BBM for Android, iOS should be buried now


It seems that any news that has surrounded Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry during 2013 has been of the negative kind, with falling sales and proposed takeovers along with the ongoing shambles with the release of the BlackBerry Messenger app. In some people’s eyes the BBM app for Android and iOS should be buried now.

The news that the BBM service was to become a cross platform offering was announced back in the summer, which led to an actual release date for BBM being provided but a leak of an earlier version of the Android app put a stop to the global release.

A couple of days ago we heard that the BBM app for Android and iOS would be available in a matter of days, so we could get to see its arrival before the end of the week or over the weekend. Trouble is for a lot of users the late arrival and all the false starts for the apps arrival will have meant that they are not bothered about it now.

There are lots of other alternatives available to mobile users that offer cross platform support, and BlackBerry is currently the subject of a takeover bid and this could also delay the apps release. A new company taking over BlackBerry may not want its most prized asset being given away for free.

Others will still want the app to be released though and would prefer it to be released without any stability issues or other bugs, so waiting for a few extra weeks will be worth it in the end and the demand has still been there from Android users.

There has been talk that previous owners of the company could lead a buyout of BlackBerry, but it remains to be seen no matter who owns it if it can return to its former glories. The arrival of the BBM app for rival platforms could see even more users move away from BlackBerry and it has even been rumoured that it will be released for Windows Phone as well in the future.

Are you still bothered about BBM on Android and iOS?


18 thoughts on “BBM for Android, iOS should be buried now”

  1. corona10 says:

    I never really was. Blackberry just isn’t a player anymore and while BBM is probably pretty good. Like you said there are several other viable options that do just as great of a job. I honestly do not miss BBM at all. And at one point in time I did have a Blackberry. When I moved on from that platform I didnt and havent looked back. So, its kind of not something I would lose any sleep over if they didnt come out with their app. To me its just another app. I really dont care if comes out for Android or not to be honest. They’re messaging app is just one more in a sea of them. They’re not special.

  2. bmsteeman says:

    Bbm is alot easier and I actually miss it since I cave moved to android but when I heard that it was coming I got really excited. BB has let us down alot but BBM is worth the wait

  3. Tjomma says:

    Such negativity about BBM is underwhelming and unbecoming. Yes the original Android release stuttered,so what. Rivals WISH it will disappear in a puff of smoke, as the naysayers and doomdayers predict but BBM is here to stay despite their Armageddon forecasts. WhatsApp, ChatOn, blah blah blah. All pretenders to the BBM throne.

    Millions watch and wait for the big daddy of messaging apps to make it’s appearance.

      1. Michael says:

        It is on pretty much every BlackBerry. If some impatient child had not posted the leaked version I suspect you would have already had it.

        How can you honestly blame BlackBerry for something that someone unrelated to the company did?

        1. Ara says:

          Clearly ur a bb fanboy in denial about what a mess blackberry is, trying to convince urself that u stuck with the right brand. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for bbm on android, but u can’t deny that it’s shoddy programming(and poor security) if an “unauthorised” app can bring the whole service down.

        2. MC Wong says:

          It has to be related to BlackBerry, how else can someone get their hands on it? They must have distributed it for testing or it was leaked by their internal staff.

  4. Matthew Bladen says:

    I lost all hope for blackberry when the screwed all playbook owners over by promising BB10 only to later say………Ooppps it’s not coming to the playbook

    1. Michael says:

      My PlayBook is still used daily. It still works just fine. I did not buy my PlayBook with the expectation of BB10. If you buy a device for something that you *think* it *might* do then I am sorry Matthew, that is on you. Buy it for what it does today.

      1. Matthew Bladen says:

        They announced that BB10 was coming so I “hung” onto my playbook I brought it on day one and was unhappy with the lack of BBM etc. unless you had a blackberry device – They should never of announced it was coming and then months later changed their minds

  5. Ian says:

    This is why I left BlackBerry for Android in the first place. The company is as unreliable as the products they produce. Though I must admit that BBM is the best IM and I am waiting adamantly.

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