Temple Run 2 beats all-comers with 50 million downloads


We have some astounding news today regarding the popular Temple Run games from Imangi Studios. Many of you will be fans of the Temple Run apps and will already be stuck into Temple Run 2, which recently released and is now available for iOS and Android platforms. We have now learned that Temple Run 2 […]

Temple Run 2 Android Release Countdown

temple run 2 android

When the original Temple Run game was released onto the iOS platform it quickly gained a huge following, with even a number of celebrities taking to social networking sites to post their highest scores. Unfortunately users of the Android platform had to wait quite a while before the game was available to them, and now […]

Temple Run 2 released but not for Android yet

Temple Run 2 released but not for Android yet main pic

When the first Temple Run was released it was huge by popular demand, and now there is a new one called Temple Run 2 and yet again it has been released for iOS users but not for Android. This is the sequel game to the smash hit that had over 170 million downloads, and thanks […]

Temple Run for BlackBerry is Tomb Escape

Temple Run for BlackBerry is Tomb Escape

As I’m sure you know when it comes to mobile apps, usually the iOS platform gets them first whilst over platforms have to wait, much like Android had a long wait to see Temple Run become available, and BlackBerry also had to wait quite some time for their version of Temple Run to become available. […]

Update of Temple Run for Android fixes problems


When Temple Run for Android from Imangi Studios was finally released on March 27 we knew just how many of you were waiting for this smash-hit game to arrive on the Android platform. However we soon heard many complaints about glitches in the game or incompatibility and the good news today is that an update […]

Temple Run for Android hits 1M download milestone

Temple Run for Android hits 1M download milestone

After quite a bit of a wait for the highly popular mobile game Temple Run to hit Google Play, the Android version of the game, that has apparently seen 45 million downloads over the last seven months on the iOS platform, has hit its first download milestone on the Android platform, with gamers downloading the […]

Angry mixed feelings on Temple Run for Android


The Temple Run for Android saga has gone on and on and yesterday we were pleased to be able to tell our readers that the game was finally available. However, although we expected that many people would be delighted at the news, the response was quite different as it seems that many of you are […]

Temple Run could come to Facebook and Mac App Store


We’ve been following the story of the smash-hit Temple Run game by Imangi Studios and especially the lengthy delay getting the game to the Android platform. Finally that release is coming and we now have news that Temple Run could also appear in the Mac App Store and for PCs and Facebook at some point […]

Joy at Temple Run for Android official release


We’ve been following the saga of the Temple Run for Android release for some time and finally two days ago we were able to give readers a definitive release date of March 27, as confirmed by developers. Today we’ve been looking at reaction to the news and there’s an awful lot of joy out there […]

Looking into Temple Run for Android official March release: Update

Temple run for android possible release date

Users of the Android platform have been waiting patiently for the release of the hugely successful Temple Run game, as users of the iOS platform have been enjoying for a while now. Originally the game was promised to be coming last month, and the delay led to a number of angry comments from users of […]