange it…, Apple what r u doing?:( Fans will turn away from u!

  54. ronf57 says:

    cook is just adjusting release cycles. The january release only made sense for macworld. Apple doesn’t do macworld anymore. So it makes sense to move product releases to the pre-christmas time.and reap additional sales from folkes caught up in the buying frenzy. Comparison shopping happens alot when a product has a spring/summer release but a oct/nov release gets the brand loyals AND keeps the christmas gifters to buy fast as they don’t have long enough to wait to see the competitors christmas releases and so buy the latest for their gifting. Apple gets toadvertise even more HUGEsales numbers for week 1 through month 1 for the new product.
    Cook is looking at proven sales strategies and getting off the Jobs…WE are apple, we make the market and are so good we don’t need to follow contemporary marketing approaches.

    I guess this shows one of the ways Cook is different that Jobs.
    I hope his isn’t too much like Scully or there will be a gazillion new models coming out,at least he retired “new iPad (3)” for “new iPad (4)”and pushed the Retina branding.

    coming soon “even newer iPad (5)”, really probably not until fall next year.

  55. Master_of_logic says:

    The main problem is that we all know Apple could have built the iPad 4 probably over a year ago. They purposefully hold back so they can make more money, plain and simple. Now do makers of Android devices do the same thing? Probably to a small extent but I guarantee no where near as much because makers have to compete with the 50 other companies all trying to put out the best possible android product. That’s why Android devices have features that Apple doesn’t get till much much later. Apple hasn’t innovated in awhile, they’ve simply slowly released features that Android already has, called it innovation, and trained their iSheep to think they’re getting the latest and greatest technology has to offer. It’s starting to backfire.

  56. SorelyDisappointedFan says:

    I am so disappointed with Apple for pulling this little stunt. I mean my husband went out and bought me the ipad 3 the day after it was released and I was so in love with it I took it to work and my boss who is a optometrist and an apple fanatic was so impressed that they bought 3 new ipad3’s for the office’s new paperless patient charting. Talk about a disappointment in Apple. This is when you question your loyalty to something or someone.

  57. FU Iphone says:

    I have been an Apple fan since the iPhone 3GS, then the 4, then the 4S and now the 5. After a while I had the iPhone 4 I also got a Mac book Pro. I was extremly happy as it did not have the problems WIndows had, it did not ever slow down and was extremly easy to use. This year I finally decided to buy an iPad and waited until March to get the latest version and so I did. Up to now I have been very pleased with my purchases as I have seen and used Android phones and tablets but no matter the hardware they have they still cannot compare to Apple products for many reasons which I will not list here. The point is that Apple has just betrayed some of their most loyal customers and have scared off many potential others. I think and I am not the only one, that since Steve Jobs is no longer there, up to now Apple has lived with his heritage. Now that they have to make their own decisions, they are proving themselves uncapable and are making huge mistakes. It does seem that now all they are interested in is making money at any cost. They have lost the mentality of Steve Jobs which was to make the user of their products totally satisified. They still are the best products but now I will think about it many times before buying a new Apple product as a new one could come up a short while after. Before I would not think about it twice no matter the cost. Not anymore like many other dissappointed loyal users and fans. Now I understand why the stock has gone down from 700 to 500 in just a couple weeks. Apple has to beware to come out with a new ipad mini at least not until September next year otherwise I think it could be almost like a suicide. Finally I have to say that I am starting to dislike Tim Cook as CEO quite a lot. I do not think he is up to it even though it is impossible to substitute a genius like Steve Jobs. At least he could have tried to follow his steps but he did not, he has failed and he should resign before he does more damage.

  58. Bob says:

    I’m one of the disgruntled customers. I bought my iPad 3 just over a month before the release of the iPad 4. I paid a lot of money for a 64GB version with SIM card. I feel robbed and I’m never buying anything from them again.

  59. morf13 says:

    Apple is been doing this for years, selling junk for a premium price, please shop around and check the specs on other devices, you will see that you can always get something better for equal or cheaper price. Just my 2 cents.

  60. neutral says:

    I really don’t see what the fuss is about. Technology moves fast, deal with that! this is business. I do not like apple phones or tablets for many reasons, one of’em would be compatibility issues with all devices available! Like Bluetooth, why the hell can’t i send a picture or a ringtone from my note2 to a friends iphone 4s? All apple products are only compatible with other apple products! But what really bothers me the most is, integrating a very old tech into a new phone, changing it’s name and calling it your original invention and treating it as if it’s a new thing no one has heard from before (like face time, many years before the 1st iphone came i had the ability to video call on my device, whether it’s form an app like skype or smtg else).

    So my message would be, If do not like apple, don’t buy apple products. Same goes for Google or any other company for that matter!

    Now bout the update to ipad 4, technology has always been this way. for example, why were camera phones gradually upgraded 1 mega pixel at a time (sometimes half a megapixels) when a 5 times better camera was already ready. ( vga then 1.3 mpx the 3.2 then 5 then 8 then 12 and even a 41 mpx camera is already available)! Same goes for hard disks. when the 128 megabyte mmc was released, i’m pretty sure the 1 gb was developed but they waited a long time before releasing it and it was gradually updated step by step! Stop whining about technology and be happy it’s moving forward! Not so long ago we had to plug in the modem to get an internet connection and now we have 4g anywhere we are! Be happy it’s moving forward not backwards. And if you are really upset about the ipad4 being released so soon, dont buy it! Wait for the ipad5, or buy an android tablet or phablet or whatever you decide just please stop whining about it!

    Android vs Apple cyber-wars have become very annoying, apple fans take criticism personally as if they own the company. Same goes for Android fans. Why can’t people just be happy they have options to pick from.

    In all cases, i’ve got a Note2 that suits my needs, i won’t be switching to apple since i’m more into the open source community where developers can create something out of passion not just for the paycheck. I’m more of a Linux “free for all” kinda guy, that being said, i will not disrespect anyone for using something else! The iphone is a very good device with lots of features but it just doesn’t fit my needs. I love customizing my device to my liking which cannot be done on any iphone till now. Iphones have pluses ( like the 3 finger zoom which cannot be done on android unless natively added to the framework) just like android has pluses ( SPen, smart stay, the ability to send any type of files to any other android device or blackberry or pda or winmob … etc … )

    Pick what suits you best and go for it without harassing others for not making the same choices you did.

    Peace and sorry for the loooooooooong paragraph 🙂

  61. Allen says:

    I used to own an ipad 2 and now thinkin of an upgrade. after comparing ipad 4 with the nexus 10, im definitively gettin a nexus 10…!! nexus 10 all the way

  62. ijailbreakmotorolapagers says:

    although i havent bought an ipad ever….im certainly kind of upset that apple is doing what they’re doing! I believe they dropped the ball bigtime on the ipad mini, as the kindle fire HD specs are wayy wayy better overall! Quality on the other hand, im clueless about….i definately wouldve bought the mini until i compared specs on both, so i may go to kindle fire HD. Soon, i will be getting a new macbook pro although my 3 year old model suites me greatly still. Love the iphone5 (need jailbreak) but i think apple needs to slow down on putting out products. For once, let the consumers crave, starve, and sit on their hands for the new ipad and iphone! AND….i need an ipod classic terabyte!! GET TO IT APPLE!! I HAVE TOO MUCH MUSIC

  63. Guys, does it really matter to you that you do not have “the top of the top of the top” product? Seriously! They have to do it as everyone else is doing is. Dell, Sony, Samsung, Mercedes, BMW, Versace, WII, you name it they all must come with new products. In what way have you been “ripped off” if they announce a new product after you got yours? You got something good and the show must go on. How many times I bought a TV, PC, Mac even a car and some short time afterwards the new version hit the market. You are really sad if you need to compare yourself to others: “I got iPad 3 and this guy got a better one a month later.” Apple does exactly same thing as others but others just do not number their products: e.g. Dell 1, Dell 2, Dell 3.
    Despite all that I am ditching my iPhone in favour of Android – but for a very different reason: I just want something cool, as I wanted it when I was buying my first iPhone.

  64. Andy D says:

    Here in the UK their is a hell of ipad 3 owners hacked off not because of the upgrades but because when Apple launched the ipad 3 as being 4G LTE when they were found out they were ordered to withdraw all 4G LTE references in their advertising and for those who bought it in March based on them saying it was 4G LTE they did not want to know about refunds their attitude was we are Apple and we can do what we want.
    i kept on wring to them and kept getting the old bull back.
    It was at this point they announced the ipad 4 which surprise surprise came with 4G LTE
    I told them they were leaving me with no other choice but to take them to court,
    With that they fell about laughing so on the Saturday afternoon i went back to the store with copy’s of documentation that i had obtained witch was from their UK press launch witch clearly showed that they was selling the ipad 3 as having 4G LTE.
    For some reason the store manager did not see the funny side anymore.
    On the following Monday afternoon i got a phone call inviting me back to the store so they could exchange my ipad 3 for a brand new 64Gb ipad 4 with 4G LTE.
    The moral to this story is the bigger they are the harder they fall.
    For me i dont care if its got a faster chip or a new connecter all i ever wanted was what they advertised in the first place and that after a long battle is what i got.

  65. ecoarena says:

    I totally agree. I was loyal to Apple for 25 years and know they benefited from my loyalty in more ways than one. This is no longer the case and to say that they have alienated me is a gross understatement. Apple has lost it and is now just one of the numbers – there is NO thinking different and I have been let down.

  66. Andy D says:

    Apples strongest selling point and one of the reasons it could sell its products at premium prices was the company’s philosophy of bringing out their ipads once a year and as a customer you knew your product was going to be on the market for twelve months and had a good resale value if you chose to upgrade as soon as the next ipad came along.
    I was a Android user for a few years and one of the reasons why i pulled out of the Android tablet market was because they kept changing their models every six months or so you also have to remember Android was selling to the gaming market so you had these different company’s battling each other to have the fastest chip and the better screen.
    Apple was dealing with a completely different client. a different market all together. if they are going to go down the six month route then that makes them no better than the rest of the tablet manufacturers they will have to be more competitive in their price range and they will have to compete with company’s that are bringing out tablets that are a lot better looking,
    and with Apple pulling the ipad3 completely it has really hit the resale value of that model in fact here in the UK ive seen the ipad2 sell for a lot more than the ipad3 on ebay.

  67. I am SO unhappy with Apple. I am one of those loyal Apple customers who waited to buy the New Ipad (3) for nursing school. I had NO IDEA that a newer version would come out 2 weeks later! I didn’t find out until 3 months later- now all Apple will do is buy back mine for $225 (I paid $599). Ridiculous! And they don’t seem to care how much business my family has done with them in the past. I bought the newest, 32gb with smart case and Apple Care as a MAJOR investment- only to become obsolete 2 weeks later!

  68. carli says:

    This is why I hate Apple users. They always need to have the newest version of whatever crap Apple’s pushing onto them. Oh my god, a new iPad! I’d better sell this perfectly fine, previous one that I bought two months ago so I can buy the new one, then complain when the next one comes out! I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, never had a tablet before in my life. When Samsung releases a new Note, I’m going to freaking keep my perfectly usable 10.1, unlike Apple users who always need the newest iPad/iPod/iPhone. Frigging sheep.

  69. jimbo says:

    They almost won me over with the iPhone…now that my 4s phone is getting banged up and due for upgrade I am to give up all my docking, cables and chargers with zero trade in value….Hello HTC, hello Samsung Note!

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