Microsoft Surface Pro update fixes cover problems

Microsoft Surface Pro update fixes cover problems

Two days ago was Microsoft ‘Patch Tuesday’ and this time round they released a new Surface Pro firmware update that fixes a few problems. The Microsoft Surface Pro had Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 problems and this fix apparently fixes them, looking into this the update seems to be for the Surface Pro […]

New Surface Pro 2 and RT price importance

New Surface Pro 2 and RT price importance

It was nice to see Steve Ballmer admit the mistakes Microsoft made with the Surface Pro and RT, something you don’t hear often from a company CEO, although we still can’t help feeling as though he is steering the company in the wrong direction, although this is something we do not want to get into […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – Review of rumors and wishlist

Microsoft Surface 2 – Review of rumors and wishlist

For some time now we have heard several people say that Microsoft’s Surface was a failure because of lackluster sales. However, this is not entirely correct, because while sales of the RT have not been what Microsoft would have hoped, the Pro seems to be more of a success. Okay, so we know that sales […]

Microsoft Surface Pro specs get supersized, global release unknown

Microsoft Surface Pro gets supersized global release unknown

The move by Microsoft into the tablet PC world has so far been a mixed bag of success sales wise, but the company has recently been expanding the regions that have access to the Microsoft Surface Pro, which now gets some of its specs supersized but a global release is unknown. We have seen the […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Europe release & UK price set

pro uk release date

While the Android tablet PC market is jam packed with hardware the Windows 8 platform currently has less to offer, but now the Microsoft Surface Pro has been given a release date in Europe along with pricing for the UK. We heard last month that the device was due for a release in the European […]

Microsoft Surface Pro release widens to new regions including UK

Surface pro uk release

The tablet PC market has got extremely crowded in recent times with the Apple iPad and the numerous Android devices dominating the market, and more recently Microsoft decided to enter the market with some new products. Now it has been revealed that the Microsoft Surface Pro release is to shortly widen to more regions that […]

Apple iPad 128GB on sale to narrow Surface Pro gap

iPad 128GB available to buy, Surface Pro anyone

This is just getting silly now Apple, yes we are pointing the finger at you fruity for releasing yet another tablet so soon. The new Apple iPad 128GB is now on sale via the Apple Store in both UK and USA and we believe it is too soon, the iPad 4 as we all call […]

Microsoft Surface Pro release date, prices and where to buy


We’ve been keeping readers informed about the Microsoft Surface tablets for some time. Back in October the lesser option, the Microsoft Surface RT, was launched but it’s fair to say that it has failed to take off so far. However some consumers may have been waiting to get their hands on the Surface Pro tablet […]