iOS 7 release countdown, prepare for change

iOS 7 release countdown, prepare for change

The iOS 7 release countdown has now begun, and from September 18 Apple users will be able to get to grips with the radical operating system. Yesterday Apple announced that the new looking iOS 7 will be released on September 18 and users will be able to download and install by going into Settings > […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra open source 14.1.B.0.461 download

Sony Xperia Z Ultra open source 14.1.B.0.461 download

Sony is certainly working hard this year to make a bigger splash in the Android smartphone world by releasing some highly desirable handsets, and will finally have something to offer to consumers besides Samsung and even Apple. Now the company has provided the open source 14.1.B.0.261 download for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The Sony […]

Falcon Pro 2.0.5 update with new features


If you are interested in the Android Twitter client Falcon Pro you will probably already know that it was recently removed from the Google Play Store by developer Joaquim Vergès. He did so because a ceiling of 100,000 user tokens had been reached, so Twitter closed the app to new users. However, we’ve now heard […]

WindowsAndroid download adds android apps on Windows PC


Here’s some information that should please those of you who have ever wanted to have an Android app on your PC as we can tell you about the arrival of some software from Socketeq dubbed WindowsAndroid. The WindowsAndroid download allows users to add Android apps on a Windows PC and the great appeal of this […]

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 download is RIM’s New Multiplatform


We’ve been tracking all the developments regarding the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS and the devices that will run it and the closer it gets to the January 30 event where BB10 will be officially introduced, the more our anticipation is growing. Ahead of the big unveiling we have now received word from RIM that the […]

Test drive AirDroid v2 Beta APK with nifty features

airdroid app

While some people mainly iPhone users, may criticise the openness of the Android platform, it allows for some great applications to become available on the platform that offer a growing variety of uses, and today you can test drive the AirDroid v2 beta APK that has some nifty features. The guys over on the Android […]

SwiftKey Flow beta Android apk downloads available

SwiftKey Flow beta Android apk downloads available

If you are one of the Android faithful that likes to try out new keyboards, you might like to know that the Swiftkey Flow beta for Android apk has now been released. For those that may not be aware, Swiftkey Flow combines a prediction engine with the style and speed of the user gliding their […]

iTunes 11 release download today hopefully rebuilt: Update

iTunes 11 release download today hopefully rebuilt

iTunes is favoured by millions and it is expected that a new version of iTunes, which was expected to release back in October, should release to those millions sometime today the 29th of November. Apple delayed the release of iTunes 11 due to the redesigned media player taking longer than expected to get it right. […]

iOS 6 download, public worldwide times

iOS 6 public worldwide times for download

Everyone is asking the same thing, so we would like to give you the iOS 6 download public worldwide times, historically this new operating system is available from 10.00am PST (6PM UK time), so tomorrow September 19th will probably be the same. Please check out the two screenshots below showing all times. The full iOS […]

File Manager Total Commander download for Android


There’s great news today for plenty of people who’ve been waiting for the desktop file manager Total Commander app to make it to the Google Play Store, as it’s now available and ready to download. The good news goes on as the Total Commander Android app features all three plugins, FTP, LAN and WebDAV. For […]