Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update theory, next AT&T then Verizon

Lately we have been bringing readers plenty of news about various devices receiving the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) status regarding Jelly Bean is something we get asked about a lot, as although the rollout has started in several regions it has taken an awful long time to make it to the US. The latest we know on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is that Sprint has now started pushing out the update and it could possibly be the turn of AT&T and then Verizon next.

A few weeks ago we talked about the delays from Samsung and the various US carriers of the Galaxy S3 in pushing out Jelly Bean to its customers and noted this was causing US customers a certain amount of frustration. Although Samsung had originally said the update would come in September we then heard further news that for the US at least it may not arrive for some months and possibly not until 2013. Oddly this was said to be with the exception of Sprint and lo and behold two days ago we heard rumors that the Jelly Bean update could be arriving for the Galaxy S3 that very day.

Happily for Sprint owners this turned out to be correct and Sprint issued an official statement to say they were the first US wireless carrier to offer the update. The over-the-air update continues to roll out right now but where does that leave owners of the Galaxy S3 on the other major US carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular? We would imagine that as Sprint is now pushing out Jelly Bean it will shortly come to the other carriers but Pop Herald has an interesting theory on this.

If you check out the official Samsung page regarding Jelly Bean updates for its devices (here) you’ll see that Sprint is at the top of the list and now for the Galaxy S3 it reads that the ‘Jelly Bean update is available.’ Below this the update status for all the other carriers is listed as simply ‘coming soon’ and the carriers in order are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and US Cellular. Pop Herald makes an observation that as Sprint is at the top of the list then it may be AT&T followed by Verizon that receive Jelly Bean next, possibly next month. This would then mean that T-Mobile would be one of the last to push out Jelly Bean followed finally by U.S. Cellular.

Of course we can’t say whether the Samsung page can be interpreted this way but it is interesting that the list isn’t in alphabetical order by carrier as you might expect, so Pop Herald’s theory is at least worth thinking about. We’ll certainly be keeping our noses to the ground on this one and as we heard about the Sprint rollout just before it started we hope to be able to bring you news as the other carriers get ready to start their rollouts of Jelly Bean, so do check back with us from time to time.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing more very soon but in the meantime we’d like to hear from readers about the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3. Are you an AT&T or Verizon customer hoping the above theory holds water? Maybe you can’t understand why Sprint owners of the device have already received Jelly Bean while you’re still waiting? Let us know how you feel about this by sending your comments.


27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update theory, next AT&T then Verizon”

  1. JLP001 NJ says:

    Well Jelly Bean isn’t exactly a world of difference that we should be worried about checking our phones every 30 seconds. It does I’ll be sleep over some improvements no doubt. However, overall aesthetics are not all that much different. I’m like Ice Cream Sandwich we’re really really needed the update, this 1 is just more of a luxury then pretty much anything else. My advice, everyone should just relax and when the OTA arrives be happy it is on your screen but I wouldn’t worry so much so until then.

  2. Rick says:

    I received my update for my Sprint GS3 yesterday and even though it isn’t a huge leap from ICS, I’m very impressed with it. Google Now, is awesome. Alot of the result come back instantly and if it doesn’t know the answer, the Google results for what you ask show within the app instead of opening the browser. Also I can see the difference while switching menus and opening up apps, very smooth and without any lag. With the quadrant standard benchmark the highest I got with ICS was 5045 and now it averages about 5990, highest so far is 6120, nice leap in numbers. Other than that, it’s alot of visual changes that make the phone look nice and more organized. Jellybean is well worth the wait for a phone thats already awesome and I’m glad Sprint got the update out very quick.

  3. nick says:

    I contacted at&t customer support and talked to the android department and they said the update will be sent out in a time frame of by the end of october beginning of novemberofnovemberandrdepartment and they will ti

  4. piticli says:

    Not sure with other companies, but like 10 days ago, I was trying to update my phone and instead to tell me that nothing is available I got a message saying that I have to wait and my petition was going to be taken in order of request. So I have available today the jelly bean update and my wife that have the same phone and same company, she don’t.

  5. piticli says:

    One thing
    that I don’t know yet. If one day I have to wipe out my phone and I do the
    factory reset thing, what happen then? I go back to ice cream or wipe out and
    still with jelly bean? I’m just new in android world…

    1. Anthony says:

      if you do a factory reset it will not affect your operating system (ICS or Jellybean) it only wipes emails, texts, anything saved to the phone not the operating system.

  6. Linda says:

    Can’t wait for this update. I had an htc phone and changed to samsung galaxy s3 about 2 months ago. I like the phone, but my htc was very smooth and my Samsung isn’t quiet as fast especially with my email. I am hoping jelly bean makes the phone features run faster and I hope galaxy “voice”is a little closer to Siri . Come on Verizon get with it and bring this feature to your loyal customers. May keep this wait in mind when our contracts are up…..Spirint is jumping right on this for its customers. Can’t wait…

  7. chris t says:

    Sister has sprint and didn’t get the update yet. I’m on t-mobile and its funny because as I was reading this article, t-mobile sent me a notification for a device upgrade that will take 10 minutes. I was so excited. But it wasn’t the jelly bean. I’m not sure what the upgrade was. But it was a tease that’s for sure.

    1. Aaron says:

      I also had a software update for my galaxy s3 on t mobile and after i checked the software update version nothing really changed so you`re not alone on this one.

  8. AverageUser says:

    Come on Verizon hurry up. At least one US has it which makes me happy it is in the US, but will also frustrate me more when I don’t have it in three weeks.

  9. ronf57 says:

    son of a ….finally, almost verizon might get 4.1.x android aright after 4.2.x has been released on a few devices!
    ai’nt that a blip.
    I can’t believe Bionic still waits for ICS….wow that’s beyond rediculous.
    I want mfg’r and carriers out of the system update loop….it’s my phone not theirs! it’s googles OS not theirs…
    google and I should be the only two participating in the update conversation!
    i don’t need the carriers’ nor the manufacturers’ add-ons and crapware….i don’t want it either.!

  10. Arun Kumar says:

    Samsung has already developed the Jelly Bean Build for international versions ( I9300 )of Galaxy S3, I am wondering why they did’t release the OTA for Indian Market ?

  11. Nope. As a lwa ys. At&t could give a rats a** about customers. Tmobile now along with sprint has their update, verizon will probley be kind enough to throw their customers a bone next week. At&t, they’re making money, customers actuslly being happy, they could care less. Sadly I HAVE to use them due to my location, they know things like this so they don’t bother trying.

  12. Evan says:

    Why won’t they release it already? I’ve been waiting and thinking about flashing a custom rom since the AT&T has been taking forever to release this update.

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