Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update and the constant great wait

We always attempt to keep readers up-to-date with all the latest news about operating system updates and at the moment the big question for many of our readers concerns the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update and when their smartphone or tablet might eventually receive it. The news is different for various manufacturers devices on assorted carriers and while some lucky device owners are already enjoying Jelly Bean, for plenty of others the constant great wait goes on.

Although there are millions of Android enthusiasts who staunchly defend their platform of choice, it has to be said that one thing that does cause controversy is the fragmentation involved. When Apple comes up with a new iOS update it becomes available for other iOS device users that are eligible for the update at exactly the same time, regardless of which operator they may use or where they are. For the Android system though it’s rather more complicated with lots of different devices with varying internals and then it becomes further involved as many carriers also want to embellish a new OS with their own requirements. It often seems as though U.S. readers are the last to get an OS update and to be fair it does often appear to be US carriers that take the longest to push the updates out.

Jelly Bean has already rolled out to a few devices and just some of the devices for which the update has already arrived are the Asus Transformer Pad TF300, the WiFi-Only version of the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Nexus S. Other devices are receiving the update at the moment with ongoing rollouts but we know that many, many of our readers are still waiting. We recently gave news on the Jelly Bean update for Sony Xperia phones with confirmation of which devices will receive the update and it appears that the first Sony devices that it will be pushed to will still have to wait until early 2013.

Meanwhile an example of disparity comes with Motorola and we should remember that although many are waiting for Jelly Bean, there are other device owners still waiting for the previous Android upgrade, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. For instance we’ve been following the progress of the Droid Bionic and its route to the 4.0 ICS update. This caused a huge amount of frustration and finally over the last weekend the update began rolling out. At the same time Motorola announced the Droid Bionic was also confirmed to receive Jelly Bean but after the many months of letdowns before it finally received ICS from Verizon and Motorola, it could be many moons before owners get that Jelly Bean flavor.

Another classic case of Jelly Bean update frustration comes with Samsung and in particular the Galaxy S3. This was confirmed months ago but has still only been pushed out to a few locations. It finally began its rollout in the UK last week although even that has been sporadic depending on which operator is being used and even those on the same operator are having different experiences. For examples some owners on Vodafone have received the update while others have not. However in the US it’s a different picture again as Galaxy S3 owners hoped to get Jelly Bean some months ago. However the latest news from Samsung still lists the Galaxy S3 update there simply as being available in the ‘coming months,’ possibly with different timing for different carriers. Of course it’s plausible then that US Galaxy S3 owners won’t be seeing any sign of Jelly Bean until 2013.

We’ve given just some examples of various manufacturers and devices to give readers some idea of just how fragmented the Jelly Bean update is. Of course some owners have chosen to update their Android devices to Jelly Bean using custom ROMs. However, although we know this works for many people, at Phones Review we would always advise readers to wait for the official update to arrive from their device manufacturer or carrier.

We’d really like to know what devices readers are using and whether you have received Android Jelly Bean or not yet? It would also be interesting to hear your region and the carrier that you use to get an idea of whether the update is available only in particular regions or whether your experience differs from others who are using the same device and carrier. Ultimately we’d like to know how you feel about the Jelly Bean update situation. Are you remaining patient, or not, with the great wait. Let us have your comments on this.


33 thoughts on “Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update and the constant great wait”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For all of us Bionic users out there, we have to first get ICS before we can move to JB. They should just move us to JB right now, given the amount of waiting we have done thus far. Nothing in Upstate NY as of 10:30 am Monday

  2. oklo alaku says:

    it’s really annoying having to wait for firmware update,I use a galaxy s3 and Samsung Nigeria posted on their Twitter page that jb update will bee available by fist week of November…

  3. Gustavo Gomez says:

    I am happy with ICS and I dont care about Jelly bean. My phone is fast and it has the features that I want. Iphone has the same problems. Try to use the iphone 4 it doesn’t have the latest io6 features.

    1. please explain how you updated vis kies.
      I am so tired of the “no apparent reasoning” for Galaxy note to be released with jelly bean and galaxy2 to have jelly bean and S3 with same hardware-just diff screen to not have it at release time let alone months later.
      I am getting really p’o’d by the back story not being shared about jelly bean getting released. If google would grow a pair they’d insist to use Android on your device–for free–you must release patches and updates as they are released not months or never later.

      1. Richard says:

        Just download Kies from Samsung, plug in a usb cable between phone and computer. Kies will detect phone and inform if there is a firmware update. Its takes around 5 mins and is fully automated

  4. Imran says:

    today morning i got a update message i press the later button so i can update with my kies software .. and when today i plugged my phone through usb the kies said kies cant recognize .. i mean what the hell it waz fine yesterday night even i installed it again .. and when i try to update it from my cell phone through software update it says > access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in wich they request it . Try again later .. i didn,t get it at all … can any body tell me about this situation

    1. dhd says:

      Because you clicked later you get entered in a cue and now you must wait for it to be available to you, if you do not wish to wait you can use to get the update straight away using kies….try troubleshoot it so you can use it properly

  5. Edd says:

    I received the android update about a week or so ago. I have the galaxy nexus s (unlocked version) and my mobile carrier is T-mobile. Live near Slidell, LA. Now I can do all my homework from my college classes on my phone(something about the flash player wasn’t working or something.like that). Really liking the update.

  6. Galaxy S3 on Verizon in Florida and there is no time estimate from Verizon on a release date for jb. Samsung indicates in the ‘next few months’. I’m kind of ticked with Verizon because they’re actively blocking google wallet – far as I’m concerned we bought the phone, don’t tell me what to put on it unless you’re going to pay me to use the alternative. I will definitely NOT be using a verizon wallet app that is rumored to be coming…

  7. Steven says:

    How about Malaysia ? Anyone has updated Jelly Bean for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 1 ? Any Malaysian who has updated his/her, kindly inform your fellow Malaysians. TQ.

  8. shahidan says:

    i has update my phone to jelly from android authirity, and the result is awesome, because i can run the newes android version, and if u check at the RAM in ICS, it only 779, but for the jelly bean, it become more lighter and faster, and ur RAM become 833.. but i dont know about update from samsung..

  9. Storm Walsh says:

    I can’t understand why people are whinging about their interminable wait for Jelly Bean on the S3. Samsung always said it would be arriving in October. It is October. October hasn’t finished. Most of the people complaining can’t even string a decent argument together as to why they want Jelly Bean, other than “it’s better”.
    First world problems, people. Some perspective please.

  10. galaxy nexus says:

    i am using galaxy nexus i9250, yakjuzs maguro model. i recieved 4.1.1 update and im currently running on this. would i get the 4.1.2 update too on my nexus?

  11. Wallis says:

    t mobile are the worst carrier i have used they have no idea when jellybean will be rolled out and keep telling me to contact Samsung who say it has nothing to do with them it is down to the carrier, not very good when EE is supposed to be the new leader NOT!!

  12. Trrim Krasniqi says:

    It really sucks, i bought the GNex for this only reason that i would get the update as soon as its out, i don’t wont to put custom rom on my phone i want the official update, i don’t know whats the reason for dealing the update, android is first made for Galaxy Nexus an i still dont freeking have it, i love android but for this mind f…k by google my next phone is gonna be an iPhone.

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