LG G3 vs Galaxy S5, advantages of each


After months of mounting interest the LG G3 was finally made official yesterday, and just as expected this is a top-notch handset that is likely to attract plenty of buyers. If you’re considering this new LG phone or the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship we have a video to share today that might help you out. It’s of the LG G3 vs. Galaxy S5, and shows the advantages of each.

Since the LG G3 was unveiled we’ve given details of its UK release and also an early look at the phone on video. We’ve also previously compared the G3 with the Galaxy S5 before the specs of the new LG phone became official. Rather than a lengthy comparison, the video we are showing now focuses on the strengths of each of these handsets against each other.

LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5, advantages of each b

The YouTube video that you can view below this story comes from Total Tech War and begins by looking at the highlights of the Galaxy S5 when compared to the LG G3. These include water resistance, a 16-megapixel rear camera, fingerprint scanner, and more. The next part of the video concentrates on the stronger points of the LG G3 and just a few of these are optical image stabilization, a 1-watt speaker, and the 1440p display resolution.

Many more aspects are also shown so do check the video out in full and let us know what you think. Are you more likely to purchase the LG G3 or the Samsung Galaxy S5?


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