HTC One M9 release date rumored for March 25

HTC One M9

If you’re looking to purchase a new smartphone in 2015, there will be plenty of options to choose from. The HTC One M9 release date has yet to be officially announced, but a new leak shows it’s not far off and March 25th is the date you’ll want to save.

HTC One M9 Plus photos show massive rear sensor

HTC One M9 Plus

Feeling a little disappointed by the HTC One M9? Many consumers and blogs are conflicted about HTC’s new flagship, but we’re here to turn that frown upside down. The HTC One M9 Plus rumors won’t seem to die this year, and new HTC One M9 Plus photos have surfaced showing a huge rear sensor.

HTC One M9 for the UK: Where to buy

HTC One M9 UK buy b

The HTC One M9 flagship was formally introduced to a waiting smartphone world this week. The UK release date for the phone is March 31st, and it’s likely to be popular following the success of the original One and then last year’s One M8. Now we have some information about the HTC One M9 for […]

HTC One M9 vs One M8 initial look

HTC One M9 vs One M8 b

The HTC One M9 was finally unwrapped yesterday and after it’s official debut it was felt by some to be a little underwhelming. HTC’s flagship smartphone has been long awaited and when it was formally made official it was pretty much what we expected, with nothing overly exciting. There are some upgrades though, and plenty […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9, advantages made clear

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9

There’s almost too much news to choose from in the mobile world at the moment, especially now that MWC 2015 has kicked off. Yesterday we saw new Android flagships from Samsung and HTC that have been much awaited, so many people will be wondering which one to opt for. To give you an initial idea […]

HTC officially unveils the HTC One M9 and its 1080p display

HTC One M9

HTC pulled back the curtain on their 2015 flagship today, and it’s exactly what many though it would be. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it depends on what you’re looking for out of a new smartphone…

Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 prices appear online

Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 prices

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 flagships are both being made official at separate events today. There’s a phenomenal amount of interest in these new flagship smartphones as you might expect, and now just ahead of their unveilings, Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 prices have appeared online. We’ll begin with the […]

HTC One M9 launch event world times, watch live streaming

HTC One M9 event d

This is a massive day in the smartphone world as new flagship devices from HTC and Samsung are going to be announced in pre-MWC events. The One M9 is one of those devices and we have details of the HTC One M9 launch event world times and how to watch with live streaming. This way […]

HTC One M9 video leak backs up One M9 renders

HTC One M9

This morning, we showed you a couple of new renders of the HTC One M9 that came from Twitter courtesy of @evleaks. Quite a bit has happened since that time, including a series of HTC One M9 videos that appear to show the device in action and the cancellation of a certain Twitter account.

New HTC One M9 renders show a revamped M8

HTC One m9 render

If you are a steady reader of our site or just stumbled across it in the past few weeks, you have probably seen one of many HTC One M9 photos that we’ve covered. Ready for some more? A new leak has just hit the net that reportedly shows the upcoming handset, and you might be a bit disappointed with the design.