Official launch of LG VX9100 en V2 by Verizon

LG VX9100 en V2

For those who await the arrival of Verizon’s LG VX9100 en V2 mobile phone your wait is about to end, for Verizon will officially launch this sleek text messaging powerhouse to the number two American carrier’s CDMA airwaves on Wednesday. Verizon’s LG VX9100 en V2 handset will hit the market sporting stereo speakers, a full […]

No 3G for the mean looking Stealth iPhone from Colorware

Stealth iPhone

Looks almost as if it’s a completely different Apple iPhone, maybe even the 3G iPhone, but no it’s an awesome colour job by Colorware. An all black paint job which makes the Apple iPhone look real mean and it also comes with matching iPhone dock and earphones. This custom Stealth iPhone doesn’t change any iPhone […]

$479 for Nokia N810 WiMAX Tablet

Nokia N810 WiMAX

Most of the world is waiting on Nokia to announce the pricing information on their Nokia N810 WiMAX enabled Internet Tablet. But for some reason it seems online retailer is offering a discounted price on said handset. had the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition marked down from a list price of $479.00 to just […]

Video as Apple iPhone wallpaper from vWallpaper: video

Apple iPhone

So you’ve got your Apple iPhone handset and you wish to make it more pretty, so you slap on a static wallpaper image to help stylise the staid image on the Apple iPhone’s sexy 3.5inch multi-touch display, but are you satisfied with just the usual static image? If not then you will be happy to […]

Pininfarina designed Motorola i877 mobile phone launched by Telus

Motorola i877

Design house Pininfarina, of Ferrari fame has put their collective design genius into designing a new sleek and stylish mobile flip phone for Motorola called the Motorola Mike i887. Telus has launched the Motorola Mike i877, which has a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, PTT- push-to-talk, multimedia player, miniUSB, and microSD expansion slot. Unfortunately the specification […]

Nokia release 6600 Fold, 6600 Slide, 3600 Slide mobile phones


Nokia has just released 3 Series 40 mobile handsets a fold and a slide 6600 and a slide 3600. Beginning at the lower end is the 3600, a slide design that is quad-band EDGE/GSM with a selling price of 175 EUR when it reaches the public sometime in Q3 this year. The 3600 features a […]

FreeMobile411 from V-ENABLE available for Sprint


V-ENABLE a local mobile search and directory assistance services provider has announced a fully featured Java ME based version of FreeMobile411 is available to download to Sprint customers. The fast and easy to use voice enabled app will allow a user to speak whatever they are looking for by depressing and holding the talk key […]

Nokia is to return to the Korean mobile phone market


An official at SK Telecom, Korea’s largest communications company has stated that SK Telecom is in negotiations with the Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia to supply mobile handsets, and that Nokia mobile phones could well be on sale in SK Telecom stores by the year’s end. Nokia abandoned the Korean market some time ago, and […]

Widgetbox brings widget gallery to the Apple iPhone


The Apple iPhone is receiving a widget gallery which “extends the world’s largest gallery of widgets to the screens of millions of iPhone users around the world,” announced Widgetbox. As of immediately a range of widgets are available in the Widgetbox iPhone Gallery which include widgets for… today’s top ten most interesting flickr images, the […]

The Nokia N78 vs the Nokia N82 in pictures

Nokia N78

Taking a look at the medium high-end spectrum of Nokia’s N series we have a few images of the Nokia N78 and Nokia N82 for you to ponder over can compare both handsets. The Nokia N78 and N82 aren’t the top notch high-end devices Nokia have in their portfolio, but we thought they were worth […]