HTC One on Verizon release could still be in the pipeline


One of the questions that seems to be on many people’s lips at the moment is ‘will Verizon get the HTC One?’ This issue has been rearing its head for many weeks now as rumors and leaks grew that suggested that yes, Verizon would indeed be offering the HTC One smartphone soon. Although there have been mixed reports on this and although nothing is yet official, is seems the HTC One for Verizon could still be in the pipeline.

We were hoping to hear more about Verizon’s HTC One at the recent HTC CTIA event but the occasion came and went again without the anticipated announcement. However we then told readers how an HTC executive was questioned at CTIA about the lack of microSD support for the HTC One and when also asked about the phone on Verizon said that the company had “nothing to announce.” At this point things didn’t look too encouraging but the very next day we heard about a leak of a Verizon accessories list that included products for the HTC One.

The idea of the HTC One on Verizon has resulted in a very mixed picture then but another snippet of information has just come to light that seems a promising sign that the phone will still hit Big Red at some point. An HTC Rom developer dubbed @LlabTooFeR was asked on Twitter if Verizon would be carrying the HTC One and responded with, “It will be announced later.” While of course we cannot say this makes it official at least the answer said “will” rather than “might” or “won’t.”

Of course what the response doesn’t tell us is when this will happen and we know from comments to our previous posts on the HTC One for Verizon that plenty of people are waiting for the One on the giant carrier. We’ll be following further developments on this and will keep readers informed as soon as we hear more.

Are you waiting for the HTC One on Verizon? If so, how much longer will you wait until you consider an alternative, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know with your comments.


37 thoughts on “HTC One on Verizon release could still be in the pipeline”

  1. Prentice says:

    Currently I need to add a line of service to my bucket plan. I will soon be reaching a point in time where I will need to finally make the purchase. I will probably be able to hold off until the end of June. After having held both devices in hand and comparing them at the ATT store, It was a very easy decision to choose the HTC One over the S4. The device in hand feels more like a top shelf product when compared to the S4.

  2. The carper says:

    waiting till the end of june. ATT put a new cell tower in my area so I am no longer a slave to verizon. Verizon has missed out on way to many high end flagship phones lately. It will be nice to get one of the many GSM phones out there, drop in a sim and go.

  3. Gribbits says:

    Contract is up with Verizon – I am considering switching to another carrier that has the HTC One – don’t appreciate all of the games and drama Verizon seems to find necessary to create when releasing new devices.

  4. emoney says:

    i’ve been up for an upgrade since Feb. I’m extremely disappointed that the One hasn’t come to VZ in all this time. I check for updates daily to see if there’s any news of a varient coming VZ’s way and the news has always been inconclusive

  5. Mario A Melgarejo says:

    What the hell is keeping them from getting it in the first place? They have thousands of loyal customers practically begging.

    1. Buford73 says:

      Because HTC phones they are stuck with . They want to get rid of those first then sell the new one . They don’t care what we want they just want to make money .

  6. sith77 says:

    Verizon has always been a SAMMY fan . HTC phones on Verizon have ALWAYS gotten the back burner too . So my figure is that the S4 was coming they intentionally push off the ANYTHING HTC just so they can make more revenue off the S4 . bottom line verizon doesnt care what WE want as consumers . They care about what THEY are gonna make the most money off of .

    1. Me says:

      That’s why Oligopolies suck. The few market controllers can dictate the market with complete disregard for social welfare. VZW can eat a d*** at this point. I still have my P.O.S DROID 2 global and am DYING to upgrade to the HTC One. But at this point, I need an actually functioning phone and may have to go with the S4 on pure necessity. I read somewhere that you get one exchange per upgrade, if that’s true I may wait for a release date for the One and just pick up an S4 just inside the exchange’s time period to correspond with that release date. If VZdub wants to play hardball, then game on.

  7. aseltzer09 says:

    I will not wait much longer and will be dropping service within two months if not released. Not so much because of the lack of HTC One but for the fact that Vzw thinks they control the market. They want to be coy over plans then consumers need to show them that it is not good business.

  8. Mitch says:

    Tried out an AT&T plan just so we could get the HTC One…..was a GREAT phone…but did not get the same coverage in rural NC with ATT that we had with Verizon…so, I turned the phones back in within 3 days, got a complete refund, and will wait a bit on our red friends to do what’s right….. Great phone! Fast as lightning!

  9. scoty777 says:

    The funny thing is people are getting so ‘distraught’ over an object. It’s a phone. Two questions: 1. Is it going to matter a hundred years from now? Can you pull it in your U-haul behind your hearse? I’ve had my contract up since March with the Big Red, I’m patient. I will wait and see. The thing is there is always something bigger, better, and greater than the one before. Now, if my phone breaks, that’s another story, I really want this “HTC One” phone; I need something durable, sturdy, good reception, and fun to play with. The all Aluminum body sounds appealing as do the other stats. The Galx S4, well I had the S3 for 3 days, couldn’t take it back fast enough after I tried to make make a call inside a building and from what I’ve read, the S4 has the same issues, so..no S4, plastic bodied Samsung for me. Thanks for reading.

  10. BigTig says:

    I tried an S4 at my local Verizon store earlier this afternoon, and I’m sold on it. If HTC wants to take that long to get their phone on the market, their loss. Additionally, I get a sizable trade-in credit on my current phone (LG Intuition) for upgrading. Sorry HTC, but you snooze you lose.

  11. Deylune says:

    i want to see Verizon get the One in June. i have been following the rumors for this phone since march and it is taking a long time to get to the shelves in verizon retail stores. i have a good feeling that this phone will get announced for Verizon by the beginning of June. They just need to say a release date.

  12. kmac_321 says:

    Basically, if there is no word of any variant devices coming to VZW near the end of June… It’s going to be the S4 for me! I’m tired of my HTC Thunderbolt shutting off on me every single time I’m talking to someone on the phone or I’m browsing the Web! ERRRR!!!

  13. sam says:

    WTF Verizon? I’m an iPhone user with an expiring contact and chomping at the bit to switch to the HTC One. What does that tell you if someone like me is willing to switch? Do I need to spell it out for you? c’mon get with it!

  14. Dan says:

    Sick of Verizon’s business management. They’re acting like Apple. I’m going back to AT&T at the end of June if the HTC One isn’t announced. I need those speakers.

  15. barb skrzypa says:

    I am so disappointed with Verizon! I have the phone I want (HTC One) and now I can’t sign up with them because they don’t carry it. I don’t care what their excuse is for this delay; it is bogus crap and now that May is almost gone, I am seriously thinking I will go with AT&T. That is something I did not want to do! I never dreamed I would find a phone I really like and then find out a big corporation like Verizon wouldn’t have it available. Sure makes me lose faith in Corporate America. The least they could do is let their customers (and potential new ones), know when to expect it.

  16. CC says:

    Im highly dissapointed..I came to Verizon because of their technology and phones… that is what I follow.. I am considering cancelling all 3 of my lines and headed to Sprint where they do offer the phone.. They either need to get on the ball or they will lose customers

  17. nrpinthe22101 says:

    Undecided on how long I’m willing to wait. I can’t see myself waiting more than another 3 months before wither moving carriers for the HTC One. This phone, at least for me is the perfect balance in size, construction and features.

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