GTA V iFruit Android app, silence is not golden


It seems that Android users have been getting a bit of a rough deal in the last few weeks as they have not only seen the Plants vs. Zombies 2 game only released in certain countries, they are still awaiting the arrival of the GTA V iFruit Android app with the silence from RockStar Games not golden.

The fifth instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been available for just over a month now and around the same time as the game was released the company released two companion apps for iOS users. At the time RockStar Games said that work was ongoing for the Android version and that they would update the official website once more news was available.

Now four weeks on there is still nothing from the company and not even any news on how the app is coming along, and while Android users have been treated to the Manual app a while ago now there is still no news on the iFruit app.

Many owners of the game have already finished the campaign part of the game with the website now having over 4,300 comments from mostly angry gamers. Many have stated that this could be the last time they purchase a game from the developer and can’t understand why the app is taking so long, especially when the release of the game was delayed itself.

A week ago now we told you about an online petition that was started in an attempt to get some news out of the developer and at the time of writing it now has 4,117 signatures out of a target of 5,000.

A lot of the anger is not just about the lack of the iFruit release for Android but also the lack of any information coming out of official channels.

Have you given up on the iFruit app now?


47 thoughts on “GTA V iFruit Android app, silence is not golden”

    1. Arcendus says:

      … It’s a supplemental app. Did that truly ruin GTAV for you? It lets you play with Chop and customize your cars outside the game. That’s about it.

      1. gb says:

        Just lets you change the dog collar and also you can do 3 small minigames to earn points for 3 different tricks you can teach Chop; sit, give paw and i forgot the other. Its a pointless app. I dont see why they bothered to make it.

    1. Chris says:

      So they create the best selling entertainment media prodduct ever created, which made more money than Avatar in a fraction of the time. Gave us a great story that rivals anything hollywood has ever made and introduce us to three amazing talents in Steven Ogg, Ned Luke and Shawn Fonteno, and you’re mad cuz Chop shits on the floor and you can’t put spinning gold rims on a jetski? I’m upset about the blatant favoritism of apple over droid too, but you really need to check yourself… lol, just lol

      1. gtafail says:

        How about the terrible online that when not completely broken has no filters games 10myears ago had like consistently being able to play with friends

        1. Chris says:

          Not sure what you’re talking about (10myears ago…) but I had minor probs for the first 3 days of online, but when you jam 50 million people into a server in one day, it’s going to happen… since then I have been thoroughly enjoying online and am at lvl 35 with over a mil in the bank… if you’re going to rip the game… do better

      2. Rafael Tola says:

        I agree on the amazing talents of the voice actors, and that the story is great, but i don’t don’t think that “rivals anything hollywood has ever made”
        It has a brilliant writing, that sure rivals it, and the relationship between the characters are great
        But the story itself was memorable and beats most movies but nothing that other games haven’t made before
        And about the app, i mean, the name is IFruit, i never ever expected to be on anything but apple devices lol

      3. gary birch/v8hilux says:

        dude there’s just one or two more issues with the game than ifruit.
        some, not all, but somes peoples rage is justified.
        im not talking about online mode, id rather they didnt do one and made a long single player game (shortest story mode in GTA history), im talking about the actual game which they have continually made worse or added more bugs and glitchs with the stupid patches designed to only fix online issues.

    1. Boote to the Sach says:

      You’re a special kind of idiot, aren’t you. GTA “5” would tend to indicate 5 installments of the game series, now wouldn’t it.

      1. Phano says:

        Idk about 9. He might be right, but I counted at least 7 with the involvement of Vice City and San Andreas so he isn’t the “special type of idiot,” you are.

        1. Gary Birch/V8Hilux says:

          15 individual games. ifruit arguably makes it 16.
          only 5 installments / chapters to the story though I kind of hard to not clasify the two London Games and Vice City as seperate games as they were set in different times in history, so an argument could be made that GTA V should be called GTA VIII

          1. Phano says:

            An installment is the game itself whether it’s numbered or not. If that was the case Gears of War Judgement wouldn’t be the fourth installment. If it isn’t DLC then it’s considered an installment.

      2. Arcendus says:

        Says the special kind of idiot who thinks indication = truth. GTA, GTA2, GTA3, GTA4, GTA5, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Chinatown Wars, etc. Already, more than 5, you special person you.

        1. Rafael Tola says:

          I think the article meant the main GTA games
          Depending on the perspective vice city, san andreas, chinatown wars, etc are all spin offs
          At least that is what i think the writer was going for

      3. Hello says:

        GTA, GTA 1969 London, GTA 2, GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, GTA IV, GTA Chinatown Wars, GTA V.

        More than nine but if you ignored the portables its still 8.

          1. Steve Evans says:

            And if you’re gonna include The Ballad of Gay Tony, then you gotta include The Lost & The Dammed..

          2. God Shaped Hole says:

            Liberty City Stories was a PS2 game released after San Andreas and before Vice City Stories. TBoGT and TLaD were combined in Episodes From Liberty City.

            But it’s hilarious that you chose to call people dumbasses while exhibiting your own ignorance.

          3. Gary Birch/V8Hilux says:

            God Shaped Hole is spot on here.
            though there were actualy 2 GTA London games. GTA London 1969 was a PS1 & PC release but there was a follow up called GTA London 1961 which was exclusive to PC.
            Even wikipedia lists that one so no excuses mr Harry Sachs for trying to sound like a smart arse without actually doing your research.
            Wikipedia lists a total of 15 GTA games, not including the ifruit app which is technically a game therefore making 16 games with FIVE installments or chapters for want of a better word.

          4. Clem_Kos says:

            LCS and VCS come orignially from PSP, and after on PS2.
            +1 for your opinion about “disqus”

  1. Gary Birch/V8Hilux/R* hater says:

    this has to be the first article I have seen that actually portrays Android users frustrations and the lack of effort or response from Rockstar. You’ve also drawn attention the negativity generated and the petition. But most importantly you’re one of the few people reminding everyone that this game was actually delayed 6 months to begin with. something almost all the pro R* arguements and R* themselves faile to address. For that I thank you immensly.
    so many articles take a pro R* approach, which is totally baffling, when some 11 year old with a laptop can design build and sell a multi platform app with minimal effort. while the multi billion pound/dollar company like R* don’t seem to be able to do. No comments on why, no comments on a proposed deal with Apple, no comments on why they didn’t delay the app for all users as there is also no information available for windows users.
    other than the highly detailed map, the manual app is pretty pointless anyway, yet that was suffering from delays also.
    and I know this isn’t relevant here, but add that to the issues with the actual game on realese too. im not talking online, i mean the actual single player game, and the issues that still persist with it and the lack of acknowledgement from R* is down right disrespoectful if you ask me.

    1. Samuel Marano Jr says:

      Oh please, get over your entitled, self righteous attitude and understand you’re completely outnumbered and over powered. Android kills iOS in every aspect and is considerably more powerful. I enjoy walking past an Apple store and all you retards lose your WiFi connection and then I hack your Facebook. Epic

    1. Brian says:

      The fact that there are portions of a game I paid a lot of money for UNAVAILABLE to me because I don’t have an Apple device is reason enough to consider it without “exaggerating and lying”. Smartass.

  2. Brian says:

    At this point in the smartphone game there is absolutely no reason for something to be released on one platform and not another. A lot of things regarding GTAV that have shaken my faith in Rockstar…a company I have supported fondly for over a decade.

  3. Anwar Chaudhry says:

    Hi there guys as a programmer IT IS NOT HARDER TO MAKE THE IFRUIT APP ON ANDRIOD THAN THE IPHONE IFRIUT APP to my proof rockstar DID IN-FACT have a deal with apple long before GTA5 CAME OUT which I can prove in the coming days and guys ROCKSTAR DID DO THIS DELIBERATELY saw apple can say yes we have the upper hand in the market.
    Now I did have an iPhone but lets be honest iPhones are limited to exploration plus the only thing apple brought out on the the market was facetime that is the ONLY THING apple had a break threw in my research showes that the finger print on the iPhone is useless another way for apple to say WE ARE ON TOP where as IN-FACT the finger primt scanner was well out on Samsung before apple launched it. P. S. TO ALL ANDROID USERS PLEASE SUPPORT ME SAW I CAN PUBLISH THE FACTS ON ROCKSTAR AND APPLE MAKING DEALS UNDER THE TABLE I WILL PUBLISH THIS IN THE NEWS PAPERS IN THE COMING DAYS ANDROID USERS KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED ON THE NEWS IN THE COMING DAYS OVER APPLE AND ROCKSTAR IN COURT OVER UNFAIR TRADING THANKS GUYS N GIRLS WISH ME LUCK

  4. kyle says:

    I say lets go to rockstar headquarters naked and press our junk up against the windows. Or follow one of their developers home and then knock on his door naked and rub our junk against his leg.

  5. Manuel Frausto says:

    Come on people this is a part of a deal that gta v did whit apple not to release the app for android so people can just go to apple and buy there products just to have the stupid gta v app is a kind of chain commerce if they going t do this they should say it before sale this is retarded

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