Paris attack stems Facebook profile pic change for solidarity

Paris attacks stems Facebook profile change

There are shockwaves around the world today caused by the dreadful tragedy in Paris last night. Much of the world is uniting against these actions and sharing thoughts on social media through mobile apps. Now the Paris attack has stemmed a special Facebook profile pic change, as a way of showing solidarity to the victims. […]

Facebook Notify app launches for iOS

Facebook Notify App

If you’re reading this article, there is a very strong chance you have a Facebook account or have had one in the past. Facebook has dipped their toes into the app waters several times before, and today they’ve unveiled the Facebook Notify app for folks on iOS.

Facebook Lite app download for India now available

Facebook Lite India launch

Many readers may have heard of the Facebook Lite app that launched for some emerging markets earlier in the month. Today the Facebook Lite app download for India has become available on the Android platform. For those who haven’t heard of it, Facebook Lite is intended as a lighter, less intensive version of the app. […]

Oculus Rift release date set for early 2016

oculus rift

It’s been a while since we talked about the Oculus Rift as things like Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR have come along and stolen a bit of the spotlight. That’s going to change soon, but maybe not as soon as some might like. Facebook has just given us a look at their version of the […]

The Facebook Riff app lets you make videos with Friends

facebook riff

Facebook. Love it or hate it, the social service isn’t going away anytime soon, and they’ve spent a lot of time and money branching out into other areas. Virtual Reality is one of them, but staying ‘social’ is key to keeping their users happy. The Facebook Riff app doesn’t delve in VR, but it will allow you to create and collaborate on videos with your friends.

The Facebook Rooms app lets you create your own anonymous mini community

facebook rooms app

The Facebook app is one of the most download mobile apps on any platform. Last week, the company unveiled the Facebook Rooms app for iOS. Ready to get social in an all new way?

Facebook iOS app preferred over Messenger

Facebook vs Facebook Messenger app

At the end of July we informed readers about a very significant change to the Facebook app for Android and iPhone users. We’ll go into more details later but at the time we said this plan was causing some controversy amid claims of Facebook being heavy-handed. Now it appears that the Facebook iOS app is […]

Facebook down with apps not working


Is Facebook down for you? We would imagine so, especially considering all the Facebook apps are not working and the website just has an unable to connect message on all popular web browsers. Product Reviews noticed that Facebook users were complaining about blank white screens in certain locations, and then the whole website went down […]

Facebook push Messenger app for Android and iPhone

Facebook Messenger Android and iPhone b

There’s a notable change coming to Facebook, especially if you are one of the many people who use it for sending messages. Up until now Facebook app users have been able to chat with friends using a Messages tab within the app. Now Facebook is pushing its Messenger app for Android and iPhone. This means […]

Slingshot app Android and iOS, love it or hate it

Slingshot app for Android and iOS, love it or hate it

Every now and then an app comes along that gathers a huge amount of interest, such as the Yo app that has recently been in the news. Now the new Facebook Slingshot app for Android and iOS is making waves and could take on the popular Snapchat app, although it seems to be getting a […]