Apple Store down March 7 for updates: Event coverage

Apple Store down March 7 for updates

Just a quick bit of news, the Apple Store is down and new updates are taking place. The question is “What is coming?” As we all know the iPad 3 launch event kicks off later today, and when such event happens the store goes down for a little while. New products will show up online […]

Something Is Coming teasers aka iPad 3: AT&T and Verizon

Something Is Coming teasers aka iPad 3 AT&T and Verizon

As the world waits to see what the iPad 3 may bring later today we continue to hear possible specifications for the device still emerging. It has also been rumored the iPad 3 or whatever Apple land up calling it will be available to consumers as early as the 16th of this month, and in […]

iPad 3 / HD roundup, what will become truth? Update


We are all hanging onto the edges of our seats in anticipation of the Apple iPad 3 announcement event later on today. With the release so close, speculation as to what we may see is mounting and we thought we’d give you a roundup of the iPad 3 /HD as we wonder, what will become […]

iPad 3 could believably release on March 16


The majority of tech news at the moment seems to concern the Apple iPad 3 and of course if you’re one of the many waiting for a release date you’ll already know that the official unveiling event is to take place tomorrow. We now have news of a very believable release date for the iPad […]

iPad 3 Countdown: Most wanted upgrade feature – Update


The countdown is now on until the first appearance of the Apple iPad 3 and as you can probably tell we’re pretty excited. The big announcement takes place tomorrow and you can bet we’ll be bringing you all the developments along the way. However, while we still have to wait a little longer we thought […]

iPad HD not iPad 3 according to reliable source

iPad HD not 3

Tomorrow we will finally see what the next version of the iPad will bring to the table with the special Apple event. The device has often been referred to as the iPad 3 even though nothing has ever come from Apple, and now a reliable source is suggesting the device will be called the iPad […]

iPad 3 LTE and customer buying survey


The iPad 3 event where we expect to hear all the juicy details of Apple’s next iPad is now only two days away and speculation is mounting as to just what we might expect. We’ve spoken many times about rumored specs and features and one of those was the possibility of 4G LTE. Today is […]

iPad 3 super accessories spotted online


The unveiling of the Apple iPad 3 is now only 2 days away and news and speculation is in overdrive for this much-anticipated tablet device. We’ve reported on rumored specs and features and much more but now we have news on some super iPad 3 accessories online. There has been speculation that the iPad 3 […]

Belkin iPad 3 screen guard confirms name, sort of

Belkin iPad 3 screen guard confirms name, sort of

We all know the next generation iOS tablet is due to arrive in a couple of day’s time, but will the Apple slate arrive as the iPad 3 as it is currently being referred to or will Apple give it a new moniker? Well it appears that the iPad 3 just might turn out to […]

Best 5 Android tablets pitted against iPad 3


The big event to unveil the Apple iPad 3 is only a few days away and we’ll be following all the developments from San Francisco on Wednesday. While we’re waiting for the next-generation iPad to arrive we thought it was worth taking a look at some of the best 5 Android tablets As well as […]