BBM app for Android demanded during new beta


2013 hasn’t been the best of years for Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry as the company has seen sales of its new BB10 hardware not exactly doing that well and the release of the BBM app for Android and iPhone hasn’t exactly panned out as the company would have hoped. The BBM for Android app is still being demanded though during the new beta tests that are ongoing.

We wondered before if the BBM app for the iPhone was just another nail in the company’s coffin, which led to a number of heated comments from our readers. Some actually managed to install the iOS version of the app before it was pulled and stated they were using it daily now.

Others wasn’t surprised that the BBM for Android version got leaked and was the cause for the apps delay in the first place, and while a new version is being tested there is nothing to suggest that it won’t happen again given the fact that beta testers are not in house.

There is a chance that the apps release could still be a few weeks away yet, and this news comes as it seems all is not well in the purposed buy out deal involving Fairfax. Reports are suggesting that the company is having issues raising the $4.7 billion that is needed to conclude the deal, and could mean BlackBerry is split up before being sold off.

This has led to speculation that advisors for the company have been approaching other interested parties that includes the likes of Samsung and Cisco. It is now being reported that some of the company’s founder members such as Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin are thinking about making their own move for the company.

There is a chance they may make a move for the 92% of the shares they don’t currently own, which could be by themselves or with other backers. Meanwhile at the time of writing the official BBM website is still stating that BBM is coming to the iPhone and Android soon, which has been the case for a while now.

Are you still looking forward to BBM being released and what do you think the future holds for the company?


13 thoughts on “BBM app for Android demanded during new beta”

  1. Zoe loves Zebras ☮ says:

    They need to hurry up and release it because so many of us have waited for this for months.. I understand it’s hard to fix but it’s has been far too long since it was supposed to be released originally!

  2. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    Sounds to me like they can’t fork out the money to beef up the servers to handle the load of all the new users. The fix of the app should have only taken a week at the absolute MAX. I sure wish it would hurry the hell up, I’m ready for it to be released. It sure would make my life a hell of a lot easier. Trying to talk all the people I know with Blackberrys to convert to an app other than BBM is worse than getting teeth pulled!!!

  3. Steve Works says:

    I am very much looking forward to the day I can bbm from my android device so I can throw this piece of crap blackberry device that keeps freezing on me!

  4. alfi elhessan says:

    I think blackberry should stop manufacturing they so called “smartphone” and focus on BBM. the only thing that is good from BB is the BBM, the rest are just crap.. No good app, no good phone.. Just crap..

  5. CrackaAssCracka says:

    Yep I’m looking forward to it, BBM tops all. Be nice to move on from Whatsapp so I don’t need to give people my number to message them

  6. S4DROID says:

    Blackberry just don’t have what it takes to compete
    With the others who is more reliable and committed to their customers. Blackberry can
    have the best phones out their, but they are too
    slow and stubborn. R.I.P BLACKBERRY

  7. h says:

    The new blackberry phones are great, a majority of reviews online say they’re better than the iphone in specs and performance. Just the company itself keeps shooting themselves in the foot by doing stuff like this

  8. H.Lecter says:

    I have a lot of respect for Blackberry. They’ve reached their prime and I personally think that because Everybody wanted one back in the days of the Curve and the Bold they sold Millions, those Models were top of the range when they were released and yes today there are Amazing “smartphones” (I personally own a android device) however we compare this common model of like +-3-4 years old phone to the latest devices? Blackberry was the Original Smartphone.Despite all the Critics and Negativity towards their devices, Blackberry is Still willing to release the Jewel of their company to their Competitors.. For free.. Many say Blackberry doesn’t care about their customers, yet in their possibly Last year they allowing us/former Blackberry uses to benefit from their most prized possession. Granted its taking longer than expected but at least they making it free.

  9. Adam says:

    Blackberry was the company that started the smartphone trend and the company that still has durability in their products with security, while still being the best business device on the market. Although limited, Blackberry has done an outstanding job in creating quality devices that are easy to use and reliable in every aspect.

  10. justApasserBy says:

    Blackberry took too long to evolve with the way things are going right now. They wernt in touch with the market. RIM? Really? You need to stay on the ball if you are involved in the technology and information market.

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