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There are always certain mobile applications that grab a lot of headlines for one reason or another, and along with Flappy Bird the Cartoon HD app has been hot news this year. Now though the app is treated to a surprise update download.

Back in January the hugely popular Cartoon HD app was taken down from the App Store as it broke copyright laws, and while there are alternatives available we recently told you how you could still download the app for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Now though it is being reported that the app has been treated to a new update despite the fact it isn’t officially available, and the update provides users with some new content along with a search bar that allows users to find the content they may want to view.

As we reported previously there are some concerns about this app and whether it is safe to use, but some of our readers have not reported any issues since downloading the app in this way.

Have you got the update yet?



4 thoughts on “Cartoon HD app in surprise update download”

  1. Kevin smith says:

    Hey, I had the app when it was first released on the App Store. Clearly it’s not legal or legit that said with all the innovation seen in movies on demand (etc) no one has managed to pull off a iTunes as it did for music. iTunes (love it or hate it) pulled the music industry together, the problem with the movie (and TV) industry is it’s not working together for its own common good. This is very basic business and economics surly? We are now global – TV companies and movie companies need to understand this – BBC, ITV, SKY, FOX, etc etc the customer wants better and easier content providers.

  2. Moviewatcher says:

    I have had this app for ages on both mi iPad and iPhone and it has never given any problems but yesterday as I wanted to watch something on it I saw they have removed most of the stuff on it!! I was upset and shocked! Is this happening to everyone?? Has anyone tried emailing them about this? I did but no reply..

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