iPhone 4S WiFi problems after iOS 7.0.3, unorthodox fix


iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S users are still very upset after they installed the latest iOS 7.0.3 update, and since doing so they have had nothing but problems. We decided to look into the Apple support communities and the comments are coming in very fast indeed.

Some are having issues with their iPads, iPhone 5C and 5S but the majority of complaints are coming via iPhone 4S users.

iOS 7.0.3 was released to fix a lot of problems for iPhone and iPad users, but after all the complaints coming in it does not seem to have fixed everything. Many iPhone users said that the battery life and WiFi signal is a lot worse than before, and all they want is iOS 7.0.4 or 7.1 to release to fix it.

When the new iOS 7 was released it did seem to bring unwanted issues for iMessage, we here at Phones Review are not having any problems at all with our iMessage but some are still saying they are.

Are you having iPhone 4S WiFi or battery issues after installing iOS 7.0.3?

One iPhone user said “My iphone 4s with ios 7.0.3: wifi disabled after some days to update! Help me!! And in a nutshell said that iOS 7.0.4 or 7.1 are needed.

We are not sure if this is for real or not, but we have found in the Apple community that there is an unorthodox fix for the WiFi issue (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND), even though we suggest you not do this we did want to share with you still.

One iPhone 4S user said this
, “Try heating it for about 3 minutes at first, and see if your Wi-Fi will switch back on” — Step 1: turn off your phone. Step 2: heat the backside of the phone opposite side of the camera on top with a hairdryer. Step 3: turn on the phone and then test your Wi-Fi. Once this was done they apparently went to their Wi-Fi and it was connected, they carried on to say that once they were connected they had to tap on the small “i” within the circle to the right of my Wi-Fi connection in settings, then had to scroll down a little to Renew Lease.

What is strange is that other members of the community has said this fix works well, even though we do not recommend you doing this iPhone 4S WiFi fix we would love to hear from you if you have.


36 thoughts on “iPhone 4S WiFi problems after iOS 7.0.3, unorthodox fix”

  1. Ghent says:

    After seeing 2 videos on YouTube that walk you through the “hair dryer” method, and noting mostly positive comments, I tried it. It worked! The iPhone 4 (s?) was stuck on iOS 7.0.2 with no wifi. After using the hair dryer the wifi worked and we even upgraded it to iOS 7.0.3. No issues after about a week!

  2. LTaylor says:

    Had the greyed out wifi problem. Tried the hairdryer method and fixes it temporarily. It’s an absolute disgrace that Apple take no responsibility for this problem. This is the second 4s I’ve had with same wifi issue, nothing to do with ios7 its the 4s itself. Will be moving to Samsung when my contracts up.

  3. jakkm3hoff says:

    hahaha this is the reason I did not upgrade my 4s!

    Ill say if I had this issue I would never heat the phone up unless trying to reflow the board, and i don’t think that is gonna happen. I sometimes get 6 hrs use out of the old phone I got used.

    On a side note Apple store in tacoma, wa has always been good to me with my macbooks, they replaced 5 diffrent top cases throught the years. The most recent one they won’t do cuz “they no longer support it” or they can’t be sued any more lol.

    SOrry to those of you having isssues. Im sure apple has the ability to downgrade it someohow. I guess word to the wise don’t upgrade unless you have ssh blobs saved.

  4. Annie says:

    Dreadful can’t wait for contract with o2 to expire , they were useless in a particular branch , big problem with battery drainage after downloading ios 7 . Apple also shirking any responsibility ….Annie

  5. Libor Paulik says:

    Download a full iOS 7.0.3 Downgrade Kit from www.MyAppleDownload.com You can downgrade to iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7, iOS 6.1.4, iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6.1.2, iOS 5.1.1. If you downgrade, you fix all the issues such as wifi problems etc.

  6. donatelife says:

    I went through Apple Support hell to-day. There is no fix. They broke our phones and are telling us we have to upgrade or send in for repair at our financial responsibility. The Europeans have better warranty rights, under law, and this will soon explode.

  7. Mj Castro says:

    I think it differs for everyone and depends on your iphone’s mood. But mine is now working after heating the back side as discussed above. Your iphone will then show a message that your phone’s temperature is too high and that you have to wait for it to cool down to be able to use it again. Once done, go to settings and reset network settings and voila!, wifi back in business! 🙂

  8. phone problems says:

    my 4s wifi crashes when phone is whorm or hot and my phone freses and gose of iv hade a black 4s whive the problem and nowe my white 4s is the same problem as my old black 4s howe meney 4s do you by you by as meney 4s as you like ther all the same whive the problem but nowe 1 blevs me its haponing come on appol sort it out

  9. southernbelle166 says:

    my iphone 4s is dying a lot faster than it should. it jumps from 50-60% to 1% and goes from 40-50% to dead. also, the wifi option is greyed out. I am not happy with the 7.0.4 update, and would much rather do away with iPhones once and for all!!

    1. bobo says:

      Yay! Been without wifi for over a month, was going to take it into apples this morning to get it repaired. Tried the hair dryer for under two mins while turned off. Turned it back on…….took a while to search when I pinned in my code. Waited about two mins, clicked wifi and YES!!! Its worked, even my blue tooth.
      Hope it’ll’ work for you guys. Thank you for sharing!

  10. dbean says:

    And then it stopped working…off to get a new phone again. This is really sad. I shouldn’t have to get a new phone because Apple did an upgrade that made my phone unusable with Wifi. I will do my best to argue it, but it won’t make any difference.

  11. cortney says:

    so i thought my wifi connector was broken since i dropped it and the screen cracked. But many of my friends were saying their iPhones weren’t connecting to wifi either. i have been without wifi for almost a month! i had 13 app updates and was not able to do them. So today i was looking for solutions found this I did the heating process and it worked! thanks to whoever found that doing so would work!

  12. bobo says:

    Yay! Been without wifi for over a month, was going to take it into apples this morning to get it repaired. Tried the hair dryer last night for under two mins while turned off. Turned it back on…….pinned in my code, took a while to search, had to pin in my code a few times. Waited about two mins, clicked wifi and YES!!! Its worked, even my blue tooth.
    Hope it’ll’ work for you guys. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Constantine Zlatev says:

    iPhone 4S. The wifi not connecting, wifi icon grayed out after updating it. It worked right away with the hairdryer fix described above. Hope it will hold it that way. Thanks.

  14. Crazy C says:

    I have had constant problems with my wi fi. During the day I can only maintain my wi fi connection for up to 10 seconds. Oddly enough wi fi works perfectly in the early hours of the morning, not that this is any good to me. I tried everything e.g. resetting networks to no avail. I tried the hair dryer trick this evening at around 8pm and my wi fi is now working perfectly. Lets hope it remains that way.

  15. manza says:

    after i lost the wifi function, i took it three apple stores, all said i need to buy a new phone !!! As a last resort, I used the’hair-dryer’ method. amazing. It is working perfectly now. Shame on you apple technicians who kept saying i have to buy a new iphone !!!

  16. sh478 says:

    My wifi was disabled, and the option to switch it on was greyed out.
    I did my research and came accross the hair dryer method, but was sceptical.
    I followed the instructions on the apple page. I called up apple support, I made an appointment at the apple store, and they said it would need a repair and will cost me £150.
    So as a last resort i decided to follow the many youtube clips about heating the phone until the alert comes on. powered down the phone and started it up again. I had to reset network settings before i could connect to wifi though.
    The problem came back overnight, so i went through ther same procedure again.
    im on day 3 now, and the problems not come back. Lets hope it stays that way.
    i dont plan to upgrade software, unless i really have to!

  17. Amilcar A. says:

    It’s 4:16 pm on 4th Feb 2014. I just did the hair dryer heating technique on my phone after being really, really, really skeptical about the process. It definitely worked for me. All I did was: Heated the phone on the back opposite to the camera for about 5 min. Nothing happened so I just turned it off, and then back on. Went to the setting and wifi and tried it. Holly crap it works. I’m really happy the damn thin actually works again!
    Thanks to all the people taking their time to post their experiences here… that actually helped, and I hope my post helps other too.

    Amilcar A.

  18. Kognitive says:

    iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.3 – WiFi problem fixed! I tried the freezer method first but only got 5-10 mins before WiFi died again. The hair dryer method seems to have worked really well though. So far after a day the WiFi has better reception and stability than I ever remember! I heated the phone gently for 20mins until the temperature warning appeared on the screen. Then I just turned it off and left it to cool at room temp. A while later it turned on by itself and wifi was simple on and connected. No resetting of network or anything. My theory is that it could be a combination of hardware and software issues triggering a fault in temperature calibration. Perhaps recent iOS versions cause the WiFi chip to stop being able to detect the temperature and it assumes it is outside its safe operating range thus auto shutting down? Who knows? This could explain why the freezer is a temporary fix (while cold the chip thinks it’s back in normal operating range?) and the heat gun a more permanent fix (heat causes a full reset of the operating temperature range calibration?).

  19. alvinsmith says:

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