Google Glass open beta brings access to all US buyers


Google Glass is generating plenty of attention but until recently has only been available to those invited into the Glass Explorer Program. During last month Google expanded availability to all US buyers for one day only. Now many more people will be able to get their hands on Google Glass as it is now in open beta so that anyone in the US can now try it out.

The Google Glass beta program has now been opened up to anyone willing to spend $1500, and for that you also get free Glass frames or shades. That will save a bit of cash as shades are usually $150 on top of the cost and Titanium collection frames are priced at $225.

A variety of frames and colors are available, although the combination of Charcoal Glass with Bold Titanium frames is already out of stock. Google has just posted a new YouTube video thanking Google Glass Explorers that you can view below this story.

You might also be interested in recent news of a patent suggesting that an upgrade might arrive at some point so that Glass will feature a lens on both sides. If you want to find out more about Google Glass you can head to the source link below. Are you tempted to take this opportunity to get Google Glass?

Source: Google Glass Explorer Program
Via: Phone Arena

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