Kyocera Brigadier to have Sapphire Shield Display

kyocera brigadier

Apple isn’t the only company with plans for a sapphire display, and a new handset from an unlikely source is going to beat Apple to the punch. The Kyocera Brigadier is the device, and it’s equipped with a display they refer to as the Sapphire Shield.

HTC One M8 for Windows is Verizon Bound

HTC Logo

Window’s phones haven’t gotten a lot of love over the past few years compared to Android and iOS, but that’s slowly changing thanks to a slew of top-tier devices. If a new report is true, you can now add one more to that list with the HTC One M8 for Windows.

Nokia Lumia Superman smartphone headed to Verizon and AT&T

nokia lumia logo

Earlier in the month we briefly touched on a leaked photo of a device believed to be the Nokia 830 or Nokia 730 aka Superman. Well, we still don’t know what that device is, but today we’ve learned that it is headed for AT&T and Verizon in the U.S at the end of next month.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes to Verizon for $360

Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung announced their 2014 tablet lineup earlier this year, and back in March we told you the biggest slate was headed to Verizon. That day has finally arrived as the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 has just landed on Big Red.

HTC One Remix set to Launch on Verizon July 24th

HTC One Remix

The HTC One Remix has been lingering around the rumor mill since the M8 hit the streets, but a new leak has the device scheduled to arrive at Big Red this Thursday, July 24th.

The Verizon Edge Program now includes Android Tablets and iPads

verizon edge updgrade

T-Mobile started the whole “uncarrier’ craze and forced other cellular providers in the state to change the way they do business. Verizon countered with the Edge Upgrade program, and they’ve just added some new devices to their roster with Android tablets and the iPad.

LG G Vista headed to Verizon on July 18

LG G Vista Verizon

The LG G3 is the big story this month as it starts its global rollout, but it’s not the only LG device set to launch. The LG G Vista is lurking in the background, and a new rumor has it scheduled to arrive this Friday on Big Red.

Verizon prepaid 4G LTE availability from July 17 tipped

Verizon prepaid 4G LTE availability from July 17 tipped

Customers of Verizon Wireless could be forgiven for wondering why it has taken so long for prepaid plans to get 4G LTE access. If you’re one of those customers you might be pleased to hear that Verizon prepaid 4G LTE availability from July 17 has been tipped. This date has been given by unnamed sources […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE Verizon June 26 release

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE releases on Verizon June 26

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 range have been popular devices for the company and in April the new Galaxy Tab 4 lineup was made official. These come as 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1-inch models and today there’s news that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE for Verizon will release on June 26, so there’s just […]

LG G Pro 2 Lite touted as LG G Vista for Verizon

LG G Pro 2 Lite touted as LG G Vista for Verizon

Ahead of new device launches we are always likely to see plenty of leaks, and some are more straightforward than others. If you’ve been hoping for an LG G Pro 2 Lite then you might be interested in this latest leak. A phone looking much like the LG G3 that could be the LG G […]