iOS 7 beta 5 countdown for Monday 12th: Update


UPDATE: Guess August 12th is not going to be the release date, iOS 7 beta 5 is now live, please read more about this here.

Rumors of iOS 7 beta 5 releasing yesterday was obviously not the case, so our first initial thoughts of a Monday, August 12th release looks set to be date.

iOS 7 beta 4 was rolled out to developers on July 29th and if we go on the basis of a 14 days release gap our August 12th date is when it will happen, we have no idea why rumors suggested it was coming yesterday because this would have only been a 7 days gap between to beta releases.

We reported the news yesterday because it was suggested a release was supposed to happen on August 5, if this was the case the GM version would not be on September 2, we believe the final release for public consumption will be on September 12th,

The reason we say September 12 is simply down to iOS 7 beta 4 expiring on this date, if iOS 7 beta 5 releases on August 12th does this mean we will get to see beta 6 on August 26? This would then leave a 7-day gap for the GM release expected September 2nd, this looks more like the case.

There are so many iOS 7 beta 4 users having issues, but we have to stress it is a beta and you have to expect teething problems. Our guess is most of the problems are coming from non-developers who have used the back door to gain access to iOS 7. It is the developer who finds the issue and then reports it, and then the next beta corrects these.

What are you expecting from iOS 7 beta 5?


13 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 5 countdown for Monday 12th: Update”

  1. ady624 says:

    I keep pointing it out 🙂 Every new beta came out exactly 1 month prior to the expiration of the beta ahead of it. Beta 4 expires Sep 12th so that means Beta 5 is coming Aug 12th. You can make the analogy with all the other Betas prior to 5.

    1. Michael Allen says:

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyone and I mean ANYONE who claims to follow Apple should know you CAN’T use past timelines to judge current releases.

      August 6, I’m downloading Beta 5 now.

  2. MichelleStew says:

    Anyone having the issue with not receiving alert sounds? When I get a text I get no sound and screen doesn’t light up but shows up in the notification screen but if I am using the phone I get a sound and a pop up. And I don’t receive an alert for half of my calls earlier just that it’s missed in call log not notification screen. This is irritating it started a few days ago on Beta 4 and not fixed with Beta 5…Anyone else with this issue or a fix?

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