Best Android app arrivals for January


If you’re a smartphone or tablet user you probably use many more apps than you ever could have imagined a few short years ago. There are so many great apps available that it can be difficult to find the pick of the bunch. That’s why today we have a best Android app arrivals of January video look.

This will save you ploughing through the Google Play Store as someone else has done the groundwork for you. The 5-minute YouTube video that you can view below this story shows some of the apps released in January for Android devices giving brief descriptions of what they offer along the way.

It begins with looking at Bad Hotel, a game that involves building a hotel that can sustain damage from all kinds of assaults and damage. Square Enix’s Deus Ex: The Fall is also detailed before the video moves on to showing Farm Heroes Saga, which is basically a version of Candy Crush saga featuring fruits and vegetables instead.

Another gaming pick is Final Fantasy 6 before the video moves on to Jelly, a new social network app. Other apps that are picked as the cream of the crop are Privatext, Recollect, Stack Exchange, Talon for Twitter, and more.

The video gives a short overview of each of the above apps. As these Android app picks cover a wide range there should be something for everyone.

When you’ve checked out the video below it would be good to hear your feedback on any of these apps that were chosen, so do send us your thoughts using the comments box.


3 thoughts on “Best Android app arrivals for January”

  1. saldi says:

    new android privacy app..Privatext…perfect for my situation..also user friendly with business implications as well….agree with retro look…wouldnt stop me from using…very fast…love the clear feature

  2. mike says:

    Being that the only two comments on this are about Privatext I need to ask how much do you get paid per post? While you also call Privatext “new” it was actually released years ago about 2011 for Android at which time I wasted $5 on the worst app ever and now that it is free I still wouldnt waste my time downloading. You need everyone to download the app to communicate with them or its just useless. Also anything that is so important to say/send it needs to be safe should not be done via a message no matter what. Do you really think the CIA cannot get your info because it’s going through an app called “privatext”? Did you miss the part how they hacked into foreign governments computer systems which sorry to say I would assume is more secure then this excuse for an app. As for the interface being retro and cool I find that just hilarious. Putting a positive spin on a poorly designed app that was probably developed in some 3rd world country for a third of the price. It’s like how they wear clothing we wore in the 80’s-90’s today that’s also how they program. There are tons of other apps that have been on the market that serve this purpose with a much nicer interface, more features, and a little more reliable backing than this. If its secure don’t trust anyone with the information. For all we know “privatext” could be storing the information and selling it to vendors to afford to offer the app free.

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