Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini models suggest dual SIM


There’s a lot of interest in the upcoming smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 known as the Galaxy S5 mini. We’ve reported on an official Samsung Finland website listing of a device with model number SM-G800 thought to be the S5 mini, and also seen a purported leaked image of the phone. Now some further Samsung Galaxy S5 mini model numbers have shown up, which suggests a dual SIM model is also in testing.

A few days ago we saw a specs leak for the Galaxy S5 mini that showed a different display size from that previously rumored. Interestingly though, this latest news reiterates a 4.5-inch display rather than 4.8-inches. We often glean snippets of information about upcoming devices from Zauba, an Indian import/export site, and now a few G800 models have appeared on its database for R&D.

Models shown are the SM-G800A, which is a single SIM handset, and also the G800F, also a single SIM device and possibly the European variant. Model number SM-G800H is a dual SIM device. Previous leaks have suggested a 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor for the G800H, now thought to be the dual SIM version. However, GSMArena reports that indicators point to a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU for the SM-G800A.

This would appear to be a significant difference though, so rather than assume this is correct we’ll wait for official confirmation on this. Are you hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is officially unveiled soon?

Sources: Zauba
Via: GSMArena

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