Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update release reaches India


The Samsung Galaxy S2 was largely responsible for getting the manufacturer on its way to the dominance it now enjoys on the Android platform and beyond, and the company hasn’t forgotten about its once flagship device as the Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update has now reached users in India.

Samsung first started to push out the new firmware a couple of months ago and it has since been spreading around the globe and more recently touched down in the US on Sprint. Now though users in India are being treated to the nice new software on a handset that is still a worthy option for users on a tighter budget.

The update has been arriving via an over the air update but if you have yet to receive any prompt for its arrival you can either check for it manually on the handset, which is achieved via the settings and selecting the about device option, or by connecting the device to a PC and the Samsung KIES application.

If the update is ready for your example for the Galaxy S2 you will need to make sure you have plenty of battery life, and the new firmware will bring a number of neat new options to the device. This includes Google Now, quicker and more stable performance thanks to Project Butter, Direct Call, Nature UX that was first seen on the Galaxy S3, and much more.

This shouldn’t be the last Android update the device will see as it is expected to eventually see Jelly Bean 4.2.2 at some point in the future. Consumers in the country now have access to the newer version of the handset simply called the Galaxy S2 Plus, which is basically the same handset but with some slightly bumped specs.

Has your Galaxy S2 got the Jelly Bean update yet and how did it go?

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22 thoughts on “Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update release reaches India”

  1. Zeshan Mirza says:


    i have updated my SGS II I9100 with JB 4.1.2, without any problem,

    but some features are missing in that like, multi-window function, smart
    scroll, notification edit etc still i have checked those only maybe
    some more feature are missing…. could you tell me what is the problem?


    1. saravanan.R says:

      hi!!!! i have s2 mobile can u say how to update jb 4.1.2.. if i click the software update means… i found no update.. information.. help me ple….

  2. Amber Mahajan says:

    My Awesome S2 becomes more gorgeous with Jelly Bean 🙂

    Late but at last its in my hand and i am having a delicious project butter with loads of new features.

    iPhone become far away with my phone now.. 😉

  3. Richard says:

    yeehhh finally

    so kool…took a while to update but no backup needed…a lot of new features from ICS…smooth, no bugs yet…saw a little improvement in battery(not so optimistic abt it)…over all nice update…this may be 2nd last update for SGS 2s

  4. Priyanka says:

    I have heard that the battery life falls down to just 6 hours after the update.. is that true? plz help. I ll update only when it is confirmed that there is no such bug. Thank you. 🙂

  5. yogesh sharma says:

    after reading this blog i went to samsung service center to hv jelly bean update for my s2 i9100G. they replyed that i hv to wait more for this model !!!! 🙁

  6. Pawan says:

    Hey all.. Samsung S2 Jelly Bean Update has big time screwed Battery backup yaar !!! Guys pls do something man plzzzzz fix it … ICS 4.0.4 had nice battery Backup 🙁 🙁

  7. Vinu says:

    Hello !

    I did my update OTA. Didnt feel like an enhanced stuff after the update. Moreover, my battery back up got screwed up when compared to my ICS and also could see a notable lag in loading many apps.

    The no edit possible large sized notification area is yet another stain. Don’t know whether I missed out something in between as I did it OTA.

    Please tell me whether any incompatibility occurs when i do it OTA. Should i approach the service centre guys and get a hard reset done by them ?

    Please help.

    1. Abhinav Soti says:

      Hey mate…..can you please tell me how did you got the update via OTA because my phone does not show me any updates whenever I try to search via software update…..did you followed any steps for getting the OTA

  8. Hey guys those who are experiencing a battery drain and a performance lag in the new Jelly Bean update of galaxy S2
    i have a word for you to fix this problem.
    now what you have to do is. backup all the essential data ie. contacts, messages, call logs, etc but do not backup your mail accounts.
    now locate settings>backup and reset>factory data reset and hit reset your device.
    when its done login your device with a gmail account but do not set up the email app in your s2 as it is the only bug which is actually causing this battery drain.
    now its fixed.
    try it
    and comment below

  9. saravanan.R says:

    hi!!!! i have s2 mobile can u say how to update jb 4.1.2.. if i click the software update means… i found no update.. information.. help me ple….

  10. Saravanan.R says:

    hi!!!!!!i got jbupdate..its very nice.. no but mulity screen option… but no problem to me……….. its very nice….

  11. Abhinav Soti says:

    Hi Guys, I am trying to update my s2 to JB but its not available for me via OTA and also when I tried to do it via KIES new software. Kies always gets hung after downloading 100% firm upgraded components……can you please help……I am thinking to do it via ODIN now but not sure whether it is safe enough…..please help….

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