Doogee F2015 specs revealed ahead of September launch

doogee logo

We have already covered three new handsets from Doogee this month, and you can now add a fourth to the list. The Doogee F2015 has just broken cover, and it looks to be another device with a unique display.

Oukitel smartphone with 10,000mAh battery in the pipeline

oukitel smartphone

We haven’t covered Oukitel in the past, but that’s going to be changing if they can produce smartphones like the ones they’ve been showing over the past few weeks. The latest one is said to have the biggest battery around as it’s rumored to clock in at 10,000mAh.

The Doogee F3 Ltd set to ship with 4GB of RAM and 21MP camera

Doogee F3 Ltd

The last time we took a look at a smartphone from Doogee, it was the Doogee S6000 with its massive battery. The Doogee F3 Ltd is another interesting smartphone from the company, and while the battery isn’t quite as large, the specs more than make up for it.

HTC One ME aka One ME9 is officially introduced

HTC One ME aka HTC One ME9

There have been several leaks about an upcoming variant of the HTC One M9 and now the HTC One ME has been officially introduced. This has also been referred to as the One ME9 and is a high-end smartphone that may help to boost HTC sales after lower than expected sales of the One M9 […]

Zeaplus M7 arrives this month with Fingerprint Scanner and 64-bit chip

zeaplus m7

We cover a lot of China brands, but haven’t spent much time with Zeaplus. The Zeaplus M7 is their second device that’s caught our eye, but for totally different reasons than the first.

TCL 3S smartphone has eye-scanning and $129 price tag


Mobile technology has come a long way, and futuristic tech is starting to find its way into more consumer devices. Eye-scanning is something we’ve heard a lot about over the past 6-months, and the TCL 3S smartphone is one of the latest smartphones to tackle the tech.

Pre-sale begins for high-powered LeTV One Pro

LeTV One Pro

Back in April, we told you about a number of upcoming handsets from Chinese manufacturer LeTV. The LeTV One Pro was set to be the best of the bunch, and the speedy smartphone has just gone up for pre-sale regardless of your locale.

The HTC WF5w gets certified through TENAA


Dozens of devices pass through the gates of TENAA each month, and occasionally we come across a previously unknown handset. That’s the case this week, as it looks like HTC may have a new smartphone in the works with the HTC WF5w.

The ZTE Q519T hits China with Android 5.0 and $95 price tag


China sees far more smartphone releases than the states or Europe. The ZTE Q519T is one of the latest smartphones to land in the region, and it’s a handset to keep an eye one in the event it leaves the East.

The Innos D6000 sports 3GB of RAM and two batteries


If you follow our coverage or are knee deep in the world of Chinese smartphones, you know the country churns out some beastly devices. The Innos D6000 is one of the latest beasts from the East, and it has more battery life than any other smartphone you’re likely to come across.