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If you’re one of the legions of Android device enthusiasts who have been waiting for the phenomenally popular QuizUp app to launch for Android, then we have some promising news today. We’ve had communication from QuizUp developers Plain Vanilla, which says they are targeting a release by the end of February.

QuizUp for iOS devices has been available for several months now and there has been a huge demand for the Android version of the app. Previously it was reported that the Android QuizUp was heading for a January release and subsequently we started a release countdown in the wait for the app’s arrival.

Later in January we were still hopeful that the much-awaited Android version would arrive by the end of the month following a tweet from the QuizUp team that it was still on target, but so far the app hasn’t materialized. On the QuizUp website the latest information says that the Android version is still being worked on, and we’ve been bombarded with questions from readers asking when it will be available.

We contacted Plain Vanilla to ask if there was any further news on this and they have kindly responded in an email. The email confirms that the QuizUp for Android is still in the pipeline and that it has taken a little longer than anticipated. Plain Vanilla also says they hope for global availability by the end of the month. Here’s their full email response –

Thank you for contacting us!

Regarding the launch of Android… we are hoping to be able to put it out to the universe close to the end of February.

It takes time to get everything perfect so that’s why this is taking a little longer than we had previously hoped for.

I hope this answered some of your thoughts.

Have a really nice day!

This is great news for the many people eager to start playing QuizUp on Android devices, as it looks as though there certainly isn’t too much longer to wait. Are you happy to hear that QuizUp for Android should be available shortly? If you’ve been waiting for this app why not send us your comments about this.


6 thoughts on “QuizUp Android release confirmation via email”

  1. Explos says:

    This is truly ridiculous; it’s a simple game with buttons, text, and pictures. If it required some sort of difficult graphics, it would be fine, but this? If you really have professional programmers, porting the game over should have taken a month at most.

  2. Elixir says:

    A lot of the iPhone users aren’t playing anymore because it was more of a momentary fad. A lot of those left are ones that only play a single topic anymore and are incredibly good at it. We android users are getting to the party when all the alcohol is dried up and all the babes have been taken to some dude’s house. It sucks.

  3. david aggasid says:

    Its already last day of february. Quizup isn’t released yet? What’s going on? Now you guys might say that it will be available at the end of march? C’mon!!!!

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