Samsung Galaxy S5 processor specs may break records


Samsung is currently enjoying a huge success in the smartphone market but as the likes of Nokia and HTC have found out companies need to keep providing hardware that stands out from the ever increasing crowd. Now there are reports that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have processor specs that will help break records.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 earlier this year there was disappointment from some consumers that didn’t think there were enough changes from the handset it was replacing, but sales figures certainly don’t seem to agree with this.

Now we have already heard that the Galaxy S5 would feature a 64-bit processor from the company themselves but a new report is suggesting that that the new Exynos 6 series of processors that is about to hit mass production will see the device feature 4GB of RAM.

The Apple iPhone 5S features a 64-bit processor but the company hasn’t taken advantage of the fact that processors using this architecture can feature more RAM with the device only having 1GB. If the Galaxy S5 does feature 4GB of RAM it will be a record for a smartphone as currently this stands at 3GB in the Galaxy Note 3.

There has also been talk that next year’s device will also feature a build similar to the Galaxy Note 3 by using the same fake leather rear cover, and we have also heard how the device may feature a 16-megapixel rear facing camera.

Potential purchasers of the Galaxy S5 though will hope that the company can provide a handset that still has a good battery life despite the increase in RAM, and if history repeats itself we will also see a slight increase in screen size as well.

What do you want to see most with the Galaxy S5?

Source: DT.co.k (translated).


15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 processor specs may break records”

          1. Adrian Remus says:

            Oh, no, not this time :D. I want to ask for some features. I would like to ask you in private but that’s impossible.

          2. Adrian Remus says:

            No, i wanted you to recommend me some optimizations/roms/tweaks. My girlfriend recieved an Xperia V so i need to make it “good” and customize it by making it pink and things like that 😀

          3. John Locke says:

            Well now that you asked me I can’t think of anything! I don’t have a rooted phone so I can’t recommend you Roms… But
            if it lags – download Nova launcher. If you want lots and lots of features and customization – download Go launcher.

          4. Adrian Remus says:

            I need something simple and stable, very stable. She hates when apps crashes, freezing and things like that. Also, I don’t want to perform maintenance tasks (if possible)

          5. John Locke says:

            Nova is the most simplist, fastest out there. But if your phone is rooted you should try an app called Greenify – it’s reduces lag and all that.

          6. Adrian Remus says:

            Ok. So Nova is the best choice. I will see first how the device works out of the box and then i jump to conclusions.

          7. John Locke says:

            OMG I think the idiot that’s downvoting me on GSMArena is stalking me :S

            And Nova is fast but if you really want to make everything pink Go Launcher is the best. It lags a bit but I don’t mind. Go has lots of gimmicks but some cool and useful features.

          8. John Locke says:

            Oh yeah it’s probably Tupperware! He such an idiot although I’d be depressed without trolling him…

  1. robby djajaatmadja says:

    I switched from s4 to lg g2 and really happy with my new phone, since samsung still using pentile display, i wont buy any samsung phone. Its look suck

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