HTC One M10 tantalizer has premium design and specs

HTC One M10 tantalizer

The HTC One M9 will make its way into the hands of many eager buyers over the next few weeks, but the smartphone world is always turning and some are already thinking of the next in the popular line. Today we’re showing an HTC One M10 tantalizer that has a premium design and specs, and […]

HTC Desire 826 price in India announced at Rs. 26,200

HTC Desire 826 vs One M8

The HTC unveiled the Desire 826 back in January at CES, but their release plans for the device have largely been unknown. If you’ve wondered about the HTC Desire 826 price in India, wonder no more as it’s just shown up at a retailer in the region ahead of an official release.

HTC One M9 Plus leak confirms new Home Button

HTC One M9 Plus

It’s difficult to keep a secret in the smartphone world these days, and no device is safe when it comes to leaks. HTC knows that better than anyone else (aside from Sammy), and the HTC One M9 Plus has been at the center of plenty of leaks. Well, we just got another as new material shows that Home Button many have wondered about.

HTC One M8s revealed and priced, 2015 refresh of One M8

HTC One M8s official and priced

With the new HTC One M9 flagship heading to regions worldwide, it may seem a bit odd that the company would push out an updated version of last year’s flagship. That’s just what has happened though as the HTC One M8s has just been revealed and priced, and it’s a 2015 refresh of the One […]

HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 camera results comparison

HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 camera results b

HTC announced its One M9 flagship early this month and there will be many potential buyers snapping it up in the next few weeks. One of its high-end contenders is the iPhone 6 and on paper they have very different camera set-ups. If smartphone photography is important to you then you might be interested in […]

HTC One E9+ now officially listed with specs

HTC One E9+

Over the last few weeks we’ve been hearing rumors about a device that was originally dubbed the HTC A55 and eventually became known as the HTC One E9+. We’ve seen leaked specs and also images of the smartphone, and now the HTC One E9+ aka A55 has become officially listed giving confirmed specs of the […]

HTC One M9 US shipping before end of March

HTC One M9 shipping US

The HTC One M9 flagship smartphone was announced at the beginning or the month and has an official in-store release date of April 10 for the US. However it’s reported that HTC One M9 US shipping will begin before the end of March for some who have pre-ordered the device. The One M9 will directly […]

New HTC One E9+ photos provide the best look yet

HTC One E9+

It’s not uncommon to know a lot about a new smartphone or tablet before they hit the streets – it’s just part of the game these days. That’s been the case with every handset HTC has released over the past few years, and now we’re getting what may be the final look at the HTC One E9+ before it becomes official.

HTC T1H specs show a new 8.9-inch HTC tablet

HTC T1H Tablet

Earlier today we told you about a slew of upcoming devices from HTC, and talked about the HTC A50AML smartphone. Now we’re going to take a look at a device that could be its companion with the HTC T1H. It’s a new tablet from the company, and it could be one to watch considering what they did with the Nexus 9.

HTC A50AML leak rumored to be a new Desire handset

HTC Logo

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about HTC’s upcoming handsets over the past few weeks, and the focus has been on the HTC One M9 Plus and the One E9. Well, it turns out HTC has a whole slew of devices planned, and one of the more interesting ones is called the HTC A50AML.