New iPhone emojis reminder, not at iOS 8 launch


There are many people who are really interested in emoji message icons, and while some are hoping that there will be new iPhone emojis in iOS 8 we previously reported that we don’t expect this with the first iOS 8 release. We thought it best to give a new iPhone emojis reminder that this is not likely to happen at the iOS 8 launch.

An Apple event is taking place next week on September 9th where we should see the iPhone 6 launch and also more on the progress of iOS 8. It’s likely that the iOS 8 Gold Master will be ready for developers straight after the keynote address, and that the iOS 8 public release will follow later this month just before the iPhone 6 release.

In a July article we informed readers of developments regarding iPhone emojis and said that a new iPhone emoji list would not be coming with the iOS 8 launch. This followed a Unicode statement saying that the core specification of Unicode version 7.0 still needed editorial work, with the planned date of publication being October 15th.

new iPhone emojis

We have been contacted by a few of our readers still expecting the new emojis in iOS 8. However, as the core Unicode 7 spec won’t be completed until after the iOS 8 release date, we’re not likely to see new iPhone and iPad emojis until iOS 8.1 at the earliest.

Were you hoping for new iPhone emojis with the iOS 8 release? Send your comments to let us know how you feel about this.


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