UK Phone Bill savings calculator by Direct Save Telecom

UK Phone Bill savings calculator by Direct Save Telecom

A very unique price calculator to show exactly where savings can be made on UK’s telecom bills – Direct Save Telecom has targeted the customers of the big 4 providers by becoming the first telecom provider in the UK to install a price calculator on its website. Since its launch in January 2013 over 1000 […]

Apple gains new court victory against Samsung

Apple gains new court victory against Samsung

The long and drawn out patent disputes between bitter rivals Apple and Samsung has been going on for ages now, and in a new twist we can report that Apple has gained a court victory against Samsung as the feud has no end in sight. Apple recently won another victory against Samsung and this time […]

Apple reigns supreme in US as Android slips

Apple reigns supreme in US as Android slips

It seems that many consumers think that Apple is beginning to lose its grip on the smartphone crown as rival manufacturers seemingly bring out more powerful devices with larger screens, but Apple is still reigning supreme in the US as Android slips. According to some new data from comScore Apple has increased its lead over […]

Apple seduction of India iPhone market continues


As we usually get plenty of comments on our posts about the smartphone market in India we know we have a good amount of readers in the country and at Phones Review we really appreciate this. In recent times Apple has begun to acknowledge the importance of India as a growing phone market and Apple […]

Android enterprise activations fall while iOS thrives


Only yesterday we told how a Galaxy S4 with Samsung’s new KNOX initiative could be a step forward in the right direction for the Android platform in the enterprise market. If the new security software solution makes a good enough impact it could really attract more enterprise users to Android devices. Sadly however, KNOX wasn’t […]

iPhone 5 & 4S outshine Samsung Galaxy S3 in world sales


Everybody interested in mobile technology knows that Apple and Samsung dominate sales in the market and today some serious number crunching for Q4, 2012 smartphone sales has just been released. The figures show that globally the Apple iPhone 5 became the best-selling smartphone in the final quarter of last year and although that in itself […]

Staples US to stock Apple goods, corporate expense gains


There’s big, big news for Staples today as it has emerged that its US stores are soon to begin stocking Apple goods. The significance of this deal for Staples cannot be underestimated and Apple will also benefit of course, notably as more Apple products will be available in a retail chain that millions of people […]

Apple vs Samsung in Cook and Jobs disagreement


Many of you will be aware of the well-documented litigation wars of Apple vs. Samsung and sometimes to be frank it seems that these patent disputes will never end. One thing you may not have known though is that current Apple CEO Tim Cook and the late CEO Steve Jobs were actually in disagreement about […]

Apple Beats Samsung in US Smartphone Market Share with 34%

Apple Beats Samsung in US Smartphone Market Share with 34 percent

Apple is giving tough times to its rival Samsung with the strong sales volume of iPhone 5. According to the reports of Strategy Analytics, Apple has won over the US mobile market with its Smartphone during the last quarter of 2012. The firm estimated that 52 million US consumers have purchased smartphones during the Q4 […]

Nokia cutting 300 jobs and transferring 820

Nokia cutting 300 jobs and transferring 820

In recent times Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has seen its share of the smartphone market dwindle away to the likes of the iPhone and Android platforms. To try and turn things around the company hooked up with Microsoft to offer consumers hardware on the Windows Phone platform, and to further reduce its costs Nokia is […]