iOS 6 criticism doesn’t deter users, far from it

Apple’s iOS 6, the latest update to its mobile operating system, was released on Wednesday and although most of the pre-release publicity about the new OS was very positive, on release there has been some harsh criticism about the upgrade. It has to be said that this iOS does seem to have been launched with more than its fair share of problems but it seems that all the criticism hasn’t deterred users from upgrading to it, in fact far from it.

Since iOS 6 became available we’ve been keeping readers informed with plenty of news about it and there have been some issues. After the initial downloading problems we told about concerns with the new Passbook app and then of the pretty fierce and widespread condemnation of Apple’s new Maps app. In fact many feel that the new iOS is a bit of a mess so you might imagine that on hearing all of this widely reported news many people would be put off downloading iOS 6, choosing instead to stick with iOS 5.

That hasn’t been the case though with a report today telling how iOS device users can’t seem to wait to upgrade to the latest OS. In fact as more negative news has come out the adoption rate by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users has still risen quickly. As TechCrunch reports, analytics firm Apsalar has released figures showing that after the first two days of iOS 6 being released the adoption rate was up to 20% from a 5% adoption rate after day one. Even more telling perhaps is the news that iOS 6 is being taken up more than twice as quickly as iOS 5 was over the same period. iOS 5 was adopted by 9% of iOS device users after two days while iOS 6 had been adopted by 20% of devices over the same time.

In case you’re looking for flaws in the figures and are maybe thinking that only a small sample of devices were considered in the survey we can tell you that over 6 million devices were taken into account for iOS 6 data and over 2 million devices for iOS 5 data. Of course we should take into account that one of the reasons for a faster uptake may be the ease of newer OTA updates .

Although there has been a lot of talk of negative points about iOS 6 we feel there must be some users who are enjoying some of the new features and improvements and we’d like to hear from readers about this. Do the figures above reflect your own experience? Have you been deterred from downloading iOS 6 because of all the criticism or did you update quickly regardless? Are your initial impressions of the latest operating system positive or negative? Let us know with your comments.


7 thoughts on “iOS 6 criticism doesn’t deter users, far from it”

  1. I use an iPhone 3GS; going through the list of Apple advertised features for IOS 6:
    Maps: with no voice turn by turn this is pointless for me, (TomTom app has had turn by turn for years), (I am able to run the google maps app as on IOS 5 there are reports of Apple removing Google maps?) apparently not on my 3GS so lucky me?
    Siri: 3GS does not have this, so pointless for me,
    Facebook: I do not care that much for Facebook, or twitter so pointless for me,
    Passbook: does not work (yet) tried the time shift workaround still does not access the App Store. Will try later to see what joys that may bring.
    FaceTime: 3GS does not have 2nd camera so pointless for me,
    Phone: has changed keypad colour, otherwise difficult to notice any meaningful change, I “dial” a number and folk answer, the phone rings and I answer, that is it! Phones have done that for over 100 years.
    Signal reception remains poor, I put mine in a drinks glass (empty) to boost the signal, a lot cheaper than an iPhone 5 and works just fine.
    Mail: app looks identical to IOS5 version, maybe I’ve missed something?
    Safari: looks and acts identical to IOS 5 version, maybe I’ve missed something? (Opera is just fine too;),
    Accessibility: I have no immediate needs, other than perhaps needing some intellect boost to appreciate all these refinements in IOS 6?
    It seems IOS 6 has little if anything for me.
    I remain “up to date”, with operating systems as a personal choice, on all my computers and devices and will eventually move to new hardware, as and when whatever new version of IOS will not run on a 3GS.
    Maybe IOS 7, 8, 9 or10 will have it all?
    Can’t wait:)

  2. Cgburt says:

    I upgraded and have no wifi since the upgrade. I called apple and they are working on a solution and said they would not charge me as my phone is out of warranty. They said the greyed out wifi switch is a widespread problem yet know one is reporting this in the media that I can see. 4s 32gb

  3. Arddwr says:

    I upgraded to IOS 6 on both my iPad2 and iphone 4. Since then I am unable to access Yahoo or Google applications such as premier league fantasy football.

  4. Satguru says:

    I live in Rabat Morocco, and have upgraded to ios6 on my ipad2 within 15mn with no problem. It’s running fine, wifi (8 megabits) is great, and Safari is running faster than before (have tried it couple of slow  running websites) . Map is ok but look kinda blured compated to Google’s. Overall I am pretty satisfied but will still continue to use ios5 on my iPhone 4 for now (as I have not noticed much difference beside the ones I pointed earlier).

  5. greg says:

    My experiance has been a positive one. Yes Maps is different. I live in Vermont and tried out the turn by turn feature. It was flawless. So some points of interest are missing. They won’t be for long as soon as Yelp picks them up. I think it is a more useful app than the orginal Maps was. It will evolve. Keeping the basic system the same and polishing is a very good thing. I bet not many people want to learn a new OS every few years. I would recommend upgrading.

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