iOS 8.1 problems add to slow uptake of iOS 8.x


Since iOS 8 released to the public in September there has been rather a catalog of various issues and complaints about Apple’s new mobile operating system. This continued with subsequent updates, to the point where we have been overwhelmed with responses to our articles on these difficulties. Now it appears that iOS 8.1 problems are adding to the slow uptake of iOS 8.x.

Apple iOS 8.x updates so far include iOS 8, iOS 8.0.1, iOS 8.0.2 and most recently 8.1. We don’t want to bang on too much about the various ongoing problems as we’ve already covered this extensively, but suffice to say we first reported on this shortly after iOS 8 was made available, through to the most recent iOS 8.1 update that arrived 10 days ago, with problems that we recently discussed.

This led to us calling for Apple to issue an iOS 8.1.1 update as soon as possible, as it’s clear to us that many readers are increasingly frustrated and feel let down by Apple over this debacle. We’re still receiving comments and emails on a daily basis from people whose iPhones and iPads are still not functioning correctly, with problems with cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, and WiFi being high on the list of issues.

Although versions of iOS 8 are now on more than half of compatible iOS devices, the uptake is still going at a slow rate. In the first three weeks of iOS 8 availability there was a little under a 40% adoption rate and at the iPad event earlier this month it was announced that the rate had increased to 48%. Since the event two weeks ago a figure of 52% adoption is shown on the Apple developer page, meaning that the growth rate has only been 2% a week over the last two weeks, as reported here.

ioS 8.1 problems add to slow uptake of iOS 8.x

Some people will have been put off updating after Apple had to pull the iOS 8.0.1 update, which adversely affected mobile connectivity and the fingerprint sensor on some devices. Others may not have updated their devices due to the large amount of storage space needed. Still more may have decided not to update after hearing about the issues that some users were having with their devices.

We’ve been taking a look at comments to our recent articles, and it’s evident that many people are becoming increasingly perturbed about this situation. For example one reader wrote yesterday, “Since updating to ios8 on my iPad mini I often find links in Safari will not work until I scroll the screen up and down and try again. Web pages often freeze, as does email. Completely unacceptable and seriously undermines the credibility of Apple. They need to man up and roll back the software until they’ve ironed out all these problems. I’m not impressed at all.” We have to say that this comment reflects the issues we’re having with our own iPad mini since updating to iOS 8.

Another reader recently wrote, “Wifi problems, app problems (won’t load) it’s the worst update and I’m sick of things happening every time there’s an update……….considering changing phones. Had enough!!” The following comment also illustrates people who are concerned enough about problems that they are choosing not to update. This reader wrote earlier today, “iPad 2 wi-fi only: slow to the point of being unusable after 8.0, 8.0.1 and 8.1 updates. Perfectly fine under iOS 7. Not willing to risk updating my iPhone 5s. Not confident this will get better and angry that Apple is letting such basic problems go unresolved for so long.”

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of comments and emails we’ve received from readers about ongoing issues, and a look at forum threads also shows that many others are still having problems. When a new iOS update is about to release we usually advise readers that it can be a good idea to wait for a few days before downloading and installing the update to avoid any problems that are thrown up (although we don’t always taken our own advice!). Those people who did choose to wait are probably pleased that they did so, considering the many issues that have since been reported.

It seems likely then, that at least a small part of the slow adoption rate of iOS 8.1 is due to people delaying updating their devices because of reported problems, although it would be interesting to hear from readers about this. Have you updated your iPhone or iPad and wish you hadn’t? Maybe you chose not to update because of hearing about these ongoing issues with iOS 8.x releases? Let us know with your comments.


22 thoughts on “iOS 8.1 problems add to slow uptake of iOS 8.x”

  1. SantoshS says:

    something wrong with apple. how come a $150 billion revenue company be so pathetic with software application? don’t they design and test properly? sounds stupid even and scary. many naive users have upgraded and facing problems.

    this what happens when corporate might takes over social life style

    1. Rox Anne says:

      Obviously this a scam from Apple to get 4S users to buy a new phone. Don’t worry Apple you’ve convinced me. Android here I come. Pathetic.

  2. Bidz says:

    I have an iPhone 4S and when the first release of iOS 8 came out I was warned about the specific issues if I updated from 7. I chose not to update and still have not updated. To be quite frank I am happy to stick with iOS 7 for quite a while yet..! A bit appalled Apple hasn’t communicated to its customers properly about the extend of the issues with the recent update. Come on Apple… Your letting Steve down…

  3. marce says:

    i have an iPhone 5s and just updated the system with the new IOS8.1 and the system is not only slow but now it consumes the battery very very fast, from being at 100 % to 68 % in 20 minutes by only playing iTunes. this never happened before!!!! 🙁
    Does anyone have an idea when the new update will be out?

  4. Jo says:

    I really wish I hadn’t updated my iPad 2. Nothing is smooth anymore, crashes, can’t swipe windows to close which is an intermittent problem but when it happens it’s across all apps. Disaster.

  5. FRFC says:

    My iPhone 5s has been a complete waste of time when using WiFi, I quite often have to switch WiFi off and on to get connectivity again and not for long before it stops again. The odd thing is that if I do a speed test, it shows very good speed, but useless when using Apis of browsing.

    The worst thing I’d ever done was upgrade to IOS 8, I upgraded to 8.0.2, and problems still remained. I since upgraded to 8.1 and still useless.

    It’s shocking for such a huge organisation to ignore the issues before rolling out.

    I am losing faith in Apple. I had the iphone 4, it had signal problem when you held it in a certain way, I phone 5s which until now has been a great phone. And they bring out the iPhone 6 which I see some reports of people’s phones bending???

    Not good


  6. james bond says:

    iOS 8.1 made my wifi too slow and my phone lags as hell. ive been a fan of Apple for quite a long but now i’ll say APPLE SUCKSSSSS. Somebody fire that gay Tim COOk

    1. brlo1973 says:

      You can leave the gay reference out. Totally unnecessary. But I do agree the man is clueless and is leading a company that seems to have no respect for its customers any more. They just see their customers as short term dollar signs rather than longer term opportunities.

  7. Besha says:

    I have a 5c and updated to ios8 when it came out. I really wish I hadnt, my wifi connection has been terrible. Web browsing is sometimes ok, but my apps will not load majority of the time unless I switch to cellular data. As a consequence I’ve had to up my data pack on my phone plan as I’ve been using so much more data. I refuse to update my iPad for this reason…as its wifi only its a bit of a pointless device if the wifi won’t work! I wish there was a way to take my phone back to ios7. I keep doing the updates as they come out as it can’t really get any worse!!

  8. chris9465 says:

    the days leading up to iOS 8 release i made the decision to stay away from it initially let others BETA test it for me. After what happened to my iphone 4; iOS 7 made it all but useless slow, app crashes…….i was eviscerated by the sanctimonious apple community…am an idiot i dont know what am talking about it worked fine on my iphone etc etc….My iphone 5s works just fine on iOS 7.1.2…I plan on keeping it that way by never ever doing another ios update again

  9. Blossom says:

    After updating my Ipad2 to ios 8.1 it is so slow I want to trow it out of the window and never buy one again!! Lot’s of apps freezes, it take ages to load pages (not funny) I can go on and on!!
    Apple it’s not more worth than an apple!!

  10. Sunshinekid says:

    I have an iPad 2 which I used to love and is now slow and useless after IOS 8. I’ve more than 8gb free space as well. What a mess of a release.
    Congratulations Apple you’ve convinced me I need an upgrade ….. I’ll be buying an Android tablet and most likely a Samsung to match my slick Galaxy phone.

  11. Mark Smith says:

    Hi there

    I have the iPad Air since updating my iPad drops wifi all the time. My laptop is fine my mobiles are fine but the iPad nearly went through the window the other day !!! My partners iPad is doing the same but we sat together the other day both loaded the same music vid and waited !! They both dropped Internet but not at the same time so the router wifi is fine it’s a problem with Apple!!! We had the old laptop on the same vid and even though it’s 5 years old never dropped once

  12. DebbieH says:

    I bought an ipad air because my ipad2 quit crashed and was unfixable after downloading the IOS8. Of course no one would admin that the IOS8 wrecked the Ipad2. After one day IPAd Air has done the exact same thing. So ready to ask from my money back and switch to something else.

  13. Ryan says:

    I updated my iPad mini to IOS8 and ever since it constantly loses wifi connectivity. I have updated to the new iOS 8.1 but the wifi problem is no better! I am tearing my hair out as the iPad is now virtually unusable. Why can Apple not fix these issues??

  14. Emily Russell says:

    I used to love my little iPad Mini, but now it makes me sick to look at it. I am old enough to remember dial-up, and 8.1 is worse. Web pages often don’t load at all either. Screen freezes. Forget about trying to watch YouTube. Even Apple Radio stutters in and out!

  15. whollis says:

    i traded in my 4th gen ipad that was running 8.1 with NO wifi issues. Got the new ipad Air 2….constant dropping problems. Supposedly AppleCare Case Resolution has escalated to engineering given many complaints about a $600 AppleBrick, but engineering doesn’t work weekends.

    Time to revisit Sesame Street and the letter “A” = apple = apathetic = apologetic = arrogant.

    Disgusting – wished I kept my old ipad instead of what I suspected would be new but not great technology.

    Tim Cook and team – you should be ashamed of yourselves. And the customer service response to it all is equally disgusting.

    Maybe get your Applefanatics to test your new products in their homes with various routers, etc. I fear it is the new AC wifi chip and my Dual Band Linksys EA4500 Dual Band aren’t liking each other….since downward capability between the AC chip and IOS 8.1 aren’t working it out. Can only turn off and turn on wifi again to make it work for a while.


  16. Pmassey says:

    I updated my iPad 2 to IOS 8, 8.1, and 8.1.2, with terrible results. After that I was smart enough NOT to update my IPhone 5s. I believe Apple is rendering the iPad 2 obsolete with these latest upgrades, forcing owners to buy newer IPads. They are all about making money after all. I loved my IPad but won’t be buying another one.

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