Samsung Galaxy Note 4 design raises anticipation


This could be a big year for smartphone fans with some top end products expected to arrive from a number of different manufacturers, and this obviously includes Samsung with the Galaxy Note 4 design we have for you today helping to raise the anticipation for the handset.

While we are probably many months away from the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the current model has raised the bar in terms of phablet devices that has seen other companies also offering some great products.

The concept phone idea that you can see on this page comes courtesy of the guys over note4galaxy.com, and is their idea of what the device could look like once it becomes available towards the end of 2014.

There is a good possibility going on the history of the Note series that the next model will have a screen size of 5.9-inches that could either have a 2K resolution going on recent rumours, or even as high as 4K.

This of course would be powered by a more powerful processor and this design has a larger Samsung S Pen. It seems that both the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 this year will be treated to a new version of Samsung TouchWiz that looks set to be more unobtrusive than current offerings, which includes a new Samsung app called Life Times.

Hopefully Samsung will again be able to increase the screen size of the Galaxy Note 4 without the body of the handset getting any larger, and of course many fans of the company hope that the device along with the S5 will come in an aluminium build.

Do you like this design and what do you want to see most with the Galaxy Note 4?


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 design raises anticipation”

  1. EnglishRose says:

    I think the note series is the best thing out there. If you want a bit of everything you’ve got it and got it well. The screen is crystal the power is fantastic and the s-pen features are amazing. I can honestly say I could never go back to a smaller phone. The only thing I would change would be to knock the touch wiz off of it. I like it but I think most people wouldn’t miss it. The build doesn’t bother me as I think my black note 3 looks beautiful but I wouldn’t say no to metal as long as storage and battery add and removable wasnt affected. But I do not want the frame of the phone to get any bigger. The screen yes but not the phone. Great invention by Samsung.

    1. Paul says:

      I agree I don’t want an all aluminum body if it means a non removable battery and no SD Card to upgrade the memory with. I tend to lean towards the faux leather backing of the Note 3, I myself have a Note 2. I just didn’t see enough reason to trade in my perfectly good Note 2 for a Note 3. Not enough there to make the switch. Now if I had any other phone but the Note 2 then I would have jumped out of my seat and got a Note 3. I’m sitting back and waiting patiently for the Note 4 to come out and then I’ll be first in line for that model without a doubt.

      1. steve says:

        I also opted to wait another year for the Note 4. Which was an amazing move because there’s 2 Roms out there that have all of the features from the Note 3 ported to the Note 2. Right now I am running Ditto Note 3 or DN3 and I know Sky Rom has the Note 3 features as well. DN3 runs amazing, you should give it a try

  2. Michael Dennique says:

    Samsung just keeps on out doing it’s self in design and technology. Absolutely Brilliant. I can’t wait till the Galaxy Note 4 64Gb variant is available in Toronto Canada.

  3. keith69 says:

    Would be nice to have an option to delete all the crap off the phone like chaton dropbox g mail newsstand as i have 7 apps i never use only uses memory thats where samsung goes wrong.

  4. Chris says:

    I cannot disagree with any positive comments or compliments directed at the note series. It is by far one of the greatest phones I’ve ever used. Is there room for improvement? Sure, you can’t lead the industry with technology without someone duplicating it with one more feature they didn’t think to add. I love the versatility of on the go options, battery life, and the overall and screen size(there was an adjustment period). I could never go back to a “standard” size phone. There are two areas I would like changed: 1. Lower the amount of non removable, preloaded apps, or make all removable. If I want or need a “shopping or mp3” app, I will download it. These devices are expensive enough and I don’t want to “mod” for it to be personalized. The second would excite me the most and guarantee me to upgrade immediately. And that would be for a flexible display. I’m not a fan of belt clips or some sort of attachment. I tend to keep my phone securely in a pocket and while I haven’t cracked the screen, it can be stressful always moving the phone every time I sit or squat. Samsung is definitely on the forefront of modern technology and the Galaxy Note series is AWESOME!

  5. Tom Snyder says:

    I think these phones being the power houses they are should take some design traits from different manufacturers like htc. Why not give the note some front facing speakers. It’s the one part of the phone the hand doesn’t cover. A brilliant phone with brilliant sound…I mean it obviously wouldn’t be boomsound like htc one but the folks at samsung are smart. Why not just make these things all around business/multimedia devices…Technically that’s what all the owners of the note line buy the phone for. What’s a crazy phablet without some great sound?

  6. Tom Snyder says:

    Oh and no physical buttons period. No physical power or volume..All touch sensor regardless if they are on the sides still or not..just put capacitive buttons on the sides of the phone.

  7. Bostonian says:

    When it comes to the front speaker idea, I think Samsung should collaborate with Bose. Bose Audio makes great sounds utilizing small speakers. That would be one fine collabo.

    Note 4 wish list:

    Same design as above pic, virtually no bezel
    4k Resolution
    4GB Ram
    4000mA battery
    Fastest Snapdragon chipset
    16mp ISOCELL camera
    64 bit processor
    KitKat out of the box
    BOSE Front Speakers!

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