Latest iPad Pro release news and UK price estimates

iPad Pro release news

Last month Apple officially revealed the iPad Pro, the largest tablet so far from the giant manufacturer. The company announced that it would be available in November but did not give a specific release date. The latest iPad Pro release news is that the tablet beast will reach the first buyers in early November. We […]

The Swipe Ace Strike tablet arrives at Snapdeal for Rs. 6,999

Swipe Ace Strike Tablet

Slates with voice-calling capabilities are nothing new, and we’ve seen several arrive in India over the past few years. The Swipe Ace Strike is one of the latest tablets to hit the region, and it has an affordable price tag of Rs. 6,999.

Galaxy Tab E Nook announced for Barnes & Noble at $249

Galaxy Tab E Nook

Samsung has cranked out several slates in partnership with Barnes & Noble, and you can now add one more to the list. The Galaxy Tab E Nook has been announced as a new 9.6-inch tablet for B&N enthusiasts, and it’s set to roll out starting today.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 price and availability are announced

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

If you’re a fan of Windows Mobile, today is the day you’ve been waiting for. The company has unveiled several new products including the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The device had been churning about in the rumor mill for months, but today we now the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 price and can tell you when you’ll be able to pick one up.

Dell XPS 12 specs show a potential 4K Surface competitor

Dell XPS 12

The number of QHD panels has increased significantly this year, and within a few more years it will become standard. 4K panels are obviously in the works, and the Dell XPS 12 looks to be one of the first tablets to sport a large 4K display.

Samsung Galaxy View tablet passes through RRA certification

samsung galaxy view

Samsung has remained relatively quiet in regards to the Samsung Galaxy View release since they first teased the huge slate. Well, it looks like their new tablet may be gearing up to launch soon as it’s just been certified by another regulatory agency.

Google Pixel C tablet price revealed with announcement

Google Pixel C

In a day of big announcements, the one device that surprised many of us was the one we almost didn’t see coming. The Google Pixel C tablet somehow managed to fly under the radar until yesterday, but today the slate is official and here’s what you can expect.

iPad Mini 4 review, you can hardly go wrong

iPad mini 4 review b

Unusually for Apple the iPad mini 4 released as soon as it was announced in September. The tablet was hotly anticipated and many are likely to be adding it to their holiday wish lists. If you’re unsure whether to add it to your own wish list or purchase it for yourself then you might be […]

High-end Google Pixel C tablet may arrive running Android

google logo

Google is set to unleash two new Nexus devices, but there hasn’t been any mention of a Nexus tablet this year. A tablet called the Google Pixel C may drop in to tide us over if a new rumor pans out, and it’s set to be a high-end slate worthy of the Pixel moniker.

The Sharp Aquos Famiredo tablet sports a 15.6-inch display and TV Tuner

Sharp Aquos Famiredo

Bigger isn’t always better, but manufacturers may be going large with tablets in 2016. We’ve seen an uptick in large slates lately, and the Sharp Aquos Famiredo is set to join the crowd with a 15.6-inch display.