Samsung Galaxy Note 2 future update to support T-Mobile LTE

We’ve been writing plenty of posts about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) and one of the last regions to see a release is the US. It has now released on T-Mobile USA though and if you already purchased one you might be pleased to learn that in the future a software update to support T-Mobile LTE looks as though it will be possible, even though T-Mobile didn’t plug the phone as being LTE-equipped.

A couple of days ago we told readers of the T-Mobile availability for the Galaxy Note 2 and it has also just become available on Sprint, although AT&T and Verizon customers will have to wait a bit longer yet. Of course, customers on T-Mobile who have purchased the phone or are just about to may not even have considered LTE, as T-Mobile’s LTE network is not set to launch until late in 2013. However it seems that the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 that is being supplied does have the necessary hardware support for LTE.

The Verge tells how Anand Tech notes the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 has the same basic hardware as AT&T’s version and T-Mobile have now clarified the situation regarding LTE. T-Mobile confirms that while the Galaxy Note 2 that it’s selling won’t automatically update to LTE when its LTE network is launched, the handset does have the hardware capability for HSPA+42 and LTE. The carrier goes on to say that it will issue further information on LTE support for the Galaxy Note 2 when the network launches.

This certainly suggests that T-Mobile will be able to update the Galaxy Note 2 for its LTE network with a software update when the time comes, though for now the focus will very much be on getting the LTE network active. T-Mobile anticipates that its LTE network will be accessible to over 200 million Americans by the end of next year so for those who are purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 on the carrier it will be a real plus point to know that it will be able to be used with the future T-Mobile LTE service.

If you have already purchased a Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile did you even consider whether it would support the LTE network further down the line? If you assumed it wouldn’t are you pleased to hear this latest news? Maybe you planned to wait to purchase a handset that T-Mobile advertised as LTE before spending on a new smartphone but may be tempted to the Galaxy Note 2 now? Let us have your comments on this.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 future update to support T-Mobile LTE”

  1. Pauly says:

    That was the reason I did not purchase the phone on T-Mobile, now considering perhaps a carrier switch…I just do not like T-mobile’s phone purchase structure.

  2. Jonny says:

    I was planning to get the Galaxy Note ii from T-Mobile and I had already learned that a software update to the device would almost certainly be capable of enabling it to function on their new LTE network once it is installed & activated in a year or so.

    However, their pricing for this model is NOT competitive at all! It’s absurd actually that they are charging 85% MORE than their competitors…

    And although I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 9 years I have become unsatisfied with their service & customer service over the past year or so. I was actually planning to switch providers once my contract ran out (which was 3 months ago) but their unlimited plan has been tempting me.

    I’m still undecided, I’m not sure whether to wait and see if they lower their price once all the other players release this phone.

  3. Toby Rutter says:

    Thanks for bringing clarity to this. I thought that all Note II’s from all carriers were to have LTE. I am one of the fortunate ones that bought from T-Mobile. The reason why I chose T-Mobile is because, rather than paying the $360 with a 24-month contract, why not spend just a little bit more and get the phone outright and pay a month to month contract. After all, they have month to month for as little as $50 per month

  4. Tudoz says:

    I would also complain about the pricing because it does suck. But im loving how they released the gs3 first and now the note 2. Unlike verizon or att. Worth it to me.

  5. yarrellray says:

    I am a very proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 0n Tmobile and will be buying the Galaxy Note 2 on November 15th. This future use of LTE when launched was already known to Tmobile customers. People who currently have or plan to buy the Galaxy Note 2 bought it or will be purchasing the device because it is the best smartphone on the market period. Nothing touches this device with a ten foot pole…

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