Galaxy S4 US processor disappointment possible


By this time in two weeks the dust would be settling as we digest all the news that Samsung will be revealing as it introduces us to the Samsung Galaxy S4, but the handsets release may bring some disappointment to US consumers.

Samsung decided to upstage the beginning of the MWC 2013 by sending out invites to the unveiling event for the Galaxy S4 on March 14th, and yesterday went further by announcing the showcase will be streamed live to Times Square in New York. As the specs for the Galaxy S4 continue to be speculated about new reports are suggesting that Samsung will be using two different chipsets inside the handset in a similar way to the Galaxy S3.

According to JP Morgan Samsung may release the International version of the Galaxy S4 powered with the in-house Exynos 5 Octa eight core processor, while the US will see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip set that is found inside the HTC One.

When Samsung released the Galaxy S3 it used the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 for its LTE compatibility, as the Exynos processor used in the International version wasn’t ready in time for the region. Once Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 the device used a Samsung built processor, but these claims do raise some questions though.

You would have thought by now that Samsung wouldn’t have any issues producing processors with LTE radios, and the technology is quickly spreading around the world, but it could be a case of Samsung not being able to produce the huge numbers of processors needed to meet the expected demand for the Galaxy S4 once it is released.

Whatever is eventually powering the new smartphone consumers in the US will just be hoping that availability of the device in the country is closer to release dates elsewhere for the Galaxy S4, and you would have thought this is the case considering its being launched in the country.

Are you bothered what processor the Galaxy S4 uses?

Source: Taipei Times.


5 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 US processor disappointment possible”

  1. Jimmy. Drew says:

    Yes I am bothered but more so I am waiting for the day when someone builds a Damn smartphone that doesn’t need to be changed out every year. Why do the carriers insist on two year contracts when phones are upgraded every year? Sounds like gouging to me!!!

    1. Austin Range says:

      The expected life of a device is roughly 18-24 months before batteries fail (not so big here but major on Apple devices) and most contracts have an 18 months between upgrade clause so they can have you perpetually on their network by upgrading every 18 months and extending your existing contract where as otherwise you have to wait an additional 6 months or pay to get out of the contract. You can do 1 year contracts with AT&T, however no iPhone 5 and a Galaxy S4 costs $450 as opposed to $200.

  2. ronf57 says:


    If you have some verifiable indication that the S4 released in the USA WILL NOT utilize the exynos 5 processor because of LTE incompatabilities, please give reference to where those incompatabilities are substatiated in technical documentation.

    I don’t care if Samsung justifies that decision based on lack of supply oranyother reason, if Samsung decides to release the S4 elsewhere with the Exynos 5 and NOTin the USA with the Exynos5 then that displays Samsungs’ disrespect for the US consumers and they should suffer the reprocusions of the US consumers buying competitors products.
    I love my S3 but if samsung deems to treat the USA like as a second class citizen again by giving us a slower less performing processor in the S4 or Note 3 then I will find another companys’ product that works. There currently are off brand Chinese phones that use quad core processor and have 6″ high resolution screens and don’t put a manufacturer overlay over the Android OS, like HTC and Samsung do.
    I hope this is just a click bait post and unsubstantiated.
    I want aS4 or Note 3 and was going to get a Note 8 Phablet until it was announced with a low resolution screen. 1280x800is too low resfor alot of desktop replacement work.
    Another design miss.

  3. Bill Brasky says:

    Whats disappointing about the US S4 is the GRAPHICS processor. The 544MP3 destroys the Adreno 320. Adreno 320 is not good enough for that 1080p screen.

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