Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S5 storage & release of apps to SD


How big will users need the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 internal storage if they can run apps from SD cards? This is a question some of our readers have been asking themselves as we close in on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, and while the Galaxy S5 is many months away from a launch it is a viable question for this handset and many others as well.

Samsung will offer cheaper versions of their handsets with less storage and thanks to some of the current hardware getting updates to allow running apps from an SD card, some people might want to go for lower storage and expand at a later date.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to release with a lot more storage than we saw at the Note 2 launch, and when this phablet launched it didn’t include the ability to run games and apps from SD cards. In fact, a lot of users are still waiting for this possibility on their Note 2’s as we speak.

Over this past weekend we looked at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update, which focused on the release date window after some comments on official social media channels. Within this article we touched on the excitement around the apps to SD update and how this would deliver a lot more freedom to those lacking internal storage.

Over the weekend we also looked at the rivalry to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 release and how the most popular phablet upgrade might get around 64GB of internal storage, although exactly one week ago today we pointed out how our readers understood the benefit of running apps from an SD. With some people calling it a “major” change for their daily habits and others pointing out it would “significantly” change how they install apps.

Importance of internal storage — the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will release next but what storage should you opt for? If you could get 128GB, would it really be worth it if you could run apps from SD cards? In our opinion, purchasing something around 64GB would be ideal and then add some expansion if you love to fill your device will apps, and other media.

Duel SD cards – on the topic of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs, we have heard a few of our readers talk about two expansion card slots for a number of reasons. One of these is to expand storage for videos and other files, although others would like to have two slots to allow one that stays inside all the time for apps and another for media files.

We would love to hear how much importance you give to internal storage for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and even for next years Galaxy S5? Going forward what would be the ideal storage size if you can expand with SD cards at a later date, although bearing in-mind the purchase price could be increased by storage costs.

What would be your ideal storage situation with Samsung Galaxy Note 3?


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S5 storage & release of apps to SD”

  1. Justin Warkentin says:

    I love the idea of having one SD card for apps and one for media files! Internal storage is nice, but definitely less critical when apps can be run from the SD card.

  2. maaen says:

    If multiple micro sd card slots became a possibility then imagine how far Samsung will have taken us down the road to true digital storage heaven….I could store say 64 gb of my favourite music on one card , some of my favourite movies on another a whole lot of web articles and files on yet another card and not forgetting a semi fixed mcd card for my apps….Samsung can have switch 1 ,2 ,3, 4 so you are not over clocking…but I really would not like 128gb as a one card affair in my smart pocket computer/phone/media gizmo…At some point I would like to remove a card to transfer my files onto my tablet or computer or even use the card on another gadget…
    COME ON Samsung you can do this …If not four then three at least…..but give us the freedom to do things we want to P L E A S E.
    And work on the Tablet in the same way and make removable batteries a serious factor ….Please .

  3. bob says:

    Why would you want to put apps on removable storage? The only benefit of internal vs sdcard storage is that Samsung will likely overprice versions with large internal storage capacities.

    I would hope 16GB is decided to be obsolete by now and minimum size should be as least 32GB

  4. maaen says:

    Forgot to say 32gb minimum internal storage and then minimum of two slots for MCD cards each one capable of upto 64gb..to begin with for GN 3.
    In S5 …all depends upon the generous gesture from Samsung. However, I will wait for Note 4….in 2014…and it had better be quite AMAZING.

  5. Stephen Davey says:

    For me the bigger the internal storage the better.
    I never remove the sd card unless the phone dies.
    I would also want a large sd card as well for
    photos and other stuff I really care about.

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