HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat Xmas release rumour


HTC has managed to beat rival manufacturer Samsung by updating its flagship smartphone to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in some regions, and now there is a questionable HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat Xmas release rumour.

Owners of the HTC One in the US have recently been receiving the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to their devices, although there does seem to be some problems with European owners due to receive the new firmware in the coming weeks.

Now a new rumour has emerged that is claiming that the HTC One will receive the Android 4.4 KitKat update on Christmas day, December 25th. This is just a rumour though with the biggest pinch of salt needed but you never know the company could provide its customers a nice Christmas treat.

It is also being claimed that the HTC One Max will also be getting the new firmware on the same day, but it now seems as if we won’t see Android 4.4 KitKat released until next month along with the Nexus 5 so it’s debatable whether the company could get the firmware out to customers that quickly.

After the two flagship handsets have received their KitKat treat it is claimed that other hardware in the HTC range will follow, but the chances of this actually happening so soon remain slim. It would be nice if Android smartphone manufacturers start getting firmware updates out the door more quickly than they do now, and is one thing Google has looked to address in the past.

Do you think this update will come on December 25th?

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7 thoughts on “HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat Xmas release rumour”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    Htc needs to stop nobody even knows what Kitkat will be yet. They don’t have a clue either so trust me NO Htc Max or Htc One will have Kitkat no time soon.

      1. squiddy20 says:

        Of course he hasn’t. He thinks Touchwiz/Nature UI is the ultimate achievement in Android, and will always be such. With its “revolutionary” multi window multitasking and “pimp slapping” S pen features, who would want anything more/better? The sad part is, when/if Samsung ever starts to really decline in popularity, he’ll jump the bandwagon to whatever the next “in” manufacturer will be. Just 2 years ago, he was saying the same BS of HTC and claimed he wouldn’t touch any of “Samsuck’s” products “with a ten foot pole”.

        1. RealitySlap says:

          It still amazes me how swiftly a feeble article like this can generate such personal attacks on people who voice an unpopular opinion. You’d think that some of you were the Owners of the companies listed or disputed in these articles…geeesh

          1. lolo says:

            You obviously haven’t read many of yarrels posts. If you did you wouldn’t have made that comment. Trust me, squiddy nailed it.

    1. squiddy20 says:

      Obviously you’ve never heard of manufacturers getting access to Android before the rest of us. This rumor is certainly plausible. Think for once in your miserable little life.

  2. james says:

    I had an HTC ONE for a week. Prior to that an iphone 5. Although I liked the 5 better, I can’t believe how uncomfortable and clumsy the HTC was. I always felt like I was going to drop it. Could not stand how it worked either. I have since moved on. I now own a MOTO X and an LG G2. How’s that for a top of the heap combination? Apple is old technology and unless they get a CEO who knows what creativity is they will continue to slide and watch the mountain of cash slowly vanish just like Blackberry who by the way is still a superior company in every way with superior products. The slide screen STORM was one of the most under-rated phones of all time. The Z10 and Q10 are both excellent. I owned them too. Once you get past the marketing hype of Apple who has its cult following, there are so many better products out there.

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