iOS 7 install problems, patience required: Updated


Apple’s iOS 7 finally released to the general public around the time we expected it to just an hour or two ago. Whenever a new iOS arrives we have come to expect problems, as millions are trying to download it at the same time. Today is no exception and iOS 7 install problems are a huge topic of discussion right now on the net, but patience is required.

iOS 7 is available either OTA (over-the-air) or by connecting to a laptop or PC, and yesterday we gave some information on how to get ready for the new look operating system. We also stated that often the best option is not to attempt to download as soon as the new iOS goes live, as the servers will be extremely busy.

Needless to say we ignored our own device and are currently attempting to update to iOS 7 on our iPad mini, but with not much joy so far. We know from the huge amount of comments received to our previous post that many, many readers cannot wait to download and install iOS 7, and almost unsurprisingly this eagerness has once again caused problems.

Millions of people across the world are all trying to get iOS 7 at the same time, and it seems the servers are taking a severe hammering right now. The situation could be even worse than usual, as iOS 7 is such a radical change that there is even more interest in updating.

Apple’s iOS 7 is the number one trending topic on Twitter but a quick look through tweets and also on MacRumors Forums sees a multitude of comments about problems getting the update.

Some people are saying that their device still says it’s already on the latest software (when it’s clearly not) so won’t allow them to update. We’re seeing many people complaining that once they hit “Download and Install” and start the update, they are having huge download times show, anything from 3 to 4 hours, to more than 20 hours in some instances.

Other comments we’re seeing from plenty of people discuss “Error Occurred During Download” messages coming up, which is pretty frustrating especially when the download is almost complete. Another issue we’re seeing is device owners saying that they have downloaded successfully but are now having problems at the “Preparing to Update” stage.

Our own experience so far with an iPad mini has been pretty mixed. The update showed as available and when we started to download we saw an estimated time shown of 40 minutes. Considering what other users are currently saying, we considered this to be a promising sign. However, although the time rapidly started to become less and less, down to only 15 minutes at one point, it suddenly started going up again and now stands at 3 hours.

Another concern we’re seeing from many people is that they are having to delete so much to make enough room for the download and installation. Of course, we should point out that we are also seeing comments from iOS device users saying that they have successfully updated to iOS 7.

It’s likely to be simply the huge numbers of people who are all trying to get iOS 7 shortly after it went live that is causing the majority of the problems. Of course, others may be having difficulties that we’ve not noted here.

If you haven’t yet downloaded iOS 7 but are about to do so, please check our device compatibility list first to make sure it’s compatible for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Also please remember to back up your device before you start.

Back to our iPad mini for a moment and the download time has now gone up to 5 hours, so it looks like we’re in for a wait! We’re really interested to find out how readers are getting on with the iOS 7 download and install, and it would be good if you’d share your experiences with other readers by sending your comments.

Have you managed to successfully update your iOS device to iOS 7 already? If so, what do you think of the new look iOS? Alternatively you may be pulling your hair out as one of the countless number of people who are having iOS 7 install problems? If this is the case please let us know the nature of the issue?

UPDATE: It appears that battery life of the iPhone 5 in particular, can be severely affected from iOS 7. If you notice any problems after installing the update please let us know. PS. Our iPad mini is finally updated after many hours of trying!


35 thoughts on “iOS 7 install problems, patience required: Updated”

  1. Common Sense says:

    People who say they are on the latest software system need to connect to WIFI before they can get the new software. Come on people. You can’t get it without WIFI. Connect to WIFI and try again.

  2. Chris Lima says:

    Tried updating on the iPhone 5 itself, timed out after either starting the download or not starting at all, getting errors saying unable to download, if it does start download time has been as high as 20 hours, now trying connected to a laptop, already bombed out a couple of times, if no joy will leave and try again tomorrow.

  3. Frustrated says:

    Downloaded to my iPad and installed with no problems after removing a lot of programs I probably did not need anyway. Unfortunately it took 3 hrs to download the update on my iPhone (off the same Wi-Fi) and now I am like the rest. It says it downloaded but it will not let me install it…I guess I will play with my iPad for the time being.

  4. Molly says:

    I installed it no problem on my iPad mini, however my iphone 4 has taken from 7 until 9:50 to get to the install stage, it then finished all of that and said the system would reset, cool i thought, no. I had to turn the phone off and on and close down the settings etc until it finally has switched off and updated. Considering it was so easy for my iPad I’m extremely agitated about this; nevertheless the iOS 7, in my opinion is brilliant.

  5. George says:

    Is bloody annoying that apple don’t actually address the issue them selves… But leave everyone else to speculate and ponder on what they are doing to fix this issue.

    1. reese says:

      same prob here. i pushed back arrow (top left), then push software update so that install now lights, keep repeating untill it finishes, i had to repeat bout 3-4 times. this is the last step the iphone shuts off and install w/ apple logo.

  6. Trev says:

    Used iTunes to update iphone 4?eventually installed but now constantly get error Could not activate iPhone try again. Doh. Will try again in the morning hopefully will work as phone is us

  7. A says:

    If ur download is taking forever turn off wifi for at least 1 minute and turn back on. Mine said 10 hrs and wasn’t moving. Now I’m about 75% after 2 minutes and 5 minutes left. Good luck!

  8. yasmin says:

    I am in karachi, Pakistan, and since last night I am trying to upgrade, now for the last two hours that I have started download again, it says estimating time is about 75 hours 🙁

  9. Yo says:

    The long wait is pure luck, switching wifi or doing anything else doesn’t guarantee next try is successful. Apple servers are busy, you can keep trying again and again, or you can just leave it alone and try later. Also the number of hours depends on your broadband bandwidth, not really their servers, as once you’re downloading you’re connected.

  10. Yo says:

    Btw, I’m on ipad2 and seems after upgrade to iOS 7 it is a little sluggish! Also cannot find a way to close background apps, can’t hold and delete anymore!

    1. Paul Horrell says:

      I can’t remember how you do it and haven’t upgraded yet, but this is documented. The way you close apps is to double-click then swipe them upwards, or something like that. Sorry can’t tell you exactly, but you can do it so rest easy.

  11. gjmoo7 says:

    I had no problems here in NYC. My wife downloaded her’s ota and I did mine through my laptop. My son and daughter had no trouble as well. My son did his via his laptop and my daughter did 3 devices ota. We all have the iPhone 5. The update came through at 1:30p and we started the download at 5p. Everything went very smoothly with no trouble at all. The new software is sort of similar to android just a bit. It’s very nice and I like it.

  12. Brian says:

    To complete the download and then install the new software you must have the software completely downloaded, and then …

    1. Have iTunes 11.1 installed and running on your Mac computer.
    2. Have your iPod/iPad connected to your Mac computer.

    Then it all goes well.

  13. cirk says:

    At first it say “you can not upgrade your device because some of your apps are not registered to your apps store” ..and what I did is I back up my ipad mini, and that’s it now I was able to upgrade my ipad mini into ios 7 but it took 5hrs. to complete the upgrade…..the upgrade is not so cool because the background is sooo ‘white’ and the font is a bit blury that I must set into bold letter so that the font make a little better…

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