6.1 Huawei Ascend Mate vs 5.5 Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Back in 2011 Samsung created the phablet market we now have with the release of the original Galaxy Note smartphone that featured a 5.3-inch display. At the time there where many that wondered why anyone would need a handset with such a large display, but obviously many consumers love the device. Fast forward to last year and Samsung released the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2, which we are now comparing against the 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate.

With the release of the Galaxy Note 2 Samsung were clever as while they increased the screen size of the device, they achieved this by making the new model narrower meaning it’s easier to hold in the hand compared to its predecessor. The Huawei Ascend Mate first came to our attention way back in October before being confirmed by a company spokesperson in December, and was even seen in a video before its official announcement a few days ago.

So how does it compare to the market leader the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Dimensions & Weight
The new kid on the block from Huawei measures in at 163mm x 85.7 x 9.9mm and weighs 198 grams, while the Galaxy Note 2 is obviously smaller at 151.1mm x 80.5mm x 9.4mm weighing in at 180 grams.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display offering 1280 x 720 resolution and 267ppi pixel density, while the Ascend Mate uses a 6.1-inch Super IPS+ LCD capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and 241ppi pixel density.

Processor & Power
The new Ascend Mate is powered by a quad core processor clocked at 1.5GHz with 2GB of RAM, while the Note 2 uses the Exynos 4412 quad core processor at 1.6GHz again with 2GB of RAM.

Both the handsets feature eight megapixel rear facing shooters while the Ascend Mate only features a 1.0MP front facing camera, and the Note 2 uses a 1.9MP unit.

The Galaxy Note 2 starts at 16GB going up to 64GB that is expandable further via microSD card, while the Mate has 16GB of on board storage that is also expandable.

The Galaxy Note 2 has come in for a lot of praise from owners regarding its battery life from the 3,100 mAh unit, but the Ascend Mate is powered by an even bigger 4,050 mAh battery.

It is not known if the Huawei Ascend Mate will make it out of Asia but there will be many that would prefer to go with the Note 2 as they may find a smartphone packing a 6.1-inch screen just too big. Do you think the Galaxy Note 2 is as big as a smartphone should be?


8 thoughts on “6.1 Huawei Ascend Mate vs 5.5 Samsung Galaxy Note 2”

    1. arkanoid says:

      Very true. It’s not just about the size of the screen or other spec list features, but those little intuitive software gems that make the phone a little bit easier and fun in everyday use. Note II has those well covered.

      Regarding the screen size, I think 6-6.3″ is the absolute maximum if you want to be able to use the phone with one hand. And even then the bezel has to be slimmed down to a minimum.

    2. hdshatter says:

      Hardware wise the Huawei Ascend d2 and Mate destroy the note 2, hardware is much better than some pointless crap you will think is cool for a few days like spen and svoice then it gets old and never gets used again. Also if you care about battery life the huawei ascends 4000mah battery and the cortex a15 processor make it much better than the note 2. I am going to wait for the first tegra 4 phone though before upgrading from my s3, which is rooted and all of samsungs bloatware is gone.

      1. Gadgetonomy says:

        If your phone is rooted you can remove what you think is bloatware. There is a huge developer community out there producing ROMs for your S3 and the Note II. Unlikely that will be the same for the Mate.

  1. Zyccheaus DàyQuon says:

    I Love my Note 2.. I Think I will just wait for the Note 3…My battery life is serving me well (any where from 19-30 hours), I use my S-Pen & All the cool features, So im going to stick with my Note 2 til The Note 3..

  2. Do you think the Galaxy Note 2 is as big as a smartphone should be?

    Absolutely not ! … why would I – when there are already a good many 100’s of thousands of users such as myself – using one of the many devices pouring out of China – and carrying them safely in a jacket pocket.

    Look closely, and you might see one of us – usually wearing a small earpiece/mic while we use Bluetooth to manage our phone calls and message flow.

    Believe me … I have become quite accustomed to being asked where I got my 6 inch Android device? (China) … How much did it cost to buy and land legally in the UK? (surprisingly little; and a perfectly executed 4 day wait; by your local DHL people.)

    What’s inside it? (a whole lot more than you might expect … 2 SIM cards – personally, I use a GiffGaff card and another PAYG card, so I have 2 phone numbers … Up to 64GB on a standard micro SD memory card … a 3100 mAH battery – with 2 spares supplied … and so on.

    After a few demonstration moments … the next question is always … Can you get me one? (Certainly).

    Try Googling ” 70plus-feeling50 ” and you’ll probably find me …

  3. I think if your going to make a phone that big then make have a purpose other than calling and texting and game playing. I mean really who would want ac phone that big? At least Samsung had the good sense to give us all these options to make our big screen phones do more then just talk, text ect. I will hold on to my Note 2 and maybe think about getting the note 3. Either way I’m sticking with Samsung!

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