LTE adoption implies handsets now standard not luxury


As well as mobile device news we also like to keep readers informed about other mobile technology and today we’re looking at LTE smartphones and their surge in popularity. It doesn’t seem too long ago that we were writing about the first LTE networks and LTE-equipped phones but new figures about LTE adoption suggest LTE […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE on EE and dilemma of buying

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE on EE and dilemma of buying

Today you can get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Titanium Grey 16GB smartphone on EE (Everything Everywhere) for as little as £36.00 per month, but this is where some may have a dilemma of buying one. On EE you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Titanium Grey 16GB for £49.99 on […]

EE 4G LTE coverage & cost not helping subscriber numbers

EE 4G LTE coverage cost not helping subscriber numbers

UK smartphone users for a long time have had to look enviously at other countries busy rolling out 4G LTE networks to provide much faster data speeds to compatible mobile devices. This changed last year when EE (Everything Everywhere) launched a 4G LTE service, but it seems coverage and the high cost is not helping […]

Swap BlackBerry Bold 9900 for a Z10 with EE

Swap BlackBerry Bold 9900 for a Z10 with EE

The new BlackBerry 10 operating system has been with us for a few weeks now, at least in the UK and Canada, and there have been mainly positive reviews from those that have already taken the plunge and purchased a new handset on the platform, and we now have news that owners of the BlackBerry […]

HTC One SV LTE Price Shock on EE 4G


We are seeing a growing number of smartphones that are now making use of the various 4G LTE networks that are springing up around the world. If you are a resident of the UK though up until recently there has been no access to any such service. This changed late last year with the launch […]

UK 4G LTE auction bidders revealed

ofcom 4G auction

Consumers in the UK have long had to make do with a 3G mobile service that can sometimes be patchy, but a 4G service has recently become available from carrier EE. The service is only available in a number of cities around the country and the pricing for the available 4G talk plans is rather […]

EE 4G March 2013 Rollout Promise for 17 UK Cities

EE rollout

EE, formerly Everything Everywhere back in October launched the UK’s first 4G LTE service after the country saw a number of delays in the 4G spectrum auction. The carrier has got a head start on its rivals and can offer a service to consumers in the country that takes advantage of all the new mobile […]

HTC One SV is not a Nexus 4 threat

HTC One SV not a Nexus 4 threat

The Nexus 4 as we all know is out of stock again and everyone has to sit back and wait patiently for more to arrive, but one question that sticks out in our minds is “Are consumers get impatient waiting for the Nexus 4?” There is a new kid on the block and we here […]

Nokia Lumia 920 to release on more carriers soon

lumia 920 more carriers

Nokia has teamed up with Microsoft to try and make a bigger impression in the smartphone market after its existence has almost been completely wiped out. Its first batch of Windows Phone devices received a lukewarm reception in sales and reviews alike, but things may be taking a more positive turn with the latest WP8 […]

iPad Mini 4G LTE low upfront price with EE UK

EE ipad mini

It’s no secret that consumers in the UK have been left waiting to get access to a 4G LTE network, which was finally provided by Everything Everywhere now known as EE. The company since its launch has made a big thing about being able to provide a network that is compatible with the recent mobile […]