HTC One purple camera problem not fixed with update


It is not unusual for some smartphone owners to experience problems with their device which can often be fixed by a firmware update, which is something that owners of certain Samsung phones can certainly vouch for. Now though it seems that the HTC One purple camera is not being fixed by the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update.

The purple hue problem affecting the HTC One camera when taking images in low light conditions has long been affecting some owners of the device, and it was felt that the release of the Android 4.3 update for the device would address this issue.

Trouble is pretty soon after the software begun to arrive it became clear that the issue wasn’t resolved and some users that didn’t experience the purple tint suddenly found that they were. Some of our readers have contacted us to state that in fact the problem is a hardware issue and have successfully fixed the purple hint with a brand new HTC One.

There are many users that have had no issues at all and have found the HTC One to be the perfect smartphone experience, and many are looking forward to see what the company will replace it with next year.

This is no good for those that are still having problems though and if it is a software problem hopefully the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the HTC One will improve things for the better.

Have you had problems with camera on the HTC One?


24 thoughts on “HTC One purple camera problem not fixed with update”

  1. DDroid45 says:

    UMMM. im going to say i dont agree, because when i got my htc one with 4.2.1 i had no issue with a camera problem. My issue didnt occur until i updated to 4.3, thats when i started experiencing camera issues. Is that just me or anyone else had the same problem

  2. Tarek Ahmad says:

    I don’t think it wasever a software problem. I replaced my phone through AT&T and they sent me a refurbished piece of garbage that had even worse issues like the screen flashing. you get 90 days with your replacement (which was also poorly put back together) so I went back today to replace it one more time. Sucks when you forked out the extra cash for the 64gb model since they won’t have a replacement on hand. now I have to wait until next year to finally have “my” phone, maybe. watch the replacement have purple tint again.

  3. treehuggr5 says:

    I compared the Samsung 4 and HTC cameras before buying. I wanted a phone that can take great pics.(my previous phone was a Casio commando)(I wished all smart phones were built thatway. Awesome phone, bad camera). After comparing the 2 phones I went with HTC One. I went on a ghost tour a few months later an now all my night pics have the purple and orange haze….oh well. Great phone, but may change phones after contract if they don’t fix the camera. Yes I could have taken a mother camera…but phone now a days have the same capabilities as the older cameras…That’s my three cents…(LOL cost of a penny went up).

  4. ganesh says:

    Try to fix the AE and AF lock in bright light and then try taking the pic in dark, it takes perfect black pics without any purple haze. Definitely a software bug, hope HTC fix it. Not sure if anyones been able to notice this.

  5. mrb says:

    I had the purple hue issue … HTC were actually very helpful and gave me a quick fix and turn around of my phone … I had to send it away to them but it was sent back to me within a week fixed .. they replaced the camera in the phone and is indeed a hardware issue and not a software one as was proven with my HTC one .. good on HTC for the quick turnaround though 🙂

  6. pccaptain says:

    I’ve had 4.4.2 with Sense update as well as the latest softwate version 4.06. I still have the “purple
    Bloching Haze” in low light settings. As well the newest update “locked out” my wi-fi connection. So far HTC hasn’t found a solution. It’s getting really frustrating dealing with techies! The problem. Is with the HTC One and occured after the latest update. I paid more than $700 for this phone. Which I hasten to add worked perfectly before the update?!
    What’s the acromym for “pissed off”?

  7. Howard Miller says:

    I have had some form of the purple haze camera issue since at least July 4th, but it really got worse after last update. I read somewhere that it was a hardware defect, so I called HTC. They confirmed that the last software update did not fix the problem, and for some it made it worse. They are replacing the cameras on the affected phones. That is nice, but they wanted me to pay to ship my phone with their defective camera hardware without sending me a replacement phone. They said it could take 1 to 2 weeks to return. I think that is a unreasonable, which is why I took insurance with Best Buy. They will replace it with a like new phone that I hope doesn’get same issue. I have no way knowing. Very frustrating.

    1. Rocky says:

      Frustrating was having to pay shipping.
      Frustrating was them throwing away the uicc card which I never knew it had.
      Took me hours calling around to find one then another 2 hours to drive after it. They wereng really concerned when I contacted them about it. Nice service for a company trying to stay afloat. Guess they have more customers than they really need.

  8. luc says:

    Hi there ! Same here: got worse with 4.3. I’m pretty sure this can be fixed with a software hue correction: sometimes, the color is correct, and then slowly slips to purple.

    1. rocky says:

      Chill the phone for about 15 minutes then immediately turn on the camera. See if the problem immediately exists or is it normal contrast and starts to change back to purple. Should narrow down hardware or software.

  9. Paula Rylance says:

    Hi, yea did update a while back and it’s progress is worsening. Pictures are all tainted with this purple marking. I want it to work how it should n not like a pink n black zebra has walked in front of every photo 🙁

  10. HockeyGuy says:

    Think it’s a hardware problem. I called HTC support, told them about the purple tint, they told me to send it in for repairs. 2 weeks later, got it back, purple tint is gone, camera works fine now. If you’re phone is under warranty, don’t wait, call them! I think they know it’s an issue because the support person didn’t even ask me to elaborate on the problem. Immediately emailed me instructions on sending the phone back.

  11. holyspook says:

    The problem is Zoe it self when they did the update with Zoe the camera would burn out .I had 3 replacements with sprint all the phones are bad with the cameras. I contacted htc the guy was a bit rude ask me to read the number back of the phone he said I would have to pay 20.00 ship it out on top of that if it covered I would have to pay for the repair .
    I told him this was not caused by the customer it was a problem that htc had caused causing this model to show the purple blue pink tint. I also question why didn’t htc do a recall on the model it’s common sense isn’t it ?Most retail stores I see recalls on products for repair why not htc.?
    This is another reason I believe that this company not looking out for there customers it’s the almighty buck they want.
    If a product fails do to the company I believe that that company should take the responsibility to repair the product with out a charge knowing that they caused the issue to begin with .
    The camera it self no more than 15.00 to 20.00 part I looked up some places maybe cheaper in others and a repair center will not repair any of these htc’s in there shop Trust me I called a lot of repair shops here in town in Connecticut. So there for if this happens after that year or even a day after that year your screwed out of repairs even though this zoe software is new .And zoe is the cause to make the camera go pink look it up do some research you be surprised whats out there.

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